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Direct TV / unfair termination fee!

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When I moved my Direct TV service from one home to another in March, 2006, I was told if I canceled within a year there would be a fee. When I canceled in August, 2007, I was charged that $100 fee. The reason was that one of their receivers quit working in the spring of '07. I called them and they sent out a repairman who offered to replace it. I was told the cancellation fee was based on the fact that the new receiver could not be canceled for one year, and it was not the service but the equipment that mattered. I was never informed of this, but was told it was in an online agreement.

It is ridiculous and questionably legal that a company will not furnish working equipment that is leased, and will tie in that piece of equipment to the original service contract.

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  • Ma
      14th of Sep, 2007
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    They did the same to me. I had a transformer blow up and I called and they came out and fixed it at no charge. 3 months later I moved and decided to go cable and I found out that there is a 1 year minimum that you have to keep the service. They told me on Sept. 6,2007 that since they could not prove that I was informed about the fee then they would drop it. Today (Sept 14th) I check my on line bank and see a charge from Direct tv. When I called to discuss the kid on the phone just kept saying it was all listed on their web site. well, I checked their customer agreement document and all it says that there is a 1 year minimum IF you agreed to a service contract (which I did not). I have been with direct tv for 4 years and this is how they treat me.

  • Le
      4th of Oct, 2007
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    The exact same thing happened to me and trying to get them to waive the fee ($40 in my case) was useless! I called and raised a ruckus because of them failing to tell me that replacing a bad receiver extended my contract for another year. I AM VERY VERY ANGRY! i WILL CALL THEM EVERY DAY!!!

  • Jo
      23rd of Dec, 2007
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    I had direct tv several years ago. They kept sending us special offers, they want us back. So we called them in december, the sales person promised us 99.6% reception time, very little picture interferance. On Nov 28/07 the dish & receivers was hooked up. Dec.1/07 we lost the picture for more than a hour, I was furious, I called them naturally. They of course went thru their troubleshooting procedures, nothing helped, at this time I told them to come pick up their Dishs & reivers, you did not live up to your promise. Well, they are charging us 137.00 for early cancellation fee, this is not right. I am going to let everone know what kind of service i got.

  • Ch
      15th of Jan, 2008
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    I had Direct TV since the mid 1990's . In 2006 I had receiver problems ,and problems with cust svc canceling all my programing but basic programing,with never any channels, or local channels, and now broke down equipment and every time the wind blowed seems like I would either lose reception, or have a cloudy picture , or couldnt change the channels with remote...I was furious, so I called customer service to cancel and was talked into staying by Direct TV's cancellation dept, because I had been such a long time customer.. I told them I was moving to Dish Network they told me they would fix my programming ,and mail me a new receiver without being under anykind of obligation if I would stay,for my past inconveniences.. I told them as long as I wasn't under any contract, or obligation that I would stay they told me if I didnt stay 6 more months I would have to return my receiver to them at no costs to me , but again assured me I WOULDNT BE UNDER ANY CONTRACT ,OR OBLIGATION BECAUSE I HAD BEEN A LONG TIME CUSTOMER AND THEY DIDNT WANT TO LOSE MY BUSINESS...They sent my receiver then they started taking all my programming again and I would call and a week or so later I had no channels again ..I made a final payment by phone and told customer service I was moving to Dish Network.. I received a box post paid and returned their receiver and remote control as we agreed and moved my service to Dish network.. I dont hear anything from Direct TV No bills or nothing, then several months later I get a threatening bill from a collecction agency, for $300.75 I called Direct Tv they said I cancelled early which is a lie...and continued to bill me for full service even though I had called cancelled my service , returned my receivers,and bruised my credit... Dont believe anything the cancellation dept tells you when they are trying to get you to stay.. Have them to put it in writing and mail or fax it to you.. Collection agency your client Direct TV has their wires crossed and is badly mistaken..Im afraid this is one bill you will never collect THEY OUTRIGHT LIED TO YOU TO GET MONEY OUT OF ME THAT WASNT OWED TO THEM...

  • El
      20th of Mar, 2008
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    Call the FCC. I was told that my service extended when they replaced a receiver. I went along with it, but needed service again. I told them that I refused to renew the contract any further. They said it wouldn't be necessary. Then they told me the contract renewed again. I knew I didn't sign anything. They said it was a "verbal agreement". Come on! What major company does business with verbal agreements? I am out of my contract now. They need something in writing.

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