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Direct TV / direct tv will wipe you out!

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Ordered Direct TV over the phone mid Feb. 2009. Installer brought personal problems to home (which I overheard some of his conversation, so I know he was pissed that somebody was backing- out of buying something off of him), and was irritated by something during a personal phone call and began to rush through the job. After he left, I was unable to watch 1080I HD on my HD Television. I called to inquire what was wrong and was told that everything was good to go and I needed to review my TV Manual and that the problem was on my end. I soon realized that my TV was NOT the problem. Turns out the [censored] left me with an outdated box and it was not HD Ready but HD Compatible. In other words, it would have given me 1080I but the untechnician (even though he was supposed to provide me the HD Ready), would have needed to setup the HD Compatible box prior to storming-off to his next job or date or whatever. Then, come to find out, even though I specifically signed up for HD Service, the order taker had never put that through, so now they were wanting more money than I was quoted (keep in mind I was getting Direct TV, and cell phones bundled into my current landline/DSL Internet through AT&T) and was hoping to save money with bundled services. I emplore you, do not trust Direct TV. Due to nothing but hassles for the first 24 hrs. and inconsistency within pricing and other aspects of service, I canceled the service within that 24 hrs. I figured since I canceled so fast, I will not be charged anything. Wrong! Those evildoers hit my fricken bank for $460! early cancelation fee. Since this past Thurs. I have been in regular contact with Direct TV and they had assured me that this was a mistake. They are not supposed to hit your bank for the early termination charges unless you cancel beyond the 24hr. deadline for deciding you don't want the service. Therefore, they admitted they had made a mistake (yeah uhuh) and they promised me over and over again that the funds were going to be credited back to my account ELECTRONICALLY within 48 hrs. Today is Monday and they have now sent me an EMail stating that they intend to refund my money in the form of a check in the full amount, but that it will be mailed to me in 6 to 8 weeks!!! I have bills to pay by the end of this week. I called and got a rep. and her name was Milinda ID #415961 and she was extremely cold and callus about the whole thing and basically told me I could wish in one hand and crap in the other and see which would fill up faster (my words, her sentiment). I contemplated playing my last card (joker is wild), which would have meant filing a fraud claim through my bank. It was surely fraud and illegal for them to take that money from my bank and I figured that may be my only remedy in recouping my lost funds. Not to mention this fact: Did you know when they install those dishes on your roof it can cause leaks? Did you know that I am not the property owner but just a boarder in this house? Did you know the property owner can sue Direct TV for repairs to the roof, when Direct TV fails to confirm that the person placing the order is, in fact, the owner of the property? Just some tips for everyone. Well, anyway I really hate waiting at the bank, so I decided I would call Direct TV as many times as needed until I got the right rep. on the phone. So far it looks like I was successful. This latest person I talked to has apparently taken control of the situation and I am supposed to see the funds back in my account in 48hrs. but even she said it never happens that fast, more like seven (7)days. Well, I am trying to believe her that nobody is going to maliciously steal the ball and change the refund back to check-form, but either way, I cannot afford to wait 6-8 weeks or even a week, I need my money they stole from me and I need it back in my account before this Thursday. Looks like I still have to file a fraud report with the bank, write a letter to The Attorney General's Office in Ohio and the property owner is considering a lawsuit. I have Buckeye Cable now, and for $14 a month I can watch TV and I could not be happier for the price. Best part is, if Buckeye rips me off, and there is dry pavement, I can make it right to their office in about 9 minutes flat! The worst part of this whole mess is the trained liars will lie to you over and over again. Most of billing department will tell you that they DO NOT have the ability to issue refunds electronically and that is a flat-out lie! Just keep calling until you get some chick with a sexy southern accent and a soft tone, and you just may find someone who actually cares and maybe even has a soul. If you read this and you still order ANY service from this company, you will deserve whatever you get. BTW, I cancelled all 3 cell phones through AT & T as well within that same 24 hrs. and thus far no charges from them, but I wouldn't be surprised to see some huge bill down the road for that cancelation, as well. It pains me to keep the DSL service with AT & T since they were the ones that bundled the services and I will be going with Buckeye Cable for my Internet and phone service very soon. Oh yeah, lastly, that one day that I had Direct TV (with brand-new dishes and brand-new boxes), well we got some wind that day, and the picture on most channels was so bad, it was like using Rabbit ears in 1973 to pick up a Detroit Channel in Toledo via our old 1970 Model Zenith TV. Please, don't fall prey to these liars. Geesh.

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      26th of Feb, 2012
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    I can relate they did the same thing to me only with out my consent they are heart less I have to file a suite as soon as i get all the proof i need to make my case against Direct TV. My bank could not stopped the transaction I called back demanding to speak with some one higher and had the authority to help me resolve the matter he refused saying on one is higher than he . I had every intention of paying off the bill i was not giving enough time to make payments the bill was less than 30days I asked to make payments which i was lead to believe was acceptable.. The next day i checked and they took the whole payment in one shot which put me in the red .. I agree people should be aware Direct TV Has become corrupt its bad for business all around especially when times like these people are hurting by corporate greed .(( Blessed are the poor in spirit for he will lift them up))

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