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Dillard's is the most uncaring place to ever work for. And I say that being an employee their for many years. They care nothing for their employees, they are all about their numbers which they could not make if it weren't for the dedicated employees that Dillard's has had. They are so unappreciative of their good employees and so into employees who do nothing but create havoc and dismay all day long. The managers, and I mean majority not all are lazy and manipulative as far as using their authority to please bullies who wish they had control but don't, only through unprofessional managers who give in to these bullies are they able to delegate work and call out, get time off, stealtime, and the schedule that they want. Customer service to them is a joke, they are so rude and unsympathetic to customers. They deal in so much pettiness that they lose site of what running a business is all about. What really needs to be done is that someone sends in a undercover worker for six months to see all the dirt that goes on in that company, it's atrocious and very unfair to it's employees. My experience was harassment/bullying everyday and now I will never ever forget the things that went on in this Dillard's. Management was a complete fool and a big part of the problem, but time will tell it always does. A business cannot continue to thrive with miserable employees because they suck the life out of the good ones and then they leave. Dillard's needs to shape up, or ship out and people need to realize that they are not catering to them but to their pockets. Employees know this because sometimes we are customers too and they treat us unfairly. It doesn't matter how much you spend, because if you didn't tell them they could care less.

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  • Fo
      Sep 06, 2012

    That is the way that businesses operate. I don't know what you consider many years, but if you are so miserable there, why don't you quit. I'm sure their business isn't suffering that badly, for those reasons. I guess if I worked in a store and then shopped there as a customer, I wouldn't expect my co-workers to treat me like a regular customer. I think there is more to this story than is being told. Could it be that you have sour grapes about something that happened to you and that you misinterpreted.

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  • Sa
      Sep 07, 2012

    Tony needs to grow a set a balls and stop all this nonsense...Elizabeth is the rudest manager Dillards has and she needs to be fired! I'm with you girl!

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  • Ho
      Oct 15, 2012

    If you read the complaint board you will see there are a lot of sour grapes employed by Dillard's. And how many years should not matter to you, when I was a dedicated employee and was harassed because of pettiness not my work. I did quit, and we will see how much this business will begin to suffer, not because of me but because of many others like me it's just a matter of time. I did not expect my co-workers to treat me like a regular customer, but for management who treated me as if I was a shoplifter when I followed protocol when shopping on breaks or off the clock. Just because businesses are operated this way does not make it right. Maybe that's why some businesses in the long run don't continue to be successful or go out of business. And yes their is a lot more to this story something you would have to see for yourself because it's nothing that has been misinterpreted just plain and simple a very ignorant and disgusting group of people in place, working in authority for Dillard's who don't have a clue about respect or loyalty. It's sad !

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  • Da
      Apr 18, 2016

    Ol'e man Dillard in Dallas store walked unexpectedly. This clerk had been working there 15 years and never him Poppa Dillard. He looked her up and down and said who said you could wear that.? Everyone wears this type of dress Mr. Dillard. Go pick up your check. The revolving door at corporate is just that... Afew good people still work in design dept.

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