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Direct TV / failure to refund cost for hd receiver

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To Whom it concerns

Alert: Be Careful about the New ATT&T Bundle Package w/ DirecTV

To everyone desiring to take advantage of the new ATT&T (BellSouth ) Bundle package that is now being offered by the recent merger of both company. With this bundle package one of the offered items is a connection with DirecTV. I did not mind trading my TV cable service for another as long as I received the same quality of service from DirecTV as I received from Dish Network. Inquiring before committing myself I asked BellSouth about the programming and what they offered. Since BellSouth is the selling agent and you must go through them to get the bundle package. I was informed that I could get comparable programming through DirectV and I could get local channels. This I felt was most important to me to know whats going on in my area. So I accepted the deal and schedule installation for the following day. The next day everything seemed to go well with the installation. My Dish Network dish and equipment were removed and the DirecTV equipment was installed.

Then came the big surprise. After the insulation the technician called in to program the equipment including a HD receiver I had to prepay for through a credit card. Well everything was programed in except the local channels. When I asked about the local channels the technician began to show signs of becoming nervous. He immediately responded that he had another insulation to do and I must call DirecTV, Then he left. I suspected that something was wrong but at the moment I couldn't do anything.

As soon as he left I called DirecTV reference the local channels programming. I was told that without question there was no local channel programming through DirecTV offered in my area. Bellsouth was contacted about the misinformation that I was given and asked how this problem can be resolved. At first nobody wanted to acknowledge responsibility for this bad situation. After cancelling the whole deal and talking to approx. 17 different people { never the same one) I finally got ATT&T complaint resolution. ATT&T did agree to pay the cost to reinstalled my Dish Network equipment which was quoted to be $200.00 by Dish Network. DirecTV, however refused to reimburse me for the cost of the HD Receiver I paid for, which I returned. They said that the instillation was completed therefore I was not entitled to be refunded.

As far as I'm concerned this is stealing. This has cost me a lots of time aggravation and money. The lesson to be learned here,is be careful before ordering any TV cable service. Don't take for granted that you can get the same quality of service from every cable service. They are all different. Before ordering the bundle package or any service make sure what's available in your area by calling the cable Co. direct and verifying whats in your area or zip code. Especially with DirecTV which has very restricted areas for Local Channels. If you know anyone that thinking about getting a TV cable service or the BellSouth Bundle package please pass this on.

I live in Hawthorne Fl. This might apply to all Central North Fl. areas as well as many other areas throughout the country. So be careful check first before you buy.

Concerned Consumer
Prentice Cooper

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      1st of May, 2009
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    I called AT&T thinking they were a reputable company. However, I was misled into thinking I was going to get a bundle of phone, internet, and television for $105.00. I was so exited, I told my friends and family about the great deal I was getting.

    I called AT&T around April 25th to try and lower my bill, because I lost my job back in September ‘07. I was informed that I can get all my services bundled for $105.00. That is my DSL, long distance calling, and cable for up to four TV’s. To my surprise, I get a bill from DirecTv, not AT&T, five days later for $93.76. The bill states that I have a service agreement for 24 months! Nobody ever voiced that little bit of information. I am from Canada and might return there if I cannot find a job, so signing a 2 year contract was completely out of the question.

    I then called AT&T on May 1st, 6 days after the installation of DIRECT TV, and spoke to Miss Simons, who transferred me to Ms. Edmonds, who transferred me to Shawna Johnson who then had a conference call with DIRECTTV and myself and still nothing is resolved. DIRECTV told me that I would be charged $480.00 for an early cancellation fee. I do not believe I am responsible for this fee. The lack of communication and crooked sales tactics misled me, and I am sure, many other people.

    In short, I never called DIRECTV, I called AT&T and they misled me into thinking that the Directv was part of their package! I am so disturbed by these two companies, that I do not want anything to do with them. I want to send back their equipment and have no further dealings with either of them.

    The public does not deserve to be taken advantage of at a time like this, they should be ashamed of their sales tactics and policies.

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