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I use the pharmacy in Gloversville, NY. For the last three months, my scripts have either not been ready as promised, lost!!!, or just not done!! It is a 25 mile round trip for me to go and get my meds. They have even lost a controlled substance script!!! Today I went to get my Glipizide script, which the automated call said on Tuesday would be done by today. After waiting in the drive thru for 15 minutes, with only 2 cars in front of me, I was told my scripts, again, weren't would be 45 minutes. I was already late for work at this point, so I just left
I called the store to make sure my meds would be ready by tomorrow, no apologies, nothing. I will be calling my Dr. On Monday to move all of my scripts to a more responsible, and efficiently run pharmacy. So sad after nearly 20 years...i wish you luck because you went from 5 stars to a minus 10.. never again!!!

Jun 08, 2018

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