Comcast / Xfinity / tv service for over 20 years

My daughter purchased me a HDTv for Christmas, we added HD to 1 tv, I had trouble with it from 2014 thru 2015, for self repairs, keep sending boxes to exchange, remotes to exchange, because no one would ever come out, I spent hours in line at there office, my bill went up and up and even with the new parts it wasn't working, I am a 84 YO veteran, I do not use a computer my daughter has to help, I got my BP in such a mess I put her on account to help get amount the same for any period of time, only got to maybe 3 months the same, after we where promised bill 57, $$ we had to call almost every other month, they always claimed the bill dropped incorrectly, or amount was not taken off yet, then it was your 20$ discount was only for 6 months we where promised by Anana the 57.89 would be good til sept 2016, they offered to extend that once since we had a problem, then today they badgered my daughter saying there was a pattern of calling asking for discounts, we where only asking for what we where promised for our troubles, then 2015 we had audio trouble, they have poor customer service so after 20 something years I am forced to cancel my account due to ongoing problems.

Mar 29, 2016

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