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Direct TV / terrible service!

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I am disgusted with the service. The attendant Stephanie badge #409782 was incredibly rude and argumentative and not willing to assist in my concerns. She put me on hold and for 20 minutes before I hung up as she said she was going to get me someone to talk to and never did. It was obvious that she was not going to further assist me.

I have had nothing but problems with the service and am completely disgusted in the way they treat long standing customers. My DVR was not hooked up correctly so my High Def as not coming in. When someone finally came out, they decided to charge me for the service call.

I will be moving in the next 6 months and I will be more than happy to discontinue the service and will never recommend the services.

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  • Va
      23rd of Dec, 2007
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    Can't get HD channels on abc, cbs, nbc, or fox because we get them as local channels.have to pay $9.99 a month for HD access that only gives you half as many HD channels as local cable. When they advertise that you get 70+HD channels. I have maybe 20HD channels that are worth having and maybe another10-20HD channels. That seems like a far cry from 70. Then my wife calls to talk to there customer service and they tell us well you have 2 year contract with us now so deal with it. I never signed any contract so how is that legal.

  • Wi
      30th of Jan, 2008
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    I terminated my service on 1/20/08 due to the inability to view television programming using their equipment. In an attempt to solve the problem i was sent 3 DVR's of which non worked properly because they were refurbished models. I called on numerous occasions and even spoke to a supervisor but was told I would have to pay to get a NEW DVR. I decided to give it one more try and tried to use the old Hughes receiver which I still had so they sent me a new activation card. Still had the same reception problem. I got my final bill on 1/29/08 and was shocked to see an amount of $273.01. It should have been $10.51 plus tax. I called and after spending over 30 min. waiting for an explanation I was told that since I changed to the DVR my account was given a mandatory 18 mo contract which no one had told me about so they charged me an early cancellation fee. I tried to explain to (Matt) the service representative that I did not sign nor was I ever told of this. He said that it was in my original contract (that was back in 2004) and that they did not have to explain that to me. His supervisor would not speak to me this was on 1/30/08. How can they try to charge for something you don't sign for or know anything about? This is ludacrist. I think the President of Direct TV should know what poor service they provided at the service center and how dissatisfied their customers are.

  • Va
      7th of Feb, 2008
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    Direc TV - Terrible service!
    United States

    I worked for DirecTv for 9 months, but I finally had to quit because I couldn't stand how the company treats its customers. I felt like I was an immoral person because of the immoral policies the company has. For example, DirecTv decided to change a very important policy. Supposedly they sent out information regarding this, but every single customer I spoke to who was affected by this said they received nothing of the sort. The policy change was this: If a customer closed their account with DirecTv, if we have their credit or debit card information on file, and if there is still a balance owed on the account, they will immediately take out the money owed from your credit or debit card account. Nice huh. Oh, and since no customer knew about this policy and were not informed about it when closing their accounts, many people incurred charges from their credit card or bank accounts. The policy also stated that we cannot refund any of this money. Basically, they're screwed.

    Also, about 50% of the calls I received had to do with a problem with the satellite system. These satellite systems don't work. If you order this system, you will have problems with it at some point or another, and usually it will be a major problem that you the consumer has to pay for out of your own pocket. Unless you have what is called the 'Protection Plan', which costs $5.99 per month. You're still paying for it.

    Another thing is, when people order DirecTv for the first time, they either aren't informed about a lot of things, (such as a 'free' magazine that you'll be charged for after 3 months, or that you will be charged hundreds of dollars if you decide to cancel the account) or people were told they would be getting a package for so much per month, end up getting charged for something completely different, and if they want to change to the original offer, that cannot be done and they have to get a package at a regular price.

    One of the commercials that DirecTv has going right now is promoting their HD service. They advertise that you can get a package with HD starting at $29.99 per month. This is a lie. Packages do start at $29.99, but this is the basics of basics. It doesn't include any real channels that you would get with basic cable. You can add HD on for $9.99 a month. Just to let you know, most of the HD channels are sports channels that you can only get if you order an insanely expensive sports package, local channels that many people can't get, or channels that you don't really watch. Oh also if you have the least expensive package, the only HD channels you can get are your local channels.

    Now I will let you know about the sports packages. They are a ripoff. The NFL package is about 300 dollars. The prices go down from there, but DirecTv is making a huge profit off of these packages. Oh and if you want sports in HD, even if you have the HD package, you have to order a separate sports HD package at 100 dollars.

    Another ripoff is when DirecTv decided to add new HD channels. Everyone has a receiver that you need in order to get the service. Since DirecTv 'upgraded the type of HD feed', not only do you have to pay for crappy HD channels, but you also have to order a new receiver if you want to receive these HD channels. These start at 99 dollars.

    I would say that 85% of the calls I got a day (on average 200 calls) were from people who not only had a complaint but were enraged by a variety of DirecTv's mistakes or practices.

    I suggest that if you want something more than basic cable, go with someone like Time Warner Cable.

