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Scam and cheating!

Here is a copy of a letter that I have sent to their "executive response" email about a problem that I have...

Harassment or deadbeat with disabilities!

Well i had a brain tumor surgery i am single and no one does my bills for me! Well this rep named rick called me and told me to refinance i agreed to all the terms was signed for a lower payment than it was null and void. Well i feel threatened by his voice u better make a payment today! Butt i have a letter they mailed me it is due b4 the 4th of february. So for spite i feel to repro this i can't take this harassment with the condition i am in. Also i have everything on tape!

  • Mi
    micheal hunt Jan 22, 2008

    i agree with you ! i had the same thing happened to me .but i lost my job and had the reimburseable insurance which they did not honor how does some people stay in business !!

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  • Mr
    Mr Bones Mar 26, 2010

    i agree citi finacial is the m ost unorganized bunch of lenders i have seen, i recently lost my job to to cutbacks, called weeks in advance of my payment being due, to let them know i couldnt make a payment, to be told they couldnt help me until i was late on my payment an to cal back when that happened, so i did so, then was told i couldnt be helped because i was in default of my agreement for not making a payment on time. then as time went on i just kept gettng further an further behind. i voluntarily told them i would surrender the vehical due to no work. i recieve 4 to 6 calls a day from them trying every avenue an tacktic to get money from me my friends an family, im not sure what part of no work no money they dont wish to understand but its getting aggrivating. still to this day after have spoke to a rep an they have things on their screen of the recent calls i still get numerous calls daily. its to the point i am going to have to change my number for the harrasing calls . i have even gone to the extent of having my lawyer write them a letter an that doesnt seem to phase them . they refuse to come gt the truck an i have no money to give them so im at a loss here, im currently looking for a local institution of citi finacial in florida to drop the truck off an be done with it . anyhow thanx for letting me vent an i feel for all those who have or had similar occurances with this piss poor institution..

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  • Tt
    tt greene Jun 16, 2011

    maybe some one can help me. i am trying to find a number i can call to get my acct straightened out, but every number i have is disconnected. thanks
    contact me at [email protected], appreciate it

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Bad business practices!

I've been having trouble with a personal loan through CitiFinancial. I took out the loan for aprox...

Citifinancial auto breaks the law with reposessions

After losing my job, and then my husband walking out on me, things got a little behind. I continued to look...

Terrible service!

In 2002 we refinanced our home through CitiFinancial. In May 2003 we were hit by a tornado and had $39,000...

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Never, never take a loan with Citifinancial. I have tried to make payments on their automated system - they give a confirmation no. and accept and then in a week or so I get a call saying I am now delinquent. They are rude, unprofessional and insulting. Trying to take care of my financial obligation I have been insulted, put on hold for in excess of 2 hours - I just wanted to see how long it would go-, and hung up on. I have tried to make payments that have been refused and when I asked about the law regarding this was told they did not care. My credit has been damaged due in large part to THEIR mistakes. Stay away from this company. They are nothing but BAD NEWS to anyone - even honest bill paying customers. Save yourself the trouble of dealing with them!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jo
    John McNall Sep 30, 2008

    They will even show up at your door to collect their money

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  • St
    STRIDER123 Feb 27, 2010

    This company is assisting Alqueada to cripple the American public right under our government's nose.

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Non refund of last emi as per scheme

I had bought one 42 inch plasma TV last Sept '06 and got it financed through Citi Financial, Jamshedpu, India. During the purchase there was a scheme that they will refund last EMI on completion of loan. The last cheque was dated 5th Sept '07 amount Rs. 5278 and subsequently got deducted from my bank account. Thereafter I had visited citifianacial many times to enquire about the refund but invain they could not deliver any positive feedbak. My problem is that I will be leaving country for official work for a year by end of Oct'07. I have been chasing citi financial from 7th Sept'07 onwards but no one is ready to address my grievience. I have all the documented evidence about the purchase and signed evidence by their representative about the scheme.

Pls. help me ASAP.


