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I've been a customer with you for 8 months I pay on time and also sometimes (2) a month I had my banking information stolen in about November 2018 in which I contacted you all to explain the situation and give a savings account number to you over phone to keep in file until my checking account and credit banking card was done with the fraud investigation.
Come to find out the agent inputted the account number last digit wrong and was extremely rude that he even had to update my information because it was charging my account that I had already contacted you about having the fraud investigation on.
I was calling 2/3 times a month December 2018 and January 2019 to find out you all canceled my card because you were charging the wrong account number which I surly didn't input it since it was all done over phone with customer service I was upset and devastated that I pay on time and never late to have been treated the way I was with your customer service and management
I sent my banking information Wells Fargo to your supervisor at the address he gave me as he was very rude calling me a liar that they were not at fault by inputting wrong information. I contacted them again on February 4, 2019 and they haven't received the paperwork and also have put invalid information on my credit report but when I called today they tell me no yet I have nothing from your company not even a statement which I've requested 3 separate times and nothing still .
I would appreciate someone to contact me that way I can get answers and information to why I've been treated like a deadbeat when I'm the one contacting your customer service monthly on for 2 1/2 hours each time as I get a run around I feel this is absolutely the worst customer service and supervisor treatment I've ever received throughout my life and if something isn't done I have no choice but to contact the news, extra.

Feb 4, 2019
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      11th of Feb, 2019

    I was a customer for 3 years paid on time. I switch bank account I thought I deleted my old account but didnt. I made a payment early and it didn't go through I was confused because I had the money so I made another payment. Right when I hit process I realized the problem. I immediately called and let them know. I even tried to make the payment with the correct account but was told I couldn't stop the payment or make another payment for 24hours. I called the very next day and made the payment. The lady even reassured me that since it was before my due date and since I called there wouldn't be an issue. The following month i went to go make my payment and the account was gone. I wasn't even notified I had to call and speak to someone. The guy was nice but basically all he could do was give me the information to write a letter. This was my oldest account and lower my credit score by 85 points.I can only call and make a payment with a representative. I can't make a payment online or set up auto pay with my new card.

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