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Countrywide Home Loans 15/30 Loan / deceptive business practices

1 MI, United States

I refinanced my home and took out a 2nd mortgage of $21,100 in May of 2007 to pay to have a new well dug and a mold problem fixed. I thought I was getting just a 15 year loan on the 2nd mortgage, but found out yesterday during a solicitation call from Countrywide that a 15/30 loan, which is what I was told I have, means that at the end of the 15 years I will owe a balloon payment of about $17,000! When I went back and looked very closely at the monumental stack of paperwork I had been presented with and rushed through signing, I saw that this is exactly what the case was. This was never explained to me by my loan officer. I would never have agreed to a balloon payment loan. I don't believe in them. I think they're just putting off the inevitable and are for people who just live for today without thinking down the road about the future. I am so disgusted. I was told my only option was to pay more toward principal each month to pay it down quicker. READ YOUR AMMORTIZATION SCHEDULES VERY CLOSELY. LOOK AT THE LAST PRINCIPAL FIGURE!!!!!!!!!


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