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Complaints & Reviews

Collection harrasment of closed loan

A certain Aries Mercader has been terrozing my sister that

"They will start publishing your (personal profile) NAME, FACE PICTURE and ADDRESS (including your references) in all leading newspapers on the count of ESTAFA then, we will seek your ARREST WARRANT for serving to ensure your CITIFINANCIAL obligation are fully settle to coordinate call Aries Mercader at nos.
[protected] or [protected]. ASAP"

To date, the loan has been fully paid since June 2008. Then why does citifinancial be doing such claims that the last bill of a measly 7, 000 pesos have ballooned to 28, 000 pesos. But when confronted Mr. Aries Mercader...he just said OK please pay 2000 pesos ASAP & the remainig 5000 pesos on the end of next month avoid paying the 28, 000 pesos.

What kind of accounting system does citifinancial do?

I am demanding formal written apology from citifinancial and send copies as well to all they have texted.

Raping customers

I borrowed money from citifinancial during a crisis period. I was already a customer of theirs because I financed a mattress through sleepy hollow. I established myself by paying monthly and therefore wanted to use them to borrow. Not knowing they are scammers. I only needed to borrow $200, they told me the minimum they lend is $500 but they can give it to me within an hour. Being that I was in need I jumped on it. Bad mistake... I probably ended up paying triple on that $500. She assured me that I would only pay less then $100 if it took me a year to pay it off. She lied. Their statements are very vague with no detail. Spread the word to anyone you care about... No matter how desperate — do not borrow 1 penny from citifinancial... They will take triple what you borrow within 2 years.

  • Mr
    mrsquigles May 05, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    "bad mistake...i probably ended up paying triple on that $500"
    No ###. You've never heard of interest? It's idiots like you that these people make their money off of. Do yourself a favor next time and buy a $30 air matress from Wal-Mart until you can afford a ###ing mattress.

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  • timduncan86 Jul 15, 2009

    you can't borrow 1 penny, there is a $500 minimum. remember?

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  • Va
    Valarie0712 Aug 20, 2009

    Even if you pay 25% interest, the most you would pay on one year to pay back $500 is $625. In fact, it would not even be that much. The key is following the contract by paying on time, which you probably don't do, since if you did, you would be getting $500 from your credit union instead of Citifinancial, or you would just get a cash advance of $200 on the credit card you obviously do not have...

    Also, to pay it off within a year, you would probably have to pay more than the minimum payment, since Citifinancial doesn't actually write the contract for 1 year unless the customer specifically asks them to.

    The only way that you could spend triple paying back that $500 is if you never pay on time, EVER. I mean you would have to be paying 60 days late all the time and never, ever pay your loan up to date. How do I know? I work there.

    If I write a 5 year loan at 25%, as long as the customer pays their payments WHEN THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO BE PAID, they will spend less than twice the money they got from us to pay us back. Every time. I have plenty of happy customers that come back to us, year after year.

    The unhappy customers are the ones that have a payment due on June 15th and they pay it on August 15th. They get mad because when they make a 30 day minimum payment 90 DAYS after they borrow the money, they spend their payment on interest instead of principle. Well, all I can say is DUH. That person had a payment due on 6/15, 7/15, and 8/15, but they only made one payment? And they are mad because they owe us 90 days of interest but they only gave us around 40 days of interest and we actually used it to pay down the 90 days of interest they owe us? And no matter how many times I say, "Pay on time and your loan will work the way everyone expected it to", they still pay later, and later, and later...

    But I digress. Anyone with a brain already knew the poster was an idiot before I put in my 2 cents...

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  • Va
    Valarie0712 Aug 20, 2009

    And also, we hand a carefully written, perfectly legal and compliant contract to every customer, which includes the interest rate and how much they will pay, in total payments, as long as they pay as agreed. I also tell every single customer they can pay extra to pay the loan of earlier and save money on the interest.

    They can take it home and read it, and if they don't like it, bring the checks back the next day. But they never do. Amazing. They love us when they want the company's money but they hate us when we expect them to pay us back with the interest they agreed to. Shocking...and they call me a loser...

