CVS Prairieville La 70769 / refusal to help a loyal customer

Airline Hwy, Prairieville, LA, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 225-673-9971

I have been a loyal a customer of cvs since the 1990's . Same location. I filled hundreds
Of costly medications at this location. When needed the help that would be good customer service for a loyal customer. I was refused and yell at . I was release from the hospital on Feburary 28, 2014. When went pick up vital medication that I needed immediately I was told I needed a override from the doctor . The hospital sent it right away. Cvs associates claimed they didn't get it and didn't care. I ask for 2-3 pills until the matter was clear up because it was Friday afternoon and the pills could be subtracted once meds we're fill. Associate said "No"!!! We do not give free medication." Did not care and gave me a nasty look that said go away. And turned her back on me. I continued to call for med. for three days and final on the 3rd day. My ins. Made a call with me and stated to fill my meds I was in cvs . I have plans to do any business again with this company . Good luck to other patients reach out for help with your company.

Mar 23, 2014

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