  • St
      16th of Feb, 2008
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  • Ga
      21st of Mar, 2008
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    When I first moved to Virginia, I had DirectTV installed at my new home. The service was appallingly bad (every little breeze seemed to whisper "no service") and the costs, rather than the amount promised, were always at least $20-$30 higher than agreed. Finally, in frustration, I canceled the DirectTV Service and went with Cox Cable. Imagine my surprise when I checked my bank balance this morning and discovered that the money needed to pay for my car repairs which had been resting quietly in my bank account, was suddenly GONE due to DirectTV, without authorization and without my foreknowledge, raided my bank account for $257+!

    I did not have a contract, but DirectTV is claiming I did. There is absolutely nothing I can do about it at this juncture except to warn everyone that they are SCAM artists who can deliver POOR SERVICE and still collect more than was originally agreed to on a regular basis!

    DO NOT SUBSCRIBE TO DIRECTTV. Let my experience with these hucksters be your warning!

  • St
      21st of Apr, 2008
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    Too bad someone at Directv did not tell me about the expired package that I had, expired base packages which is TOTAL CHOICE for $50.99 plus $3.06 tax.
    I spoke with a service rep about one week ago about obtaining the sports package. She informed me that I could get this package for $7.00 for 3 months rather than the $12.00 currently being charged.
    I believe that during our conversation she flipped a switch and I received the sports pack, less channel 622 for about 5 hours.
    I know at Directv that anything can be done to obtain addition channels AT PROBABLY NO ADDITIONAL COST TO THE SUBSCRIBER.
    Now what channels are you going to erase from my package. Still have every one except channel 215, which by the way I only discovered about 1 week ago. Too bad I love hockey so much.
    I just received an increase of about 3 dollars last month. I"m wondering when a new increase will happen, perhaps in one year.
    I've been a Directv subscriber for more than four years. Do not tell me you cannot add channel 215 to my current subscription with out raising my base price.
    Look forward to the next email Steve Zimmett

  • Mo
      26th of Apr, 2008
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    I just had to deal with a customer service agent at Directv
    iv never been treated so poor! and rude - it was like trying to talk to wall ! the customer service agent refused to help or do anything to help me or my system! I asked for manager over him, he again refused me ! What happend to the Customer is always right ! and customer Service first ! its out the window with Directv ! total idiots in c/s dept !
    I went online and my account is not listed, as I opened it the 2nd week directv came out ! as I have all the old rca equipment still working ! so I can get online without a password or screen name that is long lost ! or reset them !!
    clearly the company is trying to stop people or customers from
    ending or cancle there directv subscription ! iv had enough
    they worse than credit card companys ! no way out ! as yet !

    who do I contact next ? as cant get anywhere with dtv
    and would like to discountiue the service totaly.

  • De
      9th of Feb, 2010
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    If you are not getting your locals in HD it is because a: those cahnnels were not participating in HD at the time or b: DTV did not have them available yet, and I am sure you were told that. Don't blame DTv if you choose or only like 20 of the HD channels they have to offer. One man's trash is another man's gold mine. Get it!!

  • Th
      23rd of Feb, 2010
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    The president is probably the one who came up with the niffty way of charging all of those "fees" that are stated in your so called contract, that they expect you to memorize and know by heart for the next however many years.

  • Ed
      8th of Jun, 2010
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    I completely agree with you. I have had the service about 3 months now and every month there are new unauthorized charges on my verizon bill from direct TV(I have the freedom bundle). I can get them through Verizon after I'm on hold for a while, but can't get in touch with them via there own numbers. At present my receiver is not working and I can't get in touch with them, to top it off my husband is dying and unable to get out of bed so its really all the entertainment he gets besides reading and the internet. So if they tell you you're getting a discount just go ahead and figure on paying 30 40 dollars more in"other charges". I was quoted to get Direct TV, high speed internet and home phone all on 1 bill for 99 dollars but when I get my bill its more than 200. I have had to call Verizon every month to straighten this mess out. They will remove usually a couple charges but it stills ends up being way more then you anticipate. So I will continue trying to reach customer service if you can call it that. I have been trying for hours with no luck. SO DEFINITELY DIRECT TV HAS AWEFUL CUSTOMER SERVICE, SAD TO SAY, because they could help a lot of customers if they would just upgrade and care about there customers by providing excellent customer service as some say.

  • 0 Votes

    If you can avoid this company...please do. I've had direct tv for a year, only becAUSE VERIZON FIOS WAS NOT AVAILABLE in my area. Verizon partners with directtv and offered this as an alternative. I was hesitant because its a satelite dish company. A lot of times with satelite you lose your connection due to certain weather. I had the service put in my name and some how the service ended up in my husband's name(????????) which screwed up the combined billing with Verizon and Directtv. It took a lot of phone calls, headaches and weeks before the situation was corrected. It was VERY frustrating. I am now moving to a place that already has internet and cable thru another company. I have no other choice but to cancel my direct tv services because of the setup at my new place. I don't have a choice. I cant transfer the service. Directtv is still charging me for the early termination fee. The contract states that if you move, you have to transfer the service with you to avoid the fee...I cannot. I don't have a choice. Do not go with Directtv...TOO MANY HEADACHES...besides who needs satelite these days anyway. I want to watch tv and not have my show interupted just because it rained.

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