    -1 Votes
  • Er
    Err0r Oct 08, 2009

    Shutup you stupid idiots all you commies prob work for a damn bank that depends on US to survive so STFU

    -1 Votes
  • Er
    Err0r Oct 08, 2009

    Oh yeah citi bank sucks dont do business with them take your business to a credit union .. lower APR and better cust service .. dont waste your time with Press 1 for loans press 2 for CEOS who make over 10, 000, 000 press 3 for CEOS who make over 20, 000, 000

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  • Ci
    Citi Sucks Apr 30, 2010

    What you people don't realize is that not everyone understand loans and interest. he probably did end up paying double or triple because the interest accrues daily!!
    And why are some of you so ugly calling people stupid and you don't know him or his situation!

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Money owing

Last week I went to a citifinancial branch to make a payment. Before this I was going to call to see how much was left owing on my loan because I thought it would soon be paid off probably another 4-5 months and it would be done. When making payment I am told that my loan has expired and I am still owing 9168 at that time I thought she meant $91.68 and I said well thats no problem I will pay that as well today. She then stated it was $9168 and I just about had a stroke because I honestly had the thought that I was near the end of this loan. So I ask her why the balance is still at such a huge amount and she told me it was due to payment deferrals I had done. Yes I had requested a few deferrals that I am not denying...but then she went on to say I had 9 deferrals over the course of the 5 yrs to which I am totally opposing. I requested a statement of my payments and dates of deferrals. After scanning statement I realize there are times deferrals were done without my consent. I am totally at a loss to know what to do...because I honestly do not agree I owe them over $9000. PLease please someone point me in a direction where I can get some advise or help. I am not disputing the fact that I owe them money..just not that much...HELP PLEASE

  • Va
    Valarie0712 Aug 20, 2009

    Perhaps you should have paid as agreed. Deferrals can only be given to a customer who is close to or over 30 days late and make only one payment instead of 2. They are given to help the customer avoid collection action and having their credit ruined bt Citifinancial reporting them as behind.

    Are you stupid? If you don't pay a loan as agreed, it doesn't get paid off on time.

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  • Bo Oct 20, 2009

    Way to try and mitigate the damage. ALL your postings are on CitiFinancial related complaints there Valarie0712

    -1 Votes
  • Li
    lite_69 Jan 25, 2011

    Citi Financial is a rip off they are doing the same thing to my husband. Valarie0712 as an employee of citi, which from the sounds of yourt comment you are. You need to get to know your company better. Because they are a rip off. GET OVER YOURSELF.

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  • Ta
    Tammy1234 Feb 25, 2011

    People need to file a class action against this company they are worst than loan sharks they never go away and just when you think you have paid them they come back years later, they are Predatory lenders. I'm in the process right now if putting some information together in order to file a legal complaint against them the link below is the lawyers tht sued and won th landmark case against Money Mart and I think they could finally take down Citifinancial if enought people contact them. Check it out.

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  • Af
    a freind Mar 07, 2011

    Go back to the branch and request them to pull your file so that you can see it. Then have them PRINT the ledger card (all the way back to your first payment) on your account (don't let them tell you they cant). Then in your file, there should be the number of deferment authorizations with your signature that they say you have had over the term of your loan.. Look at the dates of the deferments then have them go into notes and have them tell you the reason why you had requested the deferments. Company policy states that they MUST keep a signed authorization of EACH deferment in the file even after the loan has been paid off. If they cannot provide this, contact the District Manager and keep going until you get resolved
    *see the hard copy of SIGNED deferment authorization in your file (ALL ORIGINAL COPIES)
    *Make sure the dates on the form match the dates on the ledger card.
    *Make sure that you have the number of deferments that are on your ledger card
    *If they cannot provide ALL the defer forms that are on the ledger card, then you may have a case.

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Auto title

Poor Processes and Poor Customer Service

While a resident in Virginia, I bought a car at a dealership in Virginia and financed the vehicle through CitiFinancial Auto. I recently moved from Virginia to Washington, DC. Getting a new driver's license and registration was required due to the change of address. DC DMV requires the finance company to send them the vehicle's title before a driver can register the car. On February 26, I faxed CitiFiancial a "Letter of Guarantee" requesting that the title be sent to the DC DMV.

On March 10, the DC DMV still did not show any record of receiving the title from CitiFinancial. I called Citi and spoke to a customer service rep named, 'Peter.' Peter barely spoke English. He informed me that the title had been sent to the DC DMV on March 2. Peter assured me that the DMV would have the title within the next couple of days; although he was unable to tell me if the title had been sent via Certified Mail (therefore traceable).

