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Citifinancial Auto / Class action lawsuit

1 CA, United States Review updated:

CitiFinancial has rude people manning their customer service phones. That's not illegal.

CitiFinancial will send you a balance sheet that shows you're fully paid up, and still threatens you with having your car towed. That's not illegal.

CitiFinancial will misplace your payment and then tow your car. That's illegal.

CitiFinancial will then promise to forego any towing charges for the mistake, but will still insist you're months behind on your payments even though you've overpaid them. That's not illegal.

CitiFinancial claims the balance they're talking about on the phone doesn't have to show up on the balance sheet they've mailed you because they've assessed you hidden charges. That's illegal.

If someone would post advice on how to begin a class action lawsuit against CitiFinancial, we would greatly appreciate it. Blogs are nice, but litigation TALKS.

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  • Vi
      2nd of Jan, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Well said.

    Sue the ###.

  • Te
      21st of Jan, 2009
    0 Votes

    My car loan was sold to CitiFinancial Auto, I hate their company. No late fees and if your pymt is not received by the due date additional fees/interest are charged to your account bal. My acct. balance has not changed much in a year maybe about $1, 000.00 & my payments are $600+ a month. Let me know about a class action law suit - how and when to file.

  • Ce
      28th of Jan, 2009
    +1 Votes

    You will find a lot of people willing to take them on. Myself included

  • Xr
      6th of Feb, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Yep. Me too. I've been paying on my car and all of a sudden I was hit with hundreds of dollars of late fees. All at once. They keep telling me they took over a Chrysler loan. I keep telling THEM I never financed through Chrysler. I keep making my monthly payment and they keep harassing me about these bogus charges. Sign me up!!!

  • Jt
      14th of Mar, 2009
    +1 Votes

    i have payed my payments orver the phone and was charged 15.00 dollars and 1.07 for just making the payment over the phone so i stoped doing that . I mailed my next payment in and they charged me 15.00 dollar for being late but they got the payment on the 28 and it was not due until the 30 so how can it be LATE .
    They said it was not late and I think they put it on there to use as interist to get more money out of you .
    I hope they burn in hellll

  • Br
      19th of Mar, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Well sign me up too!!!

    When I purchased my new Ford truck back in 2003, it was financed through Arcadia Financial. For the short time I was with them (about 2 years), I was NEVER late nor had any problems. Once CitiFinancial Auto took over, it's been nothing but a nightmare to deal with them at all! I never received a notice of any kind notifying me of the company change, only the new statements with CitiFinancial Auto.
    I always paid by check in the mail and would send them in early enough to be posted by the due date(or so I thought). When I called them, they would tell me that my payments were always "lost", "late", "missing", etc. Those payments would all-of-a-sudden show up after the 10-day grace period. I finally did automatic bill pay and for the last 3 years have not been late or charged late fees.
    I had a total of two payment extensions over a two year period, in which I paid back by overpaying on multiple bills (or so I thought once again). So in December of 2008 I requested a payment history breakdown from CitiFinancial (since my last official payment was to be in March of 2009) and to my surprise they said my final payment would be $3, 378.22. I totalled the principle and interest separately and found out that so far I've paid over $2, 000 extra in interest aside from the original sales contract.
    I've called numerous times to find out why it is so high and have been given the run around. One time I called, the gentlemen I talked to could barely speak English, he couldn't give me the answers I was looking for so I asked for his Supervisor. He then refused to transfer me and eventually hung up on me. I immediately called back to complain and got the run around once again. I finally got a hold of someone that informed me that I still owe the two payment extensions of $938.74 ($469.37/month), plus $2, 439.48 for interest, penalties, and late fees for the previously mentioned. Looking at my original sales contract, I'm going to end up paying $4, 400 over my original agreed contract!
    I will NEVER do business of any kind with CitiFinancial again!!!
    Bryan R.

  • Tm
      30th of Mar, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Count me in. I absolutely despise Citifinancial auto. They agreed to defer my payments this past January because my father unexpectedly died and my husband and I had to come up with $1500.00 for his cremation and more for his services. I called them often and asked them why they were sending me overdue payment reminders in the mail and they said disregard them. My car was just repossessed last Thursday and I am beyond furious. This company is a joke!!

