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Comcast / fraud and scam

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In 2003 I sold my condo and bought a house. I called Comcast to transfer service and they informed me that I would have to close my account and then open a new one and also drop the box off at their local office.
I opened the new account, closed the old, and dropped off the box.

In 2006, I decided to refinance my home. My credit score came in low so I ordered a report. Sure enough, Comcast is on it. I call Comcast and spend at least 4 hours dealing with them. No one knew which department handled it. Finally someone said that they would fix it for me. They placed the mark on it because they said I didn't return the box. The rep said I just needed to bring the receipt in showing that I returned the box. I said fine, but I wanted a apology letter and a letter stating that is was wrongly put on my credit and also for them to fix the mark.

I get to Comcast and after waiting in a seriously long line, I was met by a attitude ridden employee. She makes a copy of the receipt and says they will send me the info later. I try and talk to a supervisor to no avail. Now, 2009 rolls around and I get a credit report and there is comcast again. They never fixed the report nor did I ever receive the letters requested.

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  • Va
      26th of Sep, 2008
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    I live in northwestern New Jersey in Oxford and last night my cable(tv)went out partially, though not the internet. I called and got a quick response over the phone but my service wasn't restored for hours, permanently anyway. It would keep going in and out while interrupting the programs I was watching. Tonite, it went out again twice. I called 4 times to report this and was on hold for a staggeringly unbelievable 35 minutes 2 of those times and NOBODY answered my calls. I hung up in frustration each time waiting for a "customer service rep". Never got a hold of anyone. In my opinion Comcast ***. This isn't the first time I've had problems with my service and this is completely unacceptable. Luckily, we have the option in my area of Verizon services and I will be looking into Verizon internet and tv service because of this. Shame on Comcast!!!

  • Ri
      6th of Jan, 2009
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    I am a person with a severe disability. My disability leaves me without family and friends to speak of (or with). I sometimes don't hear my own voice for days. So, my TV is an absolute necessity to help maintain my sanity.

    Comcast has no regard for their low-income customers. And these customers probably make up a good portion of their customer base. I have Comcast's basic analog service at $56.95/month. I live on $650/month, and this cost of cable is a hardship, but again, a necessary one. Of course, I've had to consider limited basic and even antenna TV, but I could not live with the limited choice of channels. As it is, the number of channels worth watching on my basic cable service is shamefully few.

    Cable TV should not be a 'luxury' when the alternatives are often not satisfactory. I did begin the process of switching to DirecTV, but canceled the installation when I was charged $149 for equipment before the installers were even due to arrive at my apartment. They should not charge for equipment when it isn't yet determined if I could receive a good signal at my location. I've since read way too many horror stories online about the poor business practices of the two satellite dish companies to risk monetary loss, poor installation, or poor service.

    No other options such as FiOS or XOHM seem to be available in my area, not that I could afford those services either. So, as a monopoly would happily have it, I am stuck with Comcast, and their inconceivable prices which they plan to increase yet again.

    Notice that if you take away the letters, 'c', 'o', and 't' from the word Comcast, what remains are the letters that make up the word 'scam'...

    Keep in mind that the definitions of 'scam' are: A fraudulent business scheme; a stratagem for gain; a swindle.

    Comcast's business practices often fit that definition. Their 'scam' would seem to be cleverly disguised by adding three letters to their name.

  • Ro
      2nd of Mar, 2009
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    I have Comcast and for 3 years have been telling the Albuquerque NM office that in the evening my reception becomes snowy and I have 3 outlines of one person. One in Yellow, 1 in green and the last in read, plus I have shadowing. I use to work for a cable company in the early 80's so I know what I am seeing. Well they have come out in the day when it is not happening, and 3 times given me a number to call at night. Well called those numbers and they were either disconnected, had changed, or they answer and say noone works evenings.

    They say my signal is weak as I am at the end of a trunk line and would need an amplifier, but that would cost so nothing is being done. All together I pay $179 for cable tv and internet. They do not seem to care but once they did jump when they thought I was the Comcast President Brian Roberts as my name is close to this. Even had the president call once. But this latest problem has been happening for 3 years... and they do not care!

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