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Direct TV / worst customer service ever!

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On Jan. 27th, 2007, I called to cancel my service with DTV because I was moving and needed a cheaper television company. I was persuaded into staying with DTV by their cancellation department. A representative offered me a 6-month discount of $19.99 for Total Choice Monthly and $2.00 for HBO. They also offered free Stars and Showtime for 3-months. I thought this was a great offer and decided to stay. I had DTV installed at my new home shortly after. When the first month’s bill came, it was $27.96 but when April 2006 came, I received bill for $42.96. I called DTV at [protected] on 4/10 and spoke to a representative who said there was no such offer that could be given to me and advised me the $42.96 was a good deal because of the number of channels I received. I advised this was not what was agreed upon with the prior representative and after many minutes of my time on the phone asked to speak to a supervisor. I was advised after being placed on hold, again for several minutes, there was not supervisor available for me to speak with and I would receive a call back. A call back was never made!

The next day, after giving 24-hours for a return phone call, I called back. I asked to speak to another supervisor. I was given a male supervisor and I explained my story. He, instead of listening to my complaint, went on to tell me that the deal of $42.96 was a great deal and that I should be satisfied with that. He also advised me of all the prices and channel line up of other competitors as to show me what a wonderful deal I had. I, again, said I understand and did not care what other’s had to offer and wanted the deal that was agreed upon in January 2007. He said he would have to transfer me to the cancellation department. I was again on hold for several minutes and received a new representative. I explained my story again and asked for a supervisor. I was placed on hold and a male supervisor came to the phone. I explained my story once again and was told there was never an offer made to me, as I stated, and the offer that was given to me and noted was a free receiver. I attempted to explain I did not need a free receiver, as I already had 2 of them and this was not correct. He was very rude and condescending to me. And basically called me a liar. I asked him if this was the case and I was lying about the package offered, then why did I pay a smaller bill in March. He advised me to “do the math.” I told him I could do the math and was not stupid. The supervisor never offered to explain why my March bill was for the correct amount. I was very angry by this time but never raised my voice or used fowl language with him. I asked him what type of operation they were running because no one was listening to me. I asked him to disconnect my service because I was tired of dealing with them. He said fine and that my service would be disconnected and started over talking me every time I tried to speak. He hung up on me while I was trying to find out how much my final bill would be I called back and explained my story to another rep and another supervisor, who are not really supervisors but resolution specialists. She told me that they could not honor the deal made in January and the rep that I spoke with only gave me enough discounts for 1 month to make my bill be $19.99. I told her that was not right and I wanted to file complaints on the original rep and the so called supervisor who hung up on me. She advised me that all the calls are recorded. I also asked her to reconnect my service until I could find another television company. She said she would. On April 12, I wake up to find NO SERVICE.

I am very angry and disappointed at DTV. This is the worst company that I have ever dealt with and cannot believe that they are allowed to treat customers this way. I will be writing a complaint letter to the president of the company, not that it will do any good I would like to request that all my calls be pulled and reviewed so they can hear what POOR customer service their company is giving. I will never recommend this company to ANYONE!!!

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  • Ji
      11th of Jun, 2007
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    I canceled my account with Direct TV on March 8th of this year. I had an overpayment of $47 dollars owed to me. When I called about this, they informed me it would take 6-8 weeks to process. At the End of April, I called again and was told that I should wait the full 8 weeks to for the check to be processed.

    I called again today and was told that the check was being processed and should be receiving it shortly. At the same time, I had emailed customer service about the problem to get an update on the situation. They just responded that the request was received on May 2nd, and I should get the check in 6-8 weeks from that date.

    I fully expect to not EVER get my money back. But I will tell EVERYONE I know for the rest of my life how terrible Direct TV is and how poor their customer service is. I have called the Clark Howard show in the hope that he will relay this information over the airwaves and let his audience know about this practice

    Jim Noble,
    Taylorsville, GA.

  • Jo
      25th of Jul, 2007
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    I have requested for the last 3 months to send me a bill so I know when my bill is due and what I am paying for. I can get no answers from this company. The last two months my service has been interrupted, because I haven't received any bills therefore my bill is late every month. From my experience on paying bills most company's send you a monthly statement. The only thing I receive is a statement saying PAST DUE PAY IMMEDIATELY!!! Then I have like two days to get it payed or it gets interrupted. I do not have a checking account of any kind therefore I have to send money orders. So my service is then shut off. I am having a real hard time why no one at that office can send me a bill. Why does tv have to be such a hassle? I will not suggest the company to any one because it's a hassle. All I'm asking for is a monthly statement so I can pay my bill on time and not have to get upset with this company. I am not a mind reader who is suppose to know when my bill is due.

    Jodi Schrade.

  • An
      6th of Oct, 2007
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    This is absolutely the worst Company I have ever dealt with as well and something should be done about the way that they are allowed to lie to people and the false advertising to get you signed up and then pull every stunt in the book. I have had a similar experience and cannot get it straight. They should be shut down and sued. If everyone would get together and file suit - I bet this mess would stop.

