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I will no longer buy tires from the Costco Tire department. I have been a loyal customer of Costco for many, many years but the service at the tire department is just horrible, especially at the Glendale, Ca location. Recently I purchased a set of tires because my front tires needed to be replaced. The Costco employee helping me told me that my rear tires had to be moved to the front and the new set would have to be put in the rear. My old rear tires are mismatched so I wanted them to stay in the rear and have my new tires in the front. The employee said that would not be possible because of their policy, but that after driving 5, 000 miles or more, I could come in for a free rotation at which time my new tires would be moved to the front and the front tires would be moved to the rear. Well I went back to Costco after driving around 7, 000 miles. As soon as I tried explaining why I was here to the employee, named Michael Lopez, he cut me off and told me to “show” him in a snappy tone. So I showed him and then explained to him why I was here one more time and he flat out said he would not rotate my tires. I asked him why not and he just kept on saying he could take my car to inspect the tires but that he would not rotate them. I told him that made no sense and then he started yelling at me and then told me “I’m done. I’m not talking to you anymore.” At this point I told Lopez to call the warehouse manager, named Bob Holden to which Lopez said he wasn’t here today. This explained why Lopez was walking around acting like he owned the place and speaking rudely to customers-his boss wasn’t there. Finally the store manager named Ryan arrived but as soon as he did, Lopez ran to him and pulled him away into the garage and spoke with him privately for 10 minutes, lying to him about when had happened. After the 10 minutes, I finally got to speak to Ryan but by then it was obvious that it was a lost cause. Either way, I told him what had really happened and he “encouraged” me file a complaint with the corporate office which I will do next. I have never been treated so badly as a customer. Even though Lopez won’t get into any real trouble, he was still scared apparently because when I returned after shopping to get his business card, he pretended to not have any left when I had seen a bunch of cards on the counter before. I also caught a glimpse of the store manager Ryan yelling at Lopez for his treatment of customers. I had heard about bad customer service at Costco tire departments, particularly this location in Glendale, Ca, but I didn’t think it could be this bad. Oh was I wrong. And after telling friends and family and coworkers about what happened, I got a few stories told to me about horrible treatment from Michael Lopez and the tire department. I will NEVER be a Costco tire customer again. Even Costco as a whole is debatable.

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  • Ep
      Sep 04, 2009

    don't let one employee change you image about costco. it is a great company and there's no doubt about that. Unfortunatly there are good and bad employees like in every company. i'm sure Lopez received a disciplinary notice for his behavior.

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  • Eu
      Oct 27, 2009

    A lot of hearsay. I wouldn't believe this person for many reasons, the most of which are what he/she says happened out of his/her sight. If there were a disagreement, it was probably a safety issue that the tech was justified in defending his company about.
    Next time, buy 4 tires and there won't be any issues. Mismatched tires are a hazard in themselves and asking a company to participate in your risky behavior is just stupid. You want to take those risks; rotate your own tires.
    Costco has always given me good service. They are understaffed for their membership, but they do get the job done. Tires are a seasonal item that no tire shop can stay staffed full time for; a change in the weather can spur a surge in customers and people are usually impatient and don't plan to wait. When safety is the issue, I will be patient and wait for the job to be done right!

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  • Du
      Mar 05, 2010

    1st. It is always best to have the new tires in the rear, it allows the rear of the car to maintain traction and helps prevent hydroplaning.

    2nd. This person went 2, 000 miles past the recommendation for the rotation, on admittedly mismatched tires. [speculation]Mismatched tires, only 2 purchased and 2, 000 miles over recommended window for rotation. Who knows how the alignment was at that point. Seems pretty lax on the upkeep.[/speculation]

    3rd. Would you go to a Cardiologist and tell him where to put the stint?

    I'm sure Costco trains there employees and enforces strict guidelines.

    (Wouldn't want to lose my job by trying to keep a lesser informed person happy.)

    4th. What position did Lopez hold with Costco.

    5th. Not one quoted word from the "private" Ryan/Michael conversation, only vehement assurance of deceit.