Overdue payment

I fell a month behind on my car payment, because of financial hardship. Citifinancial contacted me because of the lateness. I informed them that the check had been sent in the mail. They were not satisfied with that and I was told that I was lying to them. I was told by the manager (his name was Daniel) that if I didn't give him a payment over the phone that they would come and repo the car. I asked him, the car is only 1 month late and the payment is on the way to you. He said, "don't tell me about your problems, I'm not interested in them." With that, I then canceled the check that I sent out and FEDEX a new check to them. Call Daniel and gave him the FEDEX tracking # and the check # with the amount. He told me that was not good enough and I can be sending him a blank check! He was very rude and ignorant. I have never in my life dealt with such a horrible company! I waited to the FEXEX to be delivered the next day and contacted Daniel. He told me, yes the check was there, but as far as he was concerned he didn't have it because it was not posted to the system and he still was going to take the car! He told me to make a payment over the phone and that would stop the repo! I asked him, how can you repo a car when its only a month late and you have the payment in your office? He told me that he didn't have time for me and that he was done talking to me!

Real nice business Citifinancial! I'm getting ready to trade the car in and never deal with them with anything ever again! They are horrible!!!

  • Ab
    A. Breland Nov 13, 2007

    Well be careful with your trade-in. I just traded my car in and the dealer contacted Citifinancial to get the pay-off information. The dealer cut the check and mailed it to Citifinancial and they have been calling me everyday at home and at work telling me that we are still on the hook for the loan amount. I told the representative that what they were doing was illegal and to never call me again. I explained SEVERAL times that I no longer own the loan or the car and I was told that they would continue to harass me until they received payment. They had the payment for over 2 weeks now and the check has been cashed by them. At one point they called my house 22 times in one day. I plan to contact the Federal Trade Commission and the US Attorney General's office. Hopefully you are not having that experience. We all need to file a class action lawsuit against these idiots.

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  • De
    Devon Jan 12, 2008

    I with you they harass us about our car loan even after we got it caught up, they are terrible. I have already contacted an attorney and my husband and I are going after them big time.

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  • Mi
    Mike Sep 29, 2008

    Citifinancial auto is the worst (right up there with Fireside Thrift )! The customer service is horrible. I can't understand how a big company like they are can charge you (through Western Union) to make a payment over the phone!! Even though you set up payment arraingments they still call you 10 times a day to make you pay over the phone!! Even smaller companies like Wachovia do not charge you to pay online (which for citifinancial is through Western Union again) or by phone. I will be filing a complaint to the BBB.

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  • Ma
    Matthew Church Jul 02, 2010

    Yeah Citi Finicial auto sucks !!! I have had a loan with them for about 3 years own a car That was 17, 000 and by the time i pay it off it will be like 35, 000 which is ridiculioues ! I can never get ahold of anyone i have to answer 10 questions Just to get them to take a payment from me, I lost my job a few months back and been struggleing to keep the payments of 400 a month Up and i keep asking to refinince it or something so i can have lower payments and they wont work with me at all what can i do Im about to loose my car if they can even find it this company is the biggiest unorganized crap of a company i have ever delt with !

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Citifinancial jeopardizing my reputation

CitiFinancial Retail Services On 6/2/07 I set up automatic payment to...

Deceptive business practices!

I purchased a vehicle with financing from a lender who eventually sold my loan to Citifinancial Auto. The original loan was for a 5-year period rather than the typical 3-year period. To keep my finances on track, I use Direct Debit services whenever possible and I made arrangements to have my auto loan paid through Direct Debit. During this time, I moved and provided Citifinancial with my current address, but they continued to send any and all communications to my former address. My forwarding order expired after the first year and I again provided them with my correct address.

In April, I left work and found that my car was not in the parking lot. I called the police and was told that my car had been repossessed. I immediately called Citifinancial to find that "no one could take my call," so I emailed them. Four phone calls and 3 emails later, I still received absolutely no information from Citifinancial Auto.

Finally, the towing company called and asked me to come and get my belongings. Because I was so upset, the employee called Citifinancial Auto (they actually answered her call!) and when I arrived to get my things, she told me that they had repossessed the car due to nonpayment. I received no notice that they had stopped collecting the payments via Direct Debit nor did I give them my permission or agree to that arrangement. No other company with whom I have made Direct Debit arrangements has terminated the arrangement, so I know this is unusual.