  • Gl
      6th of Oct, 2007
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    I feel almost lucky. I dumped this company over 3 years ago. I insisted that Cable was definately superior to them. It obviously fell on deaf ears. I refused to ever pay my last bill (slight credit risk) and they tried to collect through various agencies to no avail. I would sell that company "SHORT" on the stock market. Only that profit would make up for the B.S., that I like many others went through.

  • Al
      14th of Feb, 2008
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    .... I purchased Verizon telephone's 99 dollar deal that includes internet ,phone and Direct tv satellite service -this was suppose to be installed on dec 28 07, on 12/28 Direct tv guy showed up and installed the service,a Verizon guy showed up to check my phone line and the phone service was turned on ,but computer internet service was not. I called Verizon few days later as it was NewYears weekend and they tell 1/28 they will turn internet service on. My kids need internet for school work ,it became such a hassle I cancelled the Verizon package ,the Verizon rep tells me that I have to cancell Direct tv myself ,she can't do it ,but- they can turn it on with no problem. I canceled the service 1/ 3 /2008 the service was off morning of 1/4/08 ,NowDirect tv wants $ 317 dollars early cancellation fee's ,they tell me that they have a 3 day termination policywindow , I tryed to explain that I never delt with direct tv [directly] it was thru Verizon,and that that with NewYears Day and the weekend ,It was like 3 days of service anyway ,I allways heard that contracks were baised on actuall working days , I feel that since Direct tv is doing business thru Verizon they have to share some liability ,what I mean if Verizon screwed upunfortunally Direct tv looses too . your comments are welcome thankyou -A.G.

  • Jo
      28th of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes

    They are the worst.
    When our service stopped working they took 12 days to come and fix it. Now they have just cut us off as we could not pay our bill because according to DirectTV (ha ha) our account is now held by Verizon although we have not authorized this. Verizon have no records of it.
    As far as I am concerned they are the worst company I have ever dealt with, we cannot get resolution to this issue between the two companies because it is our job to do so not theirs!!!
    I would recommend that any one considereing DirectTV do anything but sign up with them, they are not only incompetent they are unethical, they lie to the customer, will not deal with complaints and pass you from one department to another while conveniently cutting you off!!
    I hope they go bust

  • Au
      30th of Mar, 2009
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    Direct TV - Worst customer service ever
    United States

    This is the WORST! They came to install and they only properly installed 1 of the 3 tv's. I caught one before they left, but didn't catch the third one. They called the next day to set up an appointment to have the tech come back to correct the tv. I wasn't home, so when I called them it took 1 hour and 20 minutes on the phone, and YELLING at them to get someone to come out. They wanted to do it over the phone.! I called to cancel within my 30 day time frame, and they informed there was no 30 day cancellation. That I am STUCK with them for 1 year! The WORST.

  • Du
      8th of Nov, 2009
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    I am dealing with them now. I am cancelling my contract and my credit rating will probably suffer because I am refusing to pay the early termination fee. They don't deserve it because they did not keep to their part of the contract, customer service was rude and promised to resolve the issue to no avail. Five months after trying, I have had enough. I am really thinking about handling this through legal means. I also think customers should ban together and write our representatives about these early termination fees. It gives them the ability to treat us without proper respect, and threaten us with the fees if we refuse to be treated that way. If the equipment is returned, a marginal fee for installation might be due, but not the $400, they are now charging.

  • So
      23rd of Dec, 2009
    0 Votes

    Direct TVcustomer service was the worst I ever deal with any kinds of business company in my life.
    Their answers were just "they don't know."

  • Cr
      13th of Sep, 2010
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    Direct Tv has to have the worst customer service I have ever dealt with. Today I called to start service and let the lady know that I was not going to pay the $21.65 shipping charge and would not get service unless it was waived. She said that customer care would give me a $20 bill credit to take care of this fee however she would have to transfer me to the customer service center. After getting me signed up for service and again telling me i would receive a $20 bill credit she transferred me. I then talked with a guy that told me a credit like that was not possible. After asking him to cancel the service he told me maybe a different department could take care of the credit so he then transferred me. After the 3rd time on hold I talked with another man, told him my story and he said i would have to talk to his manager. He put me on hold and told me his manager would talk to me right away. After about 5 min on hold a lady picked up and did not know anything about what was going on. I started to inform her about it and over the phone was a bunch of noise some foreign language and then the dial tone. I gave her the benefit of doubt and waited about 5 min for her to call me back; she never did. I then had to call Direct tv back and start all over. I was finally about to cancel my service after telling the 5th person my story and again she tried to talk me into how great of a deal i was getting.

    I will NEVER recommend Direct TV to anybody. What a poor poor operation they have. I hope they are soon another forgotten business that fails in this economic down turn.

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