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This is not the first time but will be the last... I changed insurances in december due to employment change and had to use cvs as my pharmacy. Since then it has been almost every moth that I have had a problem. I have tried several locations thinking it was a location problem. Apparently not it is a corporate training issue and your policies that are in place. I have been on suboxone for 4 years now. I had always had it filled at walgreen's and never ever had a problem. Recently when I switched to cvs every time I get it filled it is something different. This last time the prescription had been sent to walgreen's by mistake and I had to transfer it to cvs. No big deal right! Wrong, because I had gone to walgreen's and been filled I had to pay cash for a partial fill. I have always been able to do partials even at a different cvs location, but this location told me they were unable to do partials and could not fill what I had left on the 1 month script until what I had gotten from walgreen's had run out. Makes no sense considering had I gotten it all together I would have an entire month at once and now they don't want to give it to me! Then the pharmacist whose name is heather was extremely rude and descrimative. She made me feel like I was doing something illegal and wrong. I get that it is a scheduled drug but because I used a different pharmacy she was treating me indifferent and it was not appreciated. So she decided that when added up I had received 41 days of medication in 30 days. Why yes I had which is why my doctor with a medical degree gave me a new prescription!! Who is a pharmacist to question what a medical doctor does. Makes no sense if they want to be a doctor they need to go to med school! So she told me it would be 14 days til she could refill it. This was after I had made a 3.5 hour trip back to town because I travel for work and because of cvs policy and having a refill on the script could not transfer it to where I was going because it would have been stuck there and not able to transfer back to where I would be next or back to my home location! So heather tells me it would be at least 9 days before she could fill it. I specifically asked what date that would be so I could make arrangements for travel once again. She said it would be friday may 12th which was 5 days before what she stated it was due which I thought was a policy that you could pick up 5 or less days in advance. So specifically telling me yes that would be the 12th of may I once again made arrangements to come 3.5 hrs back to pick it up. Only this time for them to tell me that she had put a note that it wasn't due to be picked up til the 16th! I told them she had said it was due the 16th but policy states 5 days or less and I confirmed she had said the 12th. The pharmacist working was going to fill it however now they had to order it. I inquired if I could see if another cvs had it and was advised yes and they would even do it for me but that most cvs pharmacy did not open for another hour or 2 so I said I would just stop at the one on the way out of town and see. The other pharmacist said if I had any problems have them call him.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Gainesville, FLI went to the other pharmacy and they had it in stock however she called and had a pow wow with the other pharmacy and proceeded to tell me they could not fill it because it would be a transfer and because it had been transferred once it could not be done again! Why was I mis informed once again! I exchanged words with that pharmacist as how ridiculous this was and left. I called the pharmacy where I had the script and told them to order it and they told me it would be here on monday may 15th by 3 pm. I said fine I will once again make arrangements to drive 3.5 hrs and take off work to come pick it up. I received a call this morning advising me that my medication had come in and they could not fill it until the exact due date of the 16th. I was extremely livid because I made the drive last night because of the bad information given once again. I spoke with heather the original pharmacist whom I had spoke with originally when all this started. She proceeded to be very stand offish and rude again. She tried to tell me that she never said 9 days and she was not filling it until the day due. I thought policy was policy. I told her that my anger was because of all the lies and misinformation I had been told and all the time I am taking off work and trips I have to make for their mistake. She seemed like she really did not care and told me it would be ready on the 16th. Point is I got several different stories, the techs all gave different info, as well as pharmacists were all on different pages. Ultimately I have had to take off 3 days of work and travel over 15 hrs all together and still have not received my medication. Seems very ridiculous not to mention jeopardizing my job, but she did not care one bit! I told her this would be the last time I deal with cvs and she told me that if I would stick to one pharmacy I wouldn't have this problem like I was pharmacy shopping! I did not appreciate that because I have always used walgreen's until I had to use cvs reluctantly! I have never been treated or questioned like this in the 4 years I have been getting this. This is not the only incidents that have occurred and I have heard of many other disgruntled customers for the same reasons! Your policies and/or lack there of and lack of training to give good information is going to kill someone. I can only imagine if it was someone who needed that medication and went without because they had to order or the pharmacist was discriminating and questioning a doctors orders and that customer dieing or having major medical issue because they wouldn't fill it. Some people can have serious side effects from not having their meds. It is very scary what cvs has come to! This is one more customer you have the course of my story I have come across 4 other people who have said the same thing. Very sad! These rude pharmacist need to get a grip, learn their laws and policies and tell the truth and quit hiding behind excuses cause that is all I have heard! This pharmacist name is heather and she works at the cvs pharmacy in gainesville, fl at nw 23rd ave and nw 43rd st. And I don't know who died and made her god but if she wants to be a doctor so bad she needs to go back to med school and if not she will get someone killed and that will be on her and cvs and I hope she will be able to live with that. Otherwise you will continue to lose customers if this stuff continues.

May 15, 2017
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      May 16, 2017

    Here is my story read it in the complaints department this is a company wide!!!
    All over the internet there is nothing but bad Customer service complaints, being treated like a criminal and being questioned by a pharmacist about Doctors orders. They think they are the gate keepers and the doctors Not knowing the hell any of us went thru just to get treated like you don't count.

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