I don't think it is a coincidence that all of this happened when I reached the 3-year mark for my loan. Additionally, Citifinancial tried to file a claim for damages through my auto insurance company, saying that the entire front end of the car was destroyed. When I visited the tow yard 3 days after the repossession, the car was completely intact. They still have not filed any paperwork with the DMV to claim ownership of the car and I continue to receive notices from the DMV regarding overdue registration.

So... the $11,000+ that I paid toward owning the vehicle is completely wasted, the repossession is on my credit record, I spent nearly $400 on a rental car, and I had to come up with cash to purchase a used vehicle because I live in an area with next to no public transportation. I believe that Citifinancial Auto deliberately terminated our Direct Debit arrangement without notifying me so that they would not have to honor the nontraditional 5 year loan.

How are they allowed to get away with this and why don't consumers have an option to pursue dishonest businesses without spending thousands of dollars on an attorney? The BBB is great, but there is not a thing they can do if the business refuses to negotiate with them, and in the case of most large corporations, that is exactly what they do. Large businesses know individual consumers can't afford to spend $5,000-20,000 to pursue something like this, so they simply refuse to play ball with the BBB.

Whatever you do, don't do business with Citifinancial Auto!

  • Mi
    mike anony Sep 05, 2007

    C Christensen,

    Why don't you tell us the entire story? You waited a year to update your address with the people that paid for your car? You were basically what they call a "SKIP." At the same time you opted not to notafy Citi of your address change you must have missed a couple of statements and not paid. The collateral that you were driving was not being paid for as agreed.

    Businesses such as Citi do all they can to mitigate their losses and never will repo a vehicle under false pretenses... If there is a way to work with you and keep you in the POS veicle they will. Any time a repo or a charge off takes place the company holding the paper takes a loss. Lots of $ lost every year in the industry's of mortgage, auto, ect... do to individuals that buy things that cant afford or bother not to pay for. It's not convenient that they repo'd your veh after 3 years, you just did a good job of hiding for a year.

    Good luck finding a decent % rate in the next 5-7 years.

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  • An
    Anony Mouse Oct 09, 2007

    To Mike Anony:
    Apparently you skipped reading comprehension classes in school. The complainant DID inform CitiFinancial of the move, but they continued to send communications to his former address. Now don't you feel stupid? If you don't currently work for CitiFinancial, you'd fit in there perfectly.

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  • Er
    Eric Oct 12, 2007

    I have not done business with Citifinancial auto and never had a loan from them. About three weeks ago I started getting daily phone calls from them on my cell phone. If I do not answer it they do not leave a message, if I do answer it they have a recording asking me to call another number, when I call it they ask for my phone number to look up "my account" which I do not have and they tell me they find nothing on it, therefore, without any information on my account they cannot take my number out of the system.

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  • Te
    TeresaB Nov 27, 2007

    I bought my 2005 Mitsubishi Lancer in May 2005 and the lender was Citi. My husband is in the Army and we set up a direct payment by allotment. This went well until September when me and my husband separated. He agreed that he would leave the car on the allotment as long as I sent him the payment each month. It was in my separation agreement also. Each month I gave my husband the money using Money Orders. In December 05 I moved to Texas. I was still sending him the payment each month. I called Citi to update my address with them and gave them my new number. I told them that me and my husband had separated and that the car was still being paid by allotment and that I was sending him the payments each month. The person said that as long as the payments were made then there should be no problem.

    One day in May 06 I got ready to leave for work and my car was gone. I called the police and reported it stolen. I never once thought it could be reported. I got a phone call from the PD about 2 hours later telling me that the car had been picked up by a rep company and gave me the name of the company to contact. I had to wait until Citi opened to call them to find out why they would rep my car when I had never missed a payment.

    I got a man who told me that the payments stopped in Jan 06 and that they had no choice but to rep the car. I asked him why I was not notified at the new address or phone. He said that he still had my GA address and that there had been numerous letters sent out. I told him that I had updated my address and phone number in December when I moved. There was nothing that he would do. He said that he would help me. He said that he would let me get my car back if I paid $11,000 that day. He even asked how I was paying!!! I told him I did not have that much money. He said that if I wanted my car back, then I must pay the loan out. I asked him if I could just pay the amounts that were past due and he said no. I even asked him if I could send him the receipts from the MO's and the separation agreement. No luck. He just wanted the $11 grand.

