Comcast / charge on service protection plan

WA, United States

For Comcast Cable service, I have been charged $1.99 every month as a Service Protection Plan. While talking to customer rep, I came to know that it was a protection plan for covering the on-site technician visit. This seems to me ridiculous and plain cheat to make money. If there is an issue from Comcast’s end, is it not company’s responsibility to fix? The customer rep offer to remove the charge from my next bill. But the question is, should the customer pay for the issues created by Comcast? In my opinion, in order to tackle large no. of customer calls on technical issues, the company can train it’s technicians to troubleshoot the issues as much as possible remotely and figure out if it was something the company needs to fix. But instead, the company decided just to bill all the customers and cover the labor cost incurred out of a handful of customers. Companies make millions out of these kinds of tiny charges. Look at your bills more closely and speak out.

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