Comcast (Shreveport, La) / self-installation kit

Shreveport, LA, United States

Purchased comcast internet service for my parents for christmas 2010. I live in a differnt state. My father was going to purchase a computer after he saw what mine could do with connected internet services. The self-install kit arrived before I flew in from out of town, so I asked my mother to put it aside, and she did. When I got there, it was the friday night before the holiday. I didn't get the chance to plug the self-install kit until that sunday. So, I rememberd the guy telling me over the phone that they would send a modem. Well, the modem did not arrive with the kit. That sunday, it was too late to track the order, so I went to bestbuy to purchase a modem. I called comcast services, told them that I had gone out to purchase a modem because one did not come with the self-install kit. You'd think they would write that down. After hooking that up and calling in to open the service, I showed my father how the internet worked. He eventually said that he did not want the service. So a few days after getting back home, I call in to cancel the service. The attendant on the line says that in shreveport, comcast cannot cancel the service without returning the modem. I told her that we had never seen the modem. Now they want to charge me for a modem I never received. Not only that, they do not want to cancel the service because they cannot find their modem. This sucks!!! I thought comcast was better than this. This is why I personally subscribe to at&t.

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