    So when I started getting collection calls at the new number and collection letters at the new address that they swore they did have records of, I called them and told them to take a flying leap. I called my husband and forced him to return my money for the payments. I also told Citi that since that they could not notify me that there was a problem with the account BEFORE they reported it and that since they sent everything to my husband I gave then his number and told them not to EVER call me or send me anymore letters.

    I have bad credit now and can not get a decent car. Partly because of someone at Citi not doing her job and updating my info. As I never got statements when I lived in GA, I just assumed that I would not get then while living in TX either.

    Now I keep my own records and do not allow anyone to do for me. I also record everything that a creditor tells me or I discuss when I call them. That way I have proof.

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  • De
    Devon Jan 12, 2008

    Its very interesting how peoples vehicles are getting repoed and the customers are being told that the information was never updated but yet how were they able to find the vehicle if they never had the new addresses, come on I have been dealing with these ###s for a year now and my husband and I are going after them hard core for violations of the fair dept act and harassment, we were about one payment behind and my husband re-enlisted and got a bonus we called and payed the car current then set up direct payments every two weeks so we were a half payment ahead, we are now being called and told we still owe 300 and when we go over every thing with them they say there records match our but that doesnt matter we still owe, they call us 5-6 times a day, they are rude and tell us we never spoke to people, they have called us as early as 6am. They suck and have broken many laws and it is time for us ALL to stand up and make them pay for there mistakes. I done alot of research on them and I have already contacted an attorney so if you want in let me know.

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  • An
    annonymous Apr 09, 2008

    Before you start talking about the "idiots" that work there, please remember that we are not all mindless! I have been there for 2 years on the indirect side, and I, too, can not stand their customer service. I was let go today among hundreds of others, but not everyone that works for the company are as bad as the ones you have dealt with.

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  • Th
    Theresa Copenhaver Jun 17, 2008

    You say you had a direct debit in place. Did you not notice when the funds were not being deducted from your bank account? You may not have received or read the monthly loan statement, but I find it difficult to believe you were never aware you had "extra" funds in your bank account each month. You also state they repoed so they wouldn't have to honor the 5-year agreement. It is in their best interest to keep you in the loan and making payments for as long as the contract stipulates. That's how a lender makes their money. If they repo the vehicle, they take an immediate loss and lose the interest income they would have earned for the remaining months left on the contract.

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  • Sb
    sbacon Jun 30, 2009

    We are in the same situation with CitiFinancial Auto. We made three car payments in February which we were told brought our account current to March. We made a payment in March and were told we still owed for February. So we made another payment in March to cover the supposedly late March payment. Then we made a payment in April and were told that we still owe for March. It's a never ending cycle, they are always keeping us one month behind no matter how many times in a month we pay them. No one ever has any records that we have spoken to anyone and made payment arrangements, even if someone has just talked to us the day before, or that afternoon for goodness sake!! They can't speak english, are always rude, calling at all hours, 5-6 times a day. The real unusual thing I find is that when I ask for a number to their cooperate office, no one ever has that information. It makes me wonder if the are actually with CitiFinancial and where all my money has been going.
    With the recent layoffs at my husbands work, we can barely make ends meet, now paying two and three car payments a month is getting to be way more than we can handle. I can't afford a lawyer though to get the mess figured out. I wish by some miracle they would get a lawsuit slapped on the comanpy and have to pay everyone back!!

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  • Yo
    your kidding me Dec 02, 2010

    This is complete BS, I work for a finance company and from each of your stories it sounds to me like you are all a bunch of professional debtors. Dont make your payments and then blame it on the finance company. You had to of had bad credit in the first place to even be with Citi. So how many other companies did you screw over before getting to Citi. You people are the reason I have a job so please continue to not pay your loans so I can contiune to profit off of dead beats like yourselves!

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Mishandling of loan payments!

My daughter purchased a car in may, 2007. This Company provided the financing, however, the dealership did not provide them with a complete address for my daughter.

After a month passed and there was no communication from the financing co. my daughter was concerned. She got in touch with the dealership because she had no contact infor. for Citi Financial Auto. When she finally reached the Co., she was told that they had no apartment number listed in her address. She went to the post office and sent a payment (her first) that same day. Citi Financial Auto Claims to have never received that payment. Three weeks later, I made a payment over the phone, after authorizing the post office to trace the first payment z9 a money order issued by the US Postal service). 10 days later, Citi Financial Auto claims to have not received this 2nd payment either!!! WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY DOING OVER THERE? NO WONDER THEY HAVE SUCH A BAD REPUTATION!!!

