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Comcast / comcast does not care about their customers

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Everyone needs to stop paying Comcast and go to satellite tv. The customer service lady I spoke with yesterday was incredibly rude and condescening - she kept asking me if I was going to care about signing a year's contract with DirectTv. Really? When they are going to save me $ 60 per month? When I asked Comcast to try and help me out and keep me as a customer? They did not seem to care at all. This, after I was also willing to go to the Digital Voice and Internet with them...they lost all of that business and did not blink an eye.

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  • Jo
      8th of Mar, 2010
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    Did you call customer care or did you speak to someone in Billing?? You know they have 3 different departments, Sales, Billing, Customer Care. If you try calling again and make sure you get a customer care rep, your experience would have gone differently especially if all you had was cable and was planning to do a triple play. From my personal experience when I had just cable I was JUST upgraded to a triple play ( Contract free ) for $109.99 ( plus $5 for emta and taxes of course ) and I have 200 channels, 6mb of internet ( with power boost that gives me as high as 15mb cause the 6mb is x 2 that gives me a guranteed 12mb and then it goes a bit faster ). After 1 year I am GUARANTEED the price will go to whats called SURE PRICE which is a guranteed hike of only $15. Then on year 3 it just goes up another $15 then stabilizes to whats called the EDP ( every day price ) unless they inform you by mail of any price hike which they do in novemeber with a 60 day in advance notification.

    When you sign up to ANY OTHER PROVIDER at the bottom of their "contract" it states that PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE "WITHOUT NOTIFICATION" .

    They also offered me free voice install ( $49.95 install fee waived, $29.95 activation still applied though but reasonable ) when I complained about it being too expensive and FREE internet install cause it was a triple play.
    Before you get stuck in a TERMINATION FEE OF $480 from satellite. Try again. It all depends on who you speak with and word phrasing, and definetely file a complaint about that rep who treated you SOOO poorly. I gurantee your experiece would have been different.

  • Jo
      8th of Mar, 2010
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    One other thing they have 5 triple plays to choose from ranging between $99 and $159 ( the big one has the always free hd/dvr no matter how many years u are in the bundle )

    What did Direct-tv promise u when the contract ends? Btw - No flexibility when u are in a contract and if u are late, the contract is null and void. With comcast u can be late as many as 59 days past due without temp losing service.

  • Je
      6th of Apr, 2010
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    I had comcast before, but the problem was how lazy these technicians are. They don't want to go into my crawl space and they want to do it the fast and ugly way. They wanted to run wires all over the outside wall of my house instead of the wires being run underneath my crawl space. They are very lazy. I quess I don't blame them for not wanting to be in crawl spaces. My is kind of low and there must be spiders and or insects down there. Luckily, they don't come into my house. I spray once every year and that takes care of the problem.

  • Ma
      16th of Nov, 2010
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    Comcast barely trains their employees. Enough to throw them on the phone and then no further training after that. Then they change policies, products, and just about everything else without notifying any of them. It's a hell job. I worked there for about two years and many people developed severe stress related health problems. A woman had a TIA (stroke) at work and had to be hauled out with an ambulance. She had to be back at work the next day because she didn't have any sick time left. Unfortunately the customers suffer because Comcast does not care about their employees.

  • Tn
      11th of Dec, 2010
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    I actually tired to get comcast today. I was online ordering for a package that was $29.99 for 12 months. Got to the point where I was verifying all my information and they told me that, that package was not available it was $29.99 for 6 month. I was telling them what online said, and the representative said, excuse me, but our policy says... I asked for a supervisor to complain about this and told them that this was inappropernate. They told me it wasn't and customer service can speak to you that way, and proceeded to talk to me and use the same exact tone and words, after I told them I found it rude. Didn't get comcast, because of the rude customer service. I was trying to get their service and they were rude, what will they be like when I'm already a customer.

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