    My aunt will also be willing to be included in the suit, they illegally drafted over $1200.00 out of her bank account which was used to pay one payment months ago. They did not have her permission or mine to draft that money out of her account and now they won't give it back and the bank said that the 60 day statute of limitations is up and they can't get it back for her.

    Please, seriously contact me if a class action lawsuit ever becomes.

  • Cl
      2nd of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    I am in the process of interviewing attorneys for a class action law suit. See my post for more information.

    In the meantime, please file a complaint with the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) and the Consumer Protection Division at your states Attorney General's Office

  • Jv
      16th of Jun, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I had my car repossessed as well. I was on disability during my pregnancy, they put me on a program where my payments were supposed to be cut in half while on disability. I made those payments. My car was repo'ed and when I called to find out why, the rep said they were supposed to send me a letter telling me that I was taken off the program but they just didn't get around to it. I am ready to sue!!!11

  • Sk
      6th of Jul, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Sign me up too! Same stupid games as the last few posts...

  • Fi
      27th of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    Count me in too. Its too late to go into details but when my final payment was due, they added $2, 300 on to the final payment and said it was for unpaid late fees whuch is total B.S. If any body does file a class action please let me know. Thank you.

  • Mo
      12th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    Ok, I think I have all of ya'll beat. I had a 2003 Toyota Sequoia financed through Citi FinancialAuto. I owed around $13, 000.00, and in Febuary, 2009 it was stollen. I made all the neccecary calls to the police, my insurance, Citifinacial Auto, gap. My Payment was about $659.00 monthly, but I always paid around $1000.00 monthly in order to pay my vehicle off early. I also made a subsequant payment 0f $1000.00 even after my vehicle was stolen.I had been working very hard to improve my credit score and besides loosing my vehicle, my credit score was my main concern. I talked to someone at CitiFinancial Auto almost daily and they assured me that they would assist me throught this process, and provide any documentation that the Insurance may need.
    ****** And That the credit reporting would be turned off because my car had been deemed a total loss********
    Well Guess what? They didn't turn the credit reporting off. The problem with that was that I was right in the middle of closing on me and my children's home. I found out about this at the closing table when they ran my last credit report and they were fixing to give me the keys to my home. They had reported me sixty days late dcrased my credit scoreabout 70 points, Not one company would finance me due to that delinqucy Not only did I loose my home before I got it, I lost my eranest money $1000.00, appraisal and inspection fees all totaling about $2, 500.oo. When I got home I called Citi Finacial with tears rolling down my face. I asked to speak to a suporvisor and he says. Yes, we do normally turn the credit reporting off after a total loss, but we dont have to do it, we only do it as a courtesy to you, somebody just dropped the ball and the request wasn't sent to the right department, so I asked him if and when it would be corrected, he said that it wouldn't until the entire balance was paid in full by the insurance companies. The problem with that was that although they assured me that they would assist in the process and provide all documents requested, they did not do such . When cars are stolen and you have as much corverage as I did. There are generally no problems, I had to play the middle man through every document transfer from Citi Financial and there was alot of documentation. My car was stolen on Febuary 3, 2009 I just recieved a letter in the mail 0n September 2, 2009 saying that my vehicle has been paid in full and thier will be no derogatry remarks on my credit after about 60 more days. I have yet to recieve the overage check of about $3, 300.00.Because of thier mishandling of my accout I lost alot. So would it be fair for me to to go after them for the value of the home I lost and all of the expenses I incured. Please give me some input. Oh and yess I would love to be included in that class action law suit, and yess I do have documentation and witnesses.. My e mail address is

  • Hu
      24th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    SIGN ME UP!!! I was laid off and called citi to let them know I couldn't do the payment so they said they would drop it down $86 to help me out. I thought GREAT that will help sooooooo much! Well I have been paying the amout they said and NOW I owe them over $800. They NEVER dropped my payment down!!! All this time I thought they had and they let it build up! Those ###!!! I'm SOOOOOOOO PISSED at them I wish Obama hadn't helped any of them out!!! They need to go down HARD!!! What comes around goes around!!! They will get what's coming to them!!! They call me 7-8 times a day from 7am-9pm Mon-Sun!!! ALL WEEK LONG!!! I might just take a picture of they money and send it to them!!!