  • Je
    Jessie Nov 08, 2008

    i had sent my first payment for my new suv i got a loan for from citifinancial. i paid my first payment by the mail because after paying out so much money i couldnt afford the extra $15 to pay for it over the computer or the phone. i had recieved numberous phone calls from citifinancial (some one different each time) they would call my cell work phone...also the co signer's work phone. everytime it was something different. i would be told that the would look in to it. and repeatedly told me to cancel my check and send another. (are you going to pay my fee for canceling a check) since they could never find my check. even though i had proof they recieved it (according to the post office tracking) i was also told that they were going to put it "in the computer" there was never a note on the computer when ten minutes later someone else would call again. i was told that i was not going to be charged a late fee by citifinancial due to the fact i had proof that i sent it. but i guess that i never was put on the computer either. i have recieved phone call "private" from citifinanacial and yet again FIVE MINUTES!! later i would recieve another call from them but this time from the company number.

    i will not be sending them the late fee i feel if they would like to charge me for their lost then i think they should pay for my fee for cancelling my check. i will be finding a way to get another vehicle just to get away from citifinancial. i dont have time to deal with their incompentent ways.

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  • Au
    Audrey Mar 03, 2009

    I too have been having serious problems with Citifinancialauto My payment is 358.44 a month out of that 261.60 is applied to interest! My car I bought from toyota in muscle shoals alabama. while the rep @ toyota was very nice. This loan company is so horrible that I am recommending that ppl do not buy from toyota or use citi either. I have recently lost my job and i was told by a rep that i could get a refigure on my pymts to make them lower. Now they tell me that I don't qualifiy I had another rep tell me that I had to be behind 3 pymts before they would refigure pymts. They tell you they don't want to reposses the car that's up to me weather i default or not. They have agent #'s but don't want to give them to you over the phone. Ask for a supervisor they put you on hold for 10 min often ending with a disconnect. Lucky my mother is willing to help but it's only because my father just died that she has the money. I do not recommend citi to anyone. the phone system is impossible to navigate. so i put in my info and them press 0 three times to get to rep. who then gives a line of b.s. and transfer me to 'another dept" which has no label. Good luck with dealing with this lot of babbling idiots and their management.

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  • Mc
    m. chavez May 29, 2009

    When paying my bills to these people I send them by certified mail. That way they have to sign for the payment. there is a record of recieving the payment with signature. I learned this the hard way with these people.

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  • Sh
    Shawna McLemore Jun 18, 2009

    Hello my name is Shawna and I have bought car through this company as well. They are the worst company that I have ever had to deal with in my life. It is very very difficult to get anything out of them and trying to speak to a manager of someone from a corporate office is completely out of the question. They take you round and round avoiding it. I have made several payments through money gram and they continue to overcharge me and try drafting throug a prepaid debit card that I once authorized. This card no longer even exists and I have told them many times to stop trying to pull from this card...instead they charge me with all the returns plus my regualr payments. This company is ripping people off left and right. This is really ridiculous! Something needs to be done!

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Poor service!

In 1997 I purchased a car from a different finance company, and not to long after CitiFinancial bought the company. My payments were 211.34 a month and the loan was only for 6900.00. In 2003 my loan was satisfied and the title to this vehicle was surrendered, and not shortly after the car was sold. I just recently received a letter from a collections agency stating that they are attempting to collect a debt for citifinacial. I called this company back and inquired about what they were saying. Citfinacial states that I owe them over 9,000.00. I told this collections agency that I don’t owe this company any money and I faxed them a copy of the title of the car so that they could see that this automobile loan was satisfied. If you know of anyone that has a class action lawsuit against this company please e-mail me.

This company is a rip off beware...

  • Af
    AF May 01, 2008

    Citi financial took my car payments and repossesed my car stateing I was behind in payments. The payments were taken directly out of my bank account. I would love to have a class action lawsuit against them. Conveniently, when you call citi to talk to resolve your issue they give you someones voice mail and they never return your calls.

