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I signed up with Direct TV through Qwest. I was going to bundle my Cable, internet and phone services, but when the phone guy came out he informed me that the Qwest Internet was really poor and slow. So I canceled the Direct TV 2.5 weeks after the install. I was then informed that I could not cancel without a $350 fee, as I was under an 18 month contract! This was the FIRST time I had deard of a contract... I was not informed of it by Qwest, nor by any Direct TV rep. What happened, I think, was that when the Direct TV installer asked me to sign a form stating that the install was done correctly, it actually contained a hidden contract. The QC Direct TV guy actually told me that I could cancel within 30 days with no penalty, but none of the Direct TV reps I spoke with would give an inch... very rude and nasty. They informed me that I had only 24 hours to cancel after install... 24 hours!! The install guy did not leave a copy of the paperwork, which deprived me of any chance to see that I had been scammed. This is a scam company, and they have the ethics of a diseased hyena. QWest is no better, they refused to take any responsibility or help in any way.

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  • Al
      Sep 11, 2009

    In yur comment about not being informed about cancelling early. It happened to me two years ago when I switched to Cox from Qwest. Qwest sent me a bill for cancelling early. I refused to pay the amout they were asking for. After several months and letters I called Qwest customer service and they told me they had a recording of my voice agreeing to the terms of the cancellation part of the contract. I asked to hear the recording and I was told that I was not allowed to hear it...BS I continuned not to pay the requested amount and finally it went to collection. After a about a year of back and forth arguing with those idiots at the collection agency I call Qwest again and got a billing supervisor involved.. She investigated the claim and discharged the amount owed and withdrew the dogs from the collection agency.. Whoever is reading this, be very, very, careful with Qwest and the terms of contract. THEY ARE VERY DECEPTIVE INDEED.

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  • Ra
      Mar 15, 2011
    Direc TV / Qwest - Bundled Services
    Direct TV/Qwest
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    I bundled services with Qwest and Direct TV after a saleman came to my home and promised to beat Comcast's pricing. I was promised a great rate- and then the bill came. They apologized, promised to correct the problems and bill # 2 came- double what they quoted me! By this time it was too late to cancel (due to $700 cancelation fee ?! ) and each company sends me to the other (blames them and says there is nothing they can do) with neither correcting anything! Nearly a year into this mess- NEVER, NEVER do business with these companies.

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