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Comcast / received a bill stating that I owe $206.11

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This problem all started when I recieved a bill for the month of March for Over 200 dollars for cable for the month. I called up and asked why my bill jumped up so high and they said that I rented a lot of movies that month. I wasnt aware that anyone at the hosue was renting anthing so I asked around and we didnt. I asked comcast to look into it for me because Ive never heard of a cable bill being so high and because we didnt rent anything. We already pay for HBO, Shotime, Cinemax, and Stars, so we have ALL movie chanels. Also we have 2 cable boxes one of which comcast never activated and one that was broken(on demand was Down). Comcast thought it looked funny that one movie was rented 6 times in march, and we have it on DVD so we KNOW we didnt rent that. Anyhow who rents a movie 6 times in one month??? ero and we do not have a bill this month. She confiorms and said she was going to send out to me a revised statement.

About a week later I recieve a bill form comcast stating that I owe $206.11. Confused I call back into comcast and ask why I recieved this if my bill was waived? They have no record of me calling at first. Then I ask to speak with a supervisor and there isnt one working there that day. After abotu an hour on the phone and long hold times the women comes back on the phone and tells me that the supervisor I spoke to last time added comments to the account but forgot to actually take of the 206.11. She confirms to me its no problem at all and she said that she is going to go ahead and remove it again, like the first person was supossed to do. I explain what how long it took to get this settled last time as well as this time and she confirmed to me she will be personally handling it and that it was removed. Once again i ask for a witten statment showing that they removed it be sent to me at my address on record. She agreed I said thank you and we hung up.

Another few days go by and I recieve a letter in the mail saying that my account is overdue now 107 dollars and I owe a total of 306 dollars. Outraged by another comcast mistake I call the phone number that I was give by the previous person helping me. The extention does not exist!!! Not even close to an extention comcast usues they said. SO I start from scratch from the bottom AGAIN. Now this is the thrird time I have called in on the same issue comcast told me they are sorry about and have told me will be handled. Now the Bill is telling me that the Bill is overdue and my service will be shut off If I do not pay immediatly. I request time off at work and call into comcast to once again strat from scratch. This time I ask for a supervisor right away. I talk to her for an hour and she first told me she sees nothing on the account when i specifically asked the last person I spoke with o add coment to the account. I talk for an hour and get nowhwere. She decides she is going to look into it and call me back later in the day. She calls me back at 700 a night and tells me that she hasnt gotten sanything on it and that shes still working on it. Meanwhile Im not sure if I shoul dpay my bill or not. She said to hold off and she would place a stop on the collections untill the issue was resolved. She tells me that she will call me tomoorow when she finds otu what happened. Next day NO CALL from the SUPERVISOR who said she would call me between 5 and 600pm. I get in to work in the morning and call Venessa and leave her a message asking whats going on and why she was not back in touch with me yesterday. I get a voicmail doesnt even ring. Later on that day I get back from lunch and I have a message from Venessa saying that they looked into it and have decided not to adjust the bill. I told her that it was already decided a few weeks ago by a field technition that it was impossible for our houshold to rent movies and that ALL on demans movies were going to be removed. She said they will stick wioth the inconvienience fee, but I owe them 300 dollars still. I call back and again I get a voicmail right away. This is illegal and someone needs to monitor Comcasts Billing. There is no way anyone in my house rented any movies prior to the technition coming over to fix it. It was impossible and I have the documented recipt with his comments on it to prove it.

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  • Co
      8th of Apr, 2010
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    I have the same issue. I think I have a fake bill from my old apartment that I keep getting at my new apartment. Comcast has no record of the account number I received on this bill. The only thing that appears different is the PO BOX number for the mailing address.

  • Le
      26th of Aug, 2010
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    I hate Comcast! They screwed my bill up 3 times in the last 12 mo. Most recently I changed my service. My new bill was supposed to be $90. Instead I get one for $165!!! I was never told when I called to change my service that I would be charged any fee for changing my service, yet my new bill has a $75 "Early Termination Fee"

    What a bunch of BS!! Thank God I do not have my payments set to be automatically withdrawn from my account.

    I paid my bill (minus the $75) but it will be a cold day in hell before they get that $75 from me. I can't wait for my contract to expire with them.

    I have not not had cable since I was a kid, but honestly I am thinking of going without for the first time in almost 20 years. That is how frustrated I am with them.

    Comcast=Rip off

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