Direct TVtook my money out of my personal bank


To whom it may concern;

I just recently ordered your bundle service package with direct tv, internet, telephone. I have not had this service long. I called recently to cancel this contract due to the fact that you did not honor my part of the contract. I had multiple issues that never got resolved. I want you to remove any early cancellation charges and I do not to expect to owe you or direct tv anything. You need to go back and access all of these problems that I have had with your company and consider payment in full. I will be sending your dvr and receivers back to you immediately. Please read this list below to explain some of these issues.

My internet was to slow and I couldn't even watch a news video it would freeze up. The connection was too slow. Then I would try to check my emails and it would freeze up. I would call in to try to get someone to [protected]@yahoo. Comx these problems and I would get to talk to people that I barely could understand and they barely understood me.

Every time my internet would stop working so would my home telephone. I have went for three days at a time without internet and telephone service. This happened all the time.
When I received my direct tv bill it would be 3 times the price that was quoted to me on this contract. This service is two times more expensive than time warner.

Then when all of this is happening I get several of your contract persons out in my back yard digging to bury the cable. They came out on my property three different times and tore up my grass. I would go outside and ask why they kept on digging up my yard and they told me that they were instructed to dig this cable by at&t. When I contacted at&t they had me to talk to their risk management department, they took my complaint gave me a confirmation number and as of date nothing has been resolved.

Then direct tv goes in my personal bank and gets out 538.12 out of my checking account without my authorization. I did not give them permission. I called direct tv and asked them why they took my money out without my approval and they told me that when I first signed up they took my debit card information and that I knew according to their policy that gives them permission to get the money owed to them if I cancel services early. I had no knowledge of this policy, and certainly didn't give permission to them to do this. This act is criminal. No merchant should have the right to go in your personal bank unless you authorize the payment. I want you to know that I went ahead and filed a police report. Because this is nothing more than stealing from my personal account.

I also would like to point out that does this mean for example that if someone owes a electric bill and because the electric company has your debit card information on file from previous payments they can go in my personal bank and pay the bill without my authorization of course not only crooked companies will do this. I want my money refunded to me immediately.

I also asked direct tv to get their company to come and get the dish off my roof. I do not expect to be charged for that.

Nancy robison

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