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Direct TV / bait and switch

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I have been with Direct TV for 7 years. I purchased my recievers when I started the service. In December 2008, I called due to the failure of my DVR. Direct tv was more then happy to replace it for free. they also stated that they could replace all the other boxes for free since I have never had any replacements for the contract...

But the reason I called was to try to have my bill reduced and said that I did not want to have anything done with the recievers unless that was possible. They said they could reduce my bill by $15 a month for the next year and it would go back to normal if i did a 2 yr contract and ...

So... i call back to validate and verify that what they said was going to happen.. what a shock that i find it was not true

first call... was told i should be happy for the free recieves and that direct tv would never do any credit for $15 a month. I asked for a manager.. was put in wait hell for an hour.. finally hung up

second call... asked for verification again.. was told that there was no credit on the acount... asked to speak with someone about shutting the account off and shipping the equipment back.. was sent to account disputes.. and was then told if I did shut the account down ... i would be charged up to $500.oo. I explained that the only reason that i went into the contract was due to the fact I was going to get a reduction in my bill.. and she told me there was no record of that.. Asked for a manager.. explained what had happened... she said she would credit my DVR cost ($5.95) for 23 months and put a credit on my account for 12 months of ($10.00). Also told me Direct TV can only do up to $10 a mont of a credit. probably to prevent the service desk staff from giving away the world.. LOL...

So the moral of the story... If you do business with them.. get it in writing before you commit to any contract. have them email it to you or have them give you thier personal number and the location they are in...

because they will LIE to get you to do a contract... BECAREFUL !!!

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  • Ke
      15th of Sep, 2009
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    They told me I was getting dvr charged me then said it didnt include dvr and if I wanted dvr I would have to pay an additional 200 . The salesperson said the 280 i was paying was for a dvr. They do not care about customers just sales quotas obviously

  • Br
      18th of Sep, 2009
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    I called AT&T for a price on phone service. I was told if I bundled services with Internet, phone and Direct TV, I could get a special promotion for Direct TV with 59.99 for premium service, I would get a $21.00 dollar per month discount for a 2 year contract. The total for Direct TV was to be $38.99 per month for the duration of the contract. I agreed to this and set up the installation of all three products. I was to receive free HBO, Showtime, Cinnemax and Stars for 5 months for signing up all three and changing to AT&T/ Direct TV. I got the bill from Direct TV for $79.99. I called and was informed that I had to by a Sunday NFL Ticket to receive this offer. This was the first time I had been told anything about the NFL Package. They removed the NFL charge from my account. They installed the dish and nothing but regular cable worked. When I called the rude lady and supervisor informed me it was not Direct TV's fault that the agent that signed me up gave me wrong information. All they could do was sign me up for the NFL Ticket or give me the correct information. WE NEED TO BAND TOGETHER AND FILE A CLASS ACTION SUIT AGAINST BOTH AT&T AND DIRECT TV.

  • Al
      28th of Sep, 2009
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    I agree. I had the same problem with AT & T and Direct TV. I say class action lawsuit as well.

  • So
      27th of Nov, 2009
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    Where do we start folks? We need to get this lawsuit off the ground. I want to sue for lack of informed consent and disclosure for damages to the rental property. I just paid today for a handy man to take down the apparatus and fill in holes as well as filling in a hole drilled into my bedroom from my balcany!!!

    Now I have to pay an early termination fee of $460.00. Just changed my credit card info and added a credit card that is maxed so they cannot access my funds. On Monday, I am going to my credit union and placing a block on Direct TV.

    ATT did not inform me of getting rental permission or for that matter, that there would be drilling and damaging property I do not own.

  • Di
      7th of Mar, 2010
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    We signed up under the guise that we would be getting the "special" rate for the first year of the 2 year contract. However after jumping through several hoops we were told that we didn't jump through the final one until 6 days after out 90 day period had expired therefore no credits for the first 3 months and full price for the duration of the contract. Customer service was very unprofessional and unresponsive. We went to the place were we signed the contract originally (Advanced Communication Systems on Route 30) and were told by the owner (Rosario) that he'd take of it only to have him call 2 days later and say there is nothing they can do. Really? All this over a yearly total of $360. Not only are we being scammed through bait and switch but when the tech (Chad) came to install our equipment, he texted my wife later that evening using her phone number off the paperwork to ask if she was available. He was supposedly "reprimanded". I'm almost sure that borders on illegal. Never again will we use this company or service and I will make sure they get $360 worth of bad publicity.

  • Mo
      4th of Nov, 2010
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    DO NOT ORDER THE DVR (for only $7) a month!!! They talk fast, and don't mention the fine print. If you order the $7 a month DVR, you can't cancel the service (minimum of 29.95 a month for 60 or less channels) unless you pay a "cancelation fee of $20 per month for the duration of your contract. Confused yet? We ordered the DVR in August. It is now November 3rd. I was just told by Desiree that it would cost us $420 to cancel our account!!!

