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Direc TV - HR20 - 700 / piece of junk!

1 United States

Don't but an hr20-700 unless you are ready to miss recordings and expect freeze-ups and system resets!

Below is an email sent to direct tv on my most recent double disappointing experience:

I just installed a hr20 two weeks ago. I am more than disappointed! I recorded the new orleans saints-eagles playoff game last night and attempted to watch it this morning.

But before I tell you what your recorder did, let me say I am a die hard saints fan that has been waiting 40 years to see the game that your damn box just deprived me of!!!

The recording was set to record 1 hour longer than scheduled. It played fine until the 2hr and 18 min mark; third quater - eagles 21-saints 20; then the picture froze and there was nothing recorded from that point on except short bursts of audio!!

I know you can't fix my loss, but perhaps you could send me a dvd with the game on it.

I have 3 tivo's and 4 ultimates. I have neverhad this kind of problem with their equipment!!

I have not decided what to do with your piece of junk!!


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