CVS Pharmacy / customer service

Martin, MI, United States

My complaint is about disrespect, i have been a customer with cvs for about 5 years, in martin tn. I left cvs and went to Van's pharmacy in martin tn. I left because every time I had medicine filled it would take no less than an hour to fill my prescription. Cvs bought the van's pharmacy, there are a couple of older ladies that work there, they have been nothing but kind and respectful. There are a lot of new faces in the new cvs store in martin tn., the girls are so rude, the young girls are so hateful to the older workers, I was embrassed for a lady today.her name is Regina there was a young girl on the computer beside ms.regina, the girl didn't have a name tag on., Regina had to cancel the Medicare on the prescription and run it as asked the girl for help, the young girl said "push 11 you know how" ms. Regina couldn'the get the refund to print.she asked the young girl for help, she would not help ms.Regina any futher.I got the impression that the young girls are trying to get rid of the older women that work there. They need some training in respecting the customer and their co workers. The only drug store in our town are 2 cvs 's and wal'so not like we have a lot of pharmacits to choose from. It'seems sad to think that the young girls don't want the older women there, when they need to work too.

Aug 29, 2016

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