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L Nov 15, 2017 Review updated:

Hello, my husband and I have been banking with Citizens bank scince
we had our first jobs. I have in that time paid many fees including a
monthly fee that most banks no longer charge. I spoke to customer
service three times today in regards to refunding two overdraft fees that
were not on my account yesterday and are the reason my account is
overdrawn. I finally was transferred to Victor Martinez who rudely and
reluctantly reimbursed one of my overdraft fees but still leaving the
account in an overdraft status and now I will be receiving a sustained
overdraft fee as well due to the fact that I get paid Friday. I am very
upset about this and how much money it is costing me. I do my best to keep my account in good standing but things happen. Is there no customer goodwill at Citizens bank? I am overdrafted because of the fees and to be treated like a second class citizen and told I should have had funds available is quite demeaning.
I would like to be refunded for the second overdraft fee and the sustained
overdraft fee. I know you have plenty of customers but its the little people
that keep your business going day to day


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      Nov 15, 2017

    Hi Lora.

    I know how difficult it must be to make ends meet at times, but blaming a financial institution for failing to balance your account is simply misplaced anger.

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      Nov 15, 2017

    Most banks have a computer program that calculates how many overdraft fees they are able to reverse based on the account and its history. Often times they will not reverse any fees so it was generous of them to credit any at all. Unfortunately fees like this are often where banks turn the majority of their profits. I know they can be expensive, but they are correct. You are responsible and should have had the funds available.

    You may want to consider turning off overdraft protection (if that option is available to you). If you attempt to use your card without sufficient funds it will decline and no fee will be assessed.

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