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  • De
      Mar 13, 2010

    I've been a loyal and happy COSTCO customer for many years. I seek out COSTCO warehouses no matter where I travel in the United States or otherwise. I've always been extremely happy with COSTCO service philosophy, products, and positive treatment of customers and their employees.
    Today, I was complete aghast at what I witnessed at COSTCO, 10925 Baltimore Avenue, Beltsville, MD. It is raining extrememly hard here today and this particular over-the-top busy warehouse was comsumed with such an overbundance of patrons, I could not find a parking space even at the back of the building. Lines were long but everything seemed good. The warehouse was wall-to-wall people.
    I stopped by the food court to buy a piece of pizza for my nephew and a diet coke for me and didn't mind standing in a very long line and allowing the understaffed concession personnel (no more than 4 staff) to do the best they could making what seemed like a mountain of pizzas to go and wait on customers. I don't think I've ever seen so many people ordering and waiting for pizzas. After I paid for my pizza I patiently waited for it to come out of the oven. As I waited, I watched a nicely dressed man in about his 30s approach one of the concession workers who was frantically cutting pizzas, boxing them and trying to do the best she could to keep up with the large number of people waiting.
    The man said to the woman in a very abrasive and disrespectful voice, "D-I-D Y-O-U M-A-K-E T-H-E P-I-Z-Z-A?" The concession woman seemed very embarrased but continued to work because she had a mountain of people waiting. The man relentlessly berated this woman even though he could see how crazy busy she and her co-workers were. He seemed to only care about himself. She quietly told the man she'd make the pizza now if he'd like but he shot daggers at her with his eyes and continued to berate her with the above question again and again. Some people who were waiting patiently for their number to be called, yelled at the man to stop badgering this woman and let her do her work. One specific person yelled, "We are customers too and we're waiting." The man ignored them and continued his attack. Finally, another manager approached this man. told him he was needed in the cage, and the man reluctantly and slowly walked away. As he did, he stared angrily at the woman he had been berating. .
    As the man turned around one more time, I was aghast to see he had a COSTCO badge on. I could not believe any COSTO employee would treat one of their co-workers in that manner and especially at a time when it was impossible for the four people working to keep up witht he volume of food being ordered. As he walked away the hard working staff at the Food Court silently looked at one another and from my perspective seemed like someone just beat them up emotionally. But, they had a job to do and they continued doing it as best they could.
    I was able to get a look at the badge of the COSTCO worker, and his name was Cecil. I followed Cecil and asked one of his co-workers what his title was. I found out Cecil was not only a COSTCO employee but, the Front End Manager. When I got home, I called COSTCO to verify. It was indeed COSTCO's Front End Manager, Cecil disrupting his employees during a major rush.
    This experience has left me with a very sour taste in my mouth. The dark scene at COSTCO's Food Court was disgusting and embarrasing for all of us, employees and customers.
    First and foremost, I will make a formal complaint about Cecil to as many Managers and Corporate Executives as I possibly can. I want to know how COSTCO will deal with the matter, and most important, I want to make sure the hard workers at the COSTCO Warehouse in Beltsville, MD, Food Court are complimented and not reprimended for their hard work.
    Even if this particular employee or one of her co-workers forgot the particular pizza order in questions, this could have been worked out professionally, privately, and without any embarrassment or disruption to any and all concerned.
    I will not return to the Beltsville Warehouse until I know Cecil has been repremanded and the hard working Food Court staff complimented on handling an almost impossible situation.
    I believe when the founders of COSTCO, Jim Sinegal and Jeffrey Brotman, created and develped their corporate philosophy as well as goals and objectives, they did not want disrespectful and rude managers such as Cecil as part of their management team.
    I sincerely hope COSTCO will recify this negative situation so loyal customers and COSTCO's hard working staff feel like they are part of the COSTCO mission for superior products, great service, and nurturing their employees not cutting them to shreads publically.
    This was a very sad and sickening day for me at COSTCO. I sincerely hope this situation is handled properly and not swept under the rug.

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  • Sa
      Apr 22, 2011

    I will never buy tires from Costco again. They sell you the tires but will find any reason not to rotate or balance or fix the tires. After you wait 2 to 3 hours, they call you to tell you to tell you the reason as to why they could not service your tire. One time they could not rotate the tires because the front tires were under their thread limit. Another time, they did not rotate the tires because although the tire had enough thread but it was 7 years old. This repetitive behavior from different individuals seems to be the store policy.

    Yesterday, I brought my car in because there was a nail in the tire. I asked them to fix the tire and balance all 4 tires. After a while, the attendant called me to tell me that the nail was toward the edge of the tire and that it cannot be fixed, either I have to purchase a new tire or he can put the spare on for me. I told him that this tire has only 5000 mile on it, it is under warrantee, I purchased 4 tires 6 years ago to get the $70 rebate but this tire was installed on the car last year. After arguing and complaining to the manager, finally they agreed to replace it.

    I used to go to costco where the prices were cheaper and the customer service was superior. Now, The prices are more expensive than other stores, you have to wait 2 to 3 hours for service and the service sucks. Shop around, you will find the same prices if not better with better service.

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  • Mr
      Jan 19, 2013

    I'm member from Costco since 2007, when this store located in Norwalk CT. Start’s business in this town, I was very satisfied with the variety of goods and other products for home. I also buy my tires in Costco (I got 4 vehicles), but unfortunally lately, the tire service is a mess, since this take a long time to do a simple service as tire rotation, I been 3 times (every time I've been wasting 2 hours), at the service place, waiting for my car and always has been something wrong, and the service crew do not accomplish with the service, because they said that my wheels need some kind of center ring to adjust the wheels to my car, which I do not understand, since that the place where I bought this wheels toll me that this kind of wheels don't need that part since they are customized, for my Toyota Camry 2004. But Costco people insist in that matter. So I decided do not bring my car and none of my cars any more to Costco for tires since in my opinion this is a bad service. In top of that the last time that I brought my car to the same service, I got a nice size dent in the front passenger door, and Costco do not take responsibility about that, so for me is very frustrated the fact that is the third time that I bring my car to the same service, that always for one or other reason has been never done and now I have to pay to fix the dent in the door of my car. Is ridiculous what happen now with this customer service, when you asking what is going on, there is no answer; the solution for everything is "sorry we cannot help you with that, we don't know who bust you door", “sorry we do not how this happen”. To me this is not customer satisfaction, since there is not a satisfactory service or care for customers, I decided that is the last time that I buy tires in Costco, I know maybe this big company do not care about that, but at least I rather pay for those service to other people that care about me.

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  • Ja
      Jun 24, 2015

    I purchased a set of All terrain tires for my 1998 Chevy Suburban at the Pyramid Highway Costco in Reno NV. Before even getting to the Highway a wheel weights fell off. The manager had the crew redo all the wheel balancing. In retaliation for catching their bad work they did not torque the lug nuts on the front right wheel. Three lug nut studs stripped out requiring the lug nuts to need to be cut off to remove the wheel. The wheel hub was ruined along with the 8 studs and lug nuts. Costco's so called expert blamed it on rust and metal fatigue and everything else except their employee not torquing the lug nuts. I am glad the wheel did not fall off at some point and kill my family. And I will never be buying anything ever again from Costco.

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