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  • Do
    Donna Mar 27, 2009

    The cost of borrowing from Citifinancial is unbelievable. I borrowed $15, 000 from them not realizing that I would have to pay them back $25, 000 plus the amount I paid monthly goes directly to interest first than the balance I’ve paid these people 2 times over and still owed them the $15, 000 when I went and consolidated my debts they were the only company that wouldn’t drop the interest payments which means I’ll still be paying for another 3 years until this amount is paid. I think I would have been better going to a loan shark I think I would have been better off. Even now I’m making my payments on time and they are phoning the Credit Company I deal with every month for payments. Avoid these people if you can, there are other ways to deal with you debts. They are very dishonest and sneaky.

    Donna Borden

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Money never received!

I sent citifinancial auto a payment for my auto payment back in may 2007. I called to check my payment status and was informed that they did not receive it. It was in the form of a money order. I quickly sent a payment again and put a tracer on the money order. I got the copy of the money order and found that it was cashed by citifinancial and never applied to my account. I faxed them a copy of all information and got a confirmation. I called and they told me they never received it.
This is becoming a growing problem with them. This is the second time they have done this to me. I always send my payments on time and they manage to screw it up.

  • Ro
    Rocky Shepheard Dec 18, 2007

    The same thing just happened to me. I sent two checks in one envelope and only one of them was posted to the account. They lost the other one. Can you believe that? They said that a machine opens the mail, takes out the check and destroys the rest. Probably alot of checks, money orders and such are destroyed by this technological advance. Sounds like this is happening alot lately.

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  • Th
    Theresa Copenhaver Jun 11, 2008

    Why were two checks sent? A financial institution cannot "hold" a post-dated check and if the funds were available for both checks why not just send one? Lock boxes, as they are called, do nothing but post payments for several different companies and very few even look at any correspondence that may be sent with the payment. It is also a good idea to always note the account number on the check itself, since the statements can easily get separated from the payment.

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  • Sh
    sharon Nov 18, 2008

    Do not feel rain on the same thing happen to us in 2008.We sent a money order for our payment .But they claimed they did not recieve it .But we got a copy of the money order reciept.It had been cashed at their bank.The manager was rude also.You the good does not like ugly.What goes around come around. Sometimes it hurt.To the manager that talked to me ugly that day I hope that you remember me.

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Payment problems!

In 2001 we purchased a car that was originally financed with another company. Citifinancial ended up with the loan. At one point, I sent in 2 payments. Several weeks later I received a letter in the mail stating they were going to repossess my car if I didn't bring my loan current within 10 days. When I called them, they showed no record of the payment. I had sent a Western Union money order. At that point they required 2 MORE payments up and beyond the $900 I had just sent them. I had to contact Western Union for a copy of the money order, which took 30 days. Once I received the proof that I had mailed it to them and they had cashed it, they still denied ever getting it. It took NUMEROUS phone calls and a couple of faxes before it was resolved. No one ever called me back to let me know it had been corrected nor did I ever receive an apology for THEIR error. At one other point in the loan, I was attempting to make a payment arrangement splitting my 2 payments by the end of the same month. Once they pulled up my account information, I was hung up... not once, not twice, but several times. Repeated phone calls requesting to speak with a supervisor got me nothing more than belittling and rude remarks and more hang ups. I never called back. I've since paid off my loan but I would NEVER nor would I suggest anyone else to ever internationally do business with them.

  • Bu
    buba lui Jul 02, 2008

    They’re Saudi Owned. What do you expect? I paid them off and went American. As should any good US Citizen.

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Lies and unlawful bank drafts

Yesterday (the day the expense was due), we made a payment for my fiancé’s vehicle. The fee itself should have been a little over $700. However, we were informed that there was a late fee of $35. I inquired as to why this was, and the question was never actually answered. At this point, the bill has risen to nearly $740. Next, I am told that there is a $14.95 processing fee since they utilize Western Union for ONLINE payments. Bear in mind that I am paying over the phone. I have about $750 in this particular account, and explain that if I am required to pay the ridiculous $15 processing fee, then I will happily send in the payment via next-day mail (it's already late, apparently, so what difference does it make?)!! The service representative I was speaking with ASSURED me that the $14.95 fee would be waived (so as not to put me into overdraft), and gave me a confirmation number.