  • Pi
      24th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    Needless to say they have cost me 1000's in bogus charges, repo'd my car once and are still treatening to repo again. I lost my job in April 2009 and it has been a nightmare.

  • Ci
      29th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    I am looking for people that have had loans through Citifinancial Auto and have had serious problems, legal problems, out right abuse and/or bad faith dealings due to this organization's conduct, these problems should be verifiable.
    Please contact me at

  • Ml
      1st of Dec, 2009
    0 Votes

    Sign me up!!! CITIFINANCIAL IS CORRUPT!!! There is no doubt in my mind that what they're doing is unethical, illegal and abusive. I would spend my last dime (if I had one) on an attorney to make this company pay for the financial devastation they have caused me. Not to mention the emotional stress they've caused me, my family, my employer, my former employer, my former boyfriend and my Mother. I want them to pay! And I want my car back which was repossessed last week. I've already paid twice what the car is worth and they're telling me I still owe $18, 000. Which, by the way, is the amount I financed back in May, 2006.





    Now they want $1304.00 to bring my account current (I owed 3 months at $320 per month) and $600 in "repossession fees" to get a car back that I've already paid for but will never be mine.

  • Ml
      1st of Dec, 2009
    0 Votes

    Oh, and I forgot to mention the phone calls from Citifinancial. 7-8 times a day, 7 days a week from 3 different numbers. It was insane! They are insane! Now that they have repossessed my car, it has taken me 8 phone calls to finally get through to them. And this was after being placed on hold FOR 58 MINUTES. When I finally got through to "Renee" she was a complete &*tch, offering no help, speaking to me in a condescending tone and making me feel worse than I already did. Where do they get their employees and why do they allow them to treat people so horribly.

  • Ho
      18th of Dec, 2009
    0 Votes

    I absolutely hate them!! I HATE THEM !! i am just going to let them repo my car at this point, about 5 months ago I lost my job. Aprox 6 months ago, they added monthly full coverage insurance and never told me, I have and have always had GEICO, I have had the car for 2 1/2 years. Well, It increased my payment by 125 a month, look its a mustang not a Mercedes. when i got the bill i freaked out i called got transferred and a half a dozen times only to be told that my ins co never notified them there was full coverage ins, well i gave them the info. They said they were going to adjust the bill, they never did. They added over 4500 to my principal and I totally went out of equity. i faxed the info like 5 times, they never got it!! I know they did.
    I have been trying to make a payment to them and i cant get a sole on the phone to do it, that department is always freakin closed, the last time i had someone on the phone from citifinancial I had some woman screaming at me, like seriously screaming at me, she actually told me i was a bad person b/c i was not paying my bills and negligently ignoring my responsibility make me wrong... I told her I had just gotten laid off with an hour notice and no severance. I finally got so upset i hung up on her in tears, when you cant find work and have no money what do you do? I hate to say this ill just declare bankruptcy if they sue me.. fuk them... The car was in an accident and it has never run right since, now i cant even trade it in and finance anything else cuz there additional ins charge made the car so unaffordable that I couldn't make the payment and it trashed my credit. I cant even sell it. I'd rather have a bike at this point.

  • Ki
      2nd of Jan, 2010
    0 Votes

    Please sign me up to! Citifinancial has done the same crap to me as they do to everyone. I have been making monthly payments of $604.81 for almost 2 years. The funny thing is, I now owe them $4000 more than when I started! They make it impossible to ever get it paid off! They should all be in jail! How can Obama give money to companies like this that take such advantage of hard working americans? This company's accounting system is worse than the IRS. SIGN ME UP!!!

  • Ci
      4th of Jan, 2010
    0 Votes

    I definately need some advice!!!, they have repod my truck and still have it, its been about 3 weeks and they are verbally telling me on the phone i can have it back for the past due 1801 plus 350 towing, im worried if i make the payment they are going to just say thank you for your payment and your truck was already sold. They have assured me several times in the past week that "since ive kept in contact and are trying to gain the funds to resolve, that they will not sell it", anyone know how true this is???? last week i had an "auction date" on dec 31, now they tell me that they could only hold the truck at the towing lot for 14 days and then it must be moved so it went to their auction siter but is being held. - can they verbally lie to me saying it hasnt been sold? should i make the payment of the past due amount and take the chance?

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