    Also, when I downgraded to the "Family Package" of 29.95 a month, I was told that I could see what channels I would get for $29.95. Not true, there are 3 different packages that you can't see online, but, as Desiree so patiently explained to me, it is not fraud because she was willing to read to me all of the channels that I could watch (she really was patient, and she waited for me to write down the names of all the channels, mistakes in spelling are mine) So since you can't get it anywhere else here is the list of what you're paying for with Direct TV's " Family Package" :
    1. BYU TV (Mormon channel)
    2. Bloomberg
    3. Bloomberg (2)
    4. C-span
    5. C-span 2
    (don’t get CC TV 9, but she gave me the name anyway)
    6. Christian TV
    7. Church Channel
    8. Direct TV Customer Information Channel
    9. DYI (Do It Yourself Home Improvement)
    10. Day Star
    11. Disney Channel East
    12. Disney Channel West
    13. Disney XD
    14. EWTN (Another religious channel)
    15. In Life (Christian)
    16. Food
    17. Free Speech TV (Channel 348)
    (GEM Net (don’t get))
    18. God TV
    19. Golden Eagle
    20. GMC
    21. HITN (Spanish PBS)
    22. Hallmark
    23. Headline News (CNN)
    24. Home and Garden
    25. Home Shopping
    26. Hope
    27. Inspiration
    28. Investigation
    29. Jewish Life
    30. LINK
    (MHZ – don’t get)
    31. NASA
    32. NRB
    33. Nat Geo
    34. Nick Jr.
    35. Nick @ Nite East
    36. Nick @ Nite West
    37. Nick Toons
    38. Once (Spanish)
    (PBS channel 379 – don’t get)
    39. QVC 1
    40. QVC 2
    41. RFT TV
    42. Science
    43. Shop NBC
    44. Music – Between
    45. Music - Gospel Glory
    46. Music – Standards
    47. Music – Playground
    48. Music – Spirit
    49. TNT Net
    50. The Hub (channel 294)
    51. V-Mi (Spanish)
    52. TWC (The Weather Channel)
    53. Word Network
    54. World Harvest

    Doesn't look like 66 or even 60 channels to me.

    More confusion, The "Basic Package" is the same price as the "Family Package" but if you are already a customer, you can't get the Basic Package, that is just an "introductory package" so the longer you are with Direct TV, the more screwed over you are.

  • La
      1st of Feb, 2011
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    My mother 86, was bullied and frightened into a contract for fear she could not get any tv when the analog/digital switch come through, and even though they knew she had an old analog tv they sold her digital HD service, this was in 2008. She signed up for an 18mth contract which she put on vacation service half the year when she would visit in another state. Well here we are three years later, and they say she still owes six more monhts on the contract, IT AUTOMATICALLY RENEWS SO BEWARE. She is currently living in another state and wants to terminate this service. we requested both the billing and the boxes and the termination fees are $120.00 but so far neither the boxes or the information statements have arrived but they continue to take the fee everymonth. Finding the address for the corporation is all but impossible on their website, you need to terminate the contract in writing but finding the address to send it to is all but impossible. Its not the same address as the billing address. DIRECT TV, Corporate Office, P.O. BOX 6550, GREENWOOD VILLAGE, CO 80155 Any correspondence should require a signature and an return receipt. BTW the online contact information does not work if you enter terminate contract in the subject line it will give you an error message saying the account number value must be an interger, but if you enter customer service in the subject line, it will let the message through with the exact same account number on it. GO FIGGURE. We just want to be rid of direct tv, and will pay to do it. But these guys are crooks, and crooks need contracts to keep customers.

  • Et
      13th of Sep, 2011
    0 Votes

    On 09-12-2011 at around 4:00pm I responded to an add received in the mail. I spoke with a rep who lied to me about everything. He indicated I would get for 34.98 a month for the full two year contract phone service, 210 channels for one TV to include NFL Sunday Ticket and 12 MBS internet. I scheduled the install date for 10/01/2011 and he said some one would be there between 8 and 12. He said I would not be charged until the installer arrived on that date. The charge would be 219.95. I set that October first date because I told him I did not have that money available in the budget right now. He assured me I would not be charged until the day the installer arrived.
    My ID# he provided was ********** the order number provided was *********. I either need some one to rectify this situation or provide me with the legal departments contact information. The sales persons name was Christopher Burney who screwed me. This bank account used is only for paying bills and is now over drawn due to this person and costing me additional fees. I will now have to move money from another bank account to cover this. I canceled and will never use them again, what a way to deal with a brand new customer. Keep up the good work Direct TV and you to will be out of business, all it talkes is one person at a time. We do have OPTIONS.

  • Da
      2nd of Apr, 2015
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    This is a complaint about Direct TV. I was with Dish and decided to check and compare prices and services. I compared the number of TV's we currently have, the channels, the HD receiver and the DVR. After talking with a Direct TV sales person I decided that the Direct TV had the better program for my family. I was given a price for a two year contract which I accepted. They set up an installation date. When the service person installed our Direct TV we did not have a DVR recorder. He told me that a DVR was not included in my package. This is absurd because I compared all the features we were getting from Dish when I spoke to the sales rep. He told me to call Direct TV and say that I should have gotten a DVR in my package. After speaking to 5 different people connected to Direct TV and spending over 1 1/2 hours on the phone I was told my monthly charge would be $15.00 more per month if I wanted a DVR. I am disappointed about the sales practices of the Direct TV group. I hoped to be with an ethical company. Not once did the sales lady I spoke with originally mention that the package did not include a DVR. Plus the Direct TV representatives I spoke to right after our installation were trying to blame me for not reading the emails they sent. They told me I should have seen that that piece of equipment was not on my contract. They were rude to me on the phone and I am very angry about their lack of ethics.

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