Today, however, the full $753 was drafted from my account, which put me into overdraft causing me to incur an ADDITIONAL $35 fee from my bank. I called to inquire as to why this was, and complain if necessary, and the "boss" at Citifinancial stated that there is NO WAY his representative would have told me that because they have no way of waiving that particular fee. He flat out told ME THAT I LIED to him. He refused to do anything to rectify the situation because it was some kind of fault of mine.

Ultimately: Citifinancial UNLAWFULLY withdrew money from my bank account that I DID NOT authorize. I am absolutely livid because of that, but the fact that they will not own up to--or even reimburse me for their ERROR is what really upsets me. If I have any say in this, no one I know will EVER do any business with this company again.

  • Ri
    Richa Jain Jan 04, 2008

    The most worst bank in the world i have ever seen.The best pethatic services the best liers are available in Citi bank.If any one is reading this note i must says never deal with CITI FINANCIAL... If you dont wants to waste your time. dont want to spoil your plan than never ever go to CITI bank. They just keep you in dark for 1-2month and in last denied for loan.

    I have also applied for a loan but after 1 1/2 moth they said they cannot give me a loan as per there new policy. I want to know tht where was thier new ploicy were before when i have applied for the loan.An youy know the worst part... they have signed a legal contract with me for session a loan and after that they said you even didnt applied for a loan in our bak ever. See how bad they are. So my friends never ever deal with them.

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  • Fr
    frestylen Feb 06, 2009

    yeah CITI financial is a crooked company and thats for sure, i would never do nore recommend buisness be done with this company, to anyone including my worst enemy, the have no sence of loyalty to thier customers. I had a 10, 000 dollar loan with them at 22% interest just something to get me started off in the credit world. well after 2 years of on time payments and over payments, i refinanced my loan and went with wells fargo wich is a different story next thing i know two years after being refinanced with wells fargo i get a call from citifinancial sayng that i owe them money from my loan, at this time i didn't understand because i was refinanced with wellsfargo, well after talking with them, when they sent the pay off quote to wells fargo, wellsfargo cut a check for the whole amount besided 29.00 dollars, so thier was 29 dollars left over from my 10, 000 dollar loan, so instead of sayign hey wait this isn't enough to make the payoff we are short 29.00 dollars we need you to have them re do the check or we still need 29 to close the pay off . instead they just took the payment and applied it as a payment towards the loan, so kinda like i paid up on my loan for 3 years, then sent me on my merry way thinking i was closed out and done with that loan, hell they even said thanks for doing buisness with us for the last two years hope you decide to loan with us again, so heres where the story gets twisted. two years have passed since i did my re financing and i called wellsfargo to get my pay off so i can pay it and get my title, they tell me that wells fargo don't have the title citi financial does, so i call them and they tellme that i have an outstanding balance of 4400 with them when i asked them what the hell from, they said when i refinanced my loan i left 29 dollars not paid and for the past years this has been accrueing interest equaling the amount of 4400 approxametly and that they will not tak that off, i xplained to them how that was a bank mess up and if they knew i wanted to pay off and they seen it was short they should of never cashed the check or told me that needs paid also instead of acting liek it was closed out, they refuse to take responsability and fix the problem even after them contacting me on the phone sayign that they would get this fixed. so i am stuck in a possition i have retained a lawer and also contacted the local news company to let them know of the scheme that are going on so no one else has to go threw this.

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  • Ja
    J&EG Jan 26, 2010

    yup...they call a week before our payment is due every month like a debt collector wanting our payment info! We tell them that we will have there payment to them on the due date just like every other month. My wife screwed up and gave it to them one month and told them not to take it out till the 30th. They took it out that day and cost us $140 in fees and won't own up to it. So I shorted them the $140 the next month and they are trying to say we owe them. What a bunch of crooks. If they mess with me they won't get anymore of our money! On top of calling early for the payment every month they even called our place of work looking for early payment!

    1 Votes
  • Mk
    MKham Jul 21, 2010

    I agree Citi Financial is a rip off! the customer service reps are "RUDE"!!! im currently working with them now to working on making payment arrangements..and they dont even want my money all they say is i will document the system! WTH!!! im trying to catch on my payments since i was behind due to a death in the family and had to help pay for funeral cost.. This stupid company has no sympathy at all! NEVER AGAIN i will do business with them i cannot wait to refinance my car and go somewhere else!

