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Credit One Bank / fraudulant charges

1 P.O. Box 98872Las Vegas, NV, United States Review updated:

January 17, 2012
Credit One Bank
P.O.Box 98872
Las Vegas, NV [protected]

Paula Thompson

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Paula Thompson and I was a Credit One card holder, or I am trying NOT TO BE.
In June BBVA, another credit card company, tried to transfer the balance of the Credit One card to their account and were told you didn’t do transfers. I inquired as well and you told me the same story. On 6/16/11 I made a normal payment of 63.95 and by 6/29 you received a check for 523.13 to close the account. I received another notice of a balance and was told there was a remaining 11.00. I was also told if I wanted to pay my bill immediately there was a 10.00 express payment fee. Even though I thought this was wrong I paid 21.00 on 7/20 to finalize and pay off this account.
This account has never been closed and I am at wits end on what to do to get it closed. On 7/20 I talked to a Tracy Wilson at 12:30 pm who assured me she would get it closed. After more e-mail notices I called on 8/9 at 11:40 am and was given assurance it would be closed and was even given a confirmation number #[protected] and was told a letter would be sent to confirm this. More e-mails came saying I was past due. I called 9/6 at 10:00am and was told the same story that my account would be closed and a letter would be sent. On 9/27 I talked to a Matthew who said he was a supervisor but could not give me a last name according to policy but his #was 50918 and he would personally get a letter out to me. No letters ever arrived. I did ignore my e-mail for a time thinking it hadn’t caught up yet with the resolution. More e-mails came and I called at 10:04am on 1/12 demanding that I talk to a supervisor. I was disconnected after waiting on the line until 10:25am. At 3:30 pm I called back when I finished work and talked to Stanley, again no last name allowed, his # 50102, a supervisor who assured me he would personally close this account and send me a letter saying as much.
Today it is January 17, 2012 and my balance is .01. I expect more fees and charges to be added on as they have since I closed this account…on and on and on.
What does a person need to do to close an account with you? I don’t know what else to do --As of today I am writing TV Stations, The Better Business Bureau, and a lawyer. If this hurts my credit in any way I will take legal action. Saying I want prompt attention to this matter is long past. This is so incredibly ridiculous that I shudder to think how you hold down the people with bad credit (this is who your target audience is) and make them prisoner to your card and fees. Ten dollar fee for making a prompt payment? No balance transfers? No closing of accounts no matter what is done??

Sincerely upset and going to resolve this on my end,
Paula Thompson

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  • Ch
      4th of Jun, 2010
    0 Votes

    opened an account on the 2nd. of May. 2 weeks later started getting calls saying my account was past due. My billing date is the 8th. of June. They wanted me to go a head and make a payment 3 weeks early to stay current! And I still get calls saying that I am past due even after I paid my bill ( on Time). This bank must be ran by Mexicans. d

  • Dr
      27th of Jul, 2010
    -1 Votes

    They're Indian, not Mexican. There are no international call centers in Mexico for Credit One bank. None the less, this bank's customer service and ridiculous practices & fees are disgusting.

  • Vw
      18th of Jan, 2012
    0 Votes

    This is scary! I just called Credit One Bank today because I had not activated my account online yet and wanted to view my spending and to see when my first bill would be due. I had just received the card right before the holidays. When I call, there is all this animated stuff which is typical of companies nowadays. However, I eventually am able to hear my balance and available credit. After that how ironic that my bill is actually due today! Never received a statement by mail or by email. I try to speak to a customer rep and of course a person with a strong accent asks for my account number. Not sure if my account number and card number are one and the same, I repeatedly ask her and even say hello to confirm if she can hear me she says "Account number" several times and says something really fast and hangs up the phone! WTH?! I'm shocked and furious. So, I call again...the phone makes a loud noise like when calling a fax machine or hearing impaired line by accident...smh. I attempt to call again for the 3rd time and am finally speaking to someone that seems to actually give me time to verify who I am and express my concern. She tells me that my bill is due today and that it is already considered late because of the time of me calling after their payment cut off time. I'm totally confused of how I barely even had the card a month and a bill is already due and how can I be penalized for a late payment when nothing was mailed or emailed to inform me of this. She claimed that a bill was mailed Dec. 21, 2011. How is that even possible?! Who mails a bill along with receivement of a card? All I received was the card and the phone number to activate it and something about protection for the card. I saved all documentation. She said that she'd waive the late fee if I make the payment today and it posts tomorrow. I chose the standard payment as to avoid the express fee, however am stunned to see how they won't let you use the card for 5 days or so until it posts. I wish I had read the reviews/complaints of this card company before signing up. I need to make sure I pay this off soon, before they have me paying almost $1000 for a low balance credit. Just reading this story makes me worried even if I try to pay them off in full will it take forever for someone to actually close the account?!

  • My
      14th of Nov, 2014
    0 Votes

    I have to change my password every time I try to login in. I called "Customer NON-Service, and asked to speak to someone about it. The guy got really rude and actually told me "I don't know who'd help you", and continued with some marketing crap. I said "you don't know???". And then I hung up. This company is a joke and should be shut down. All I wanted to do was build my credit!!!

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