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Treated like deadbeats!

We purchased a car in 2001 with financing from a local lender. During the course of the loan, the loan wa...

I am really fade up with citi financial!

Hello, I have Personal Loan from Citi financial and I have to close my Loan from last three day i am trying...

They do not have an area to check your account balance.

I am upset because they do not have a website to check the balance on your account. They also have very high...

Never trust their words

Citifinancial (Westgate Plaza, Westfield, MA) is a lender who used deceptive practices with me on my mortgage. They sneakily switched my mortgage rate from fixed to adjustable!, and did away with my 'Agreed Rate Reduction Rider'.

I took out a mortgage with Citi financial in April, 2004. It was for a FIXED INTEREST RATE, also there was to be a Rate REDUCTION after two years of good payments.

In October, 2004, I asked to increase the Mortgage AMOUNT by five thousand dollars, KEEPING the SAME TERMS.

Shelly, from Citifinancial said she would do that, and that eveything would REMAIN The SAME! Well, She switched my rate from FIXED to Adjustable, and got rid of the rate reduction all together. I did not notice the changes as I signed for the new amount (I fooolishly took her word). Now, two years later, Instead of my interest rate going down as origionally promised, it will go way up costing me thousands of extra dollars over the 30 year loan. I think this is deceiptful business practice.

  • Ma
    marcia hawk Nov 18, 2007

    I am currently experiencing problems with this lender. The are worst than the loan sharks, dont care about their customers. Congress needs to do something about them.

    0 Votes
  • Ta
    Tawnya Robbins Nov 03, 2008

    I am also currently having problems with them...they call my work and harass me, threaten to forclose on my home, lie to me and would not honor a letter sent to reinstate my husbands unemployment insurance if we contacted them within 30 days, probably because they knew we were trying to get unemployment benefits. They are crooked and sneaky and yes, worse then loan sharks, I hate doing business with them and will never trust anything that comes out of there mouths. I need help right now if anyone has any advice, I don't know how to deal with these people.

    0 Votes
  • Ms
    M.Stoddard Jan 27, 2011

    This company is the worst possible bank I ever dealt with. They have approved me for a loan modification, but because I was able to get current, although it means everything else got skipped and is 60+ past due, and not they will not honor the modification that would have saved me $300+ a month without refinancing. After spending 2 hours on the phone and being hung up on 11 times, the most we got was that we have to be 31+ days past due to be eligible. The best they can do is a loan repayment program that will raise the rate to 6.0% for the life of the loan.

    0 Votes
  • CitiFinancial Mortgage is the worst company to deal with. Everyone from thier least paid clerk to thier attorney. Here is my advice to anyone experiencing problems with CitiFinancial Mortgage.
    1. Send all payment 2-3 days just in time for them to receive the payment. Keep receipt from the Post office.
    2. Look at your bank statement and print the check you sent them front and back noting the day they gave you credit for the payment.
    print a copy of the check and attach the receipt from PO and file away for future use.
    3. Get an attorney. Have him check your account for accuracy and history.
    4. When making additional principal always include and additional check for that amount. Next to memo on the check write:ADDITIONAL PRINCIPLE ONLY. WATCH YOUR CREDITS.
    5. After two payments ask your attorney to follow up with them and obtain payment information to see if payments were properly applied.
    The only way to beat CitiFinancial is with a good attorney and good documentation.
    p.s. If you really want to make sure of the date they get your payment. You can have them sign for you payment.
    Good Luck and Have Fun.

    0 Votes
  • To
    tonymedina Aug 29, 2018

    I need a lien release letter from you guys

    my car info.


    MY addrees is 244 judson st Bensenville IL 60106

    my tel is 847 323-2583 please call my for any cuestion..
    I need to get a replase tittle and I need the lettler..

    0 Votes
  • Pa
    paulteaser Oct 21, 2018

    never had an acct with citi financial but they have a lien on my title that was paid off
    loan was with santanderusa not citi
    now cant trade car in untill they give me a lien release but giving me a run around

    0 Votes
  • Ch
    chris friedman Mar 12, 2020

    This is not a complaint. I am trying to get a lien release for a car I paid off from Citi Financial Auto. Who do I contact to do that.
    [email protected] 816 520 2513

    0 Votes

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