I called the DC DMV. The DC DMV told me that as long as I have a tracking number for a certified letter containing a title that was signed for by the DC DMV then I would be permitted to proceed with registering my vehicle.

I called CitiFinancial back. This time I spoke with 'Jake, ' whom also had significant difficulty with the English language. Jake had no idea what I was talking about when I asked him how the titles were mailed to the respective DMVs. 'Are the titles mailed by Certified Mail?' I asked. 'No. They are sent by mail. It will be there in two days by electronic.' What? I asked for a supervisor. I was connected with 'Salvador.' Salvador was much better with English and understood my question. He put me on hold so he could find out the information.

Salvador then explained the following:

CitiFinancial did not have a title on file for my vehicle. The title was on file electronically with the Virginia DMV when I purchased the car at the dealership. Citi had to request that the Virginia DMV send them a hard copy of the title. This had been done on March 2. It takes between 2-3 weeks to receive the title from the Virginia DMV. Upon receipt of the title from Virginia, CitiFinancial will then mail the title to the DC DMV so that I can finally properly register my vehicle where I live.

The customer service reps at CitiFinacial are completely incompetent about what is going on with the accounts they're accessing. It took a supervisor to figure out that the title was not on the way to the DC DMV; it was on the way to CitiFinancial from the Virginia DMV, and it will take 3-4 more weeks for the entire process to be completed.

CitiFinancial doesn't manage the titles for the vehicles they finance. Apparently, they leave it to the DMV. This is surprising to me given that the DMV has little or no stake in the vehicle, but the financing company has a great deal at stake/ownership.

Do not finance anything with this company. They don't properly handle their own interests; it's hard to believe they will properly handle anyone else's.

Collection agency

It is inevitable that when someone becomes delinquent in paying loans, collection agencies will come after you. But these collection agency representatives are going over board. They will harass anyone who answers the phone as if they can make them pay with all the profanities that come out of their mouths. Once my grandmother, 75 y/o, was threatened by this rep and told her that they will have a police officer kick us out of the house. This rep was calling for my brother, who ran away with his gf almost a year ago and has never came back until now. My grandmother, with very little knowledge about these things was so nervous and was trembling. The reps refuse to believe that we don't even know where the hell my brother is. And just today, i got a phone call again from a guy who claims he's calling from a bank. He wouldn't even tell me which company he's working for and insulted me. I understand why they have to have such an attitude but it's just not working. There should be a law that puts them in their right place. They should know that being the reps of these banks, they should make an impression that they are professionals and not some uneducated freaks with their bogus scaring tactics.

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Excessive charges

Arcadia Financial Ltd - South Hackensack, NJ [protected], is the original lender in October 2001. $21322.10...

Ref back payments

We have a 2nd mortgage loan thru citi out of the marshal mo office. I'm about 2 payments behind due to the loss of my wife's job. now they want to foreclose on my home for less than 1000.00.i advised them I would try and get second payment in soon but I only get paid twice a month and my first mortgage is 1267.00 a month and I bring home 1400.00.i asked about an interest payment and they said that since the loan was already modified that I couldn't. I don't know how people can be so heartless in this time of the economy. If I were a bank I could have gotten bail out money right off the bat. It seems they don't care and make threats of taking my home for less than 1000.00.maybe this is the way they are trained to be. I'll find a way some how and if I do get enough money someday I will pay off the note and never ever go thru them again and will not advise anyone either.

Bad business practices

I have been having one problem after another with these goons...
I purchased a Bed through Sleep Train Mattress Center, back in May 2008
They extended me 36month Free Financing... what a crock of ###.
First off... They Began calling me in regards to a late payment/No payments, even though my Bank had been receiving CLEARED CHECKS, CASHED from my account, with CitiFinancial Retail Services, and MY ACCOUNT number on them.
Second problem Ive had with these goons... once I cleared it up with them that I had actually been paying them, they began sending the bill to me AFTER THE DUE DATE in Aug and September, and eventually just not sending the bill at all (November 08 through January 09).
Now I send the checks in my own personal envelope, with the minimum payment, since they cant get their act together to develop a web address to receive Payments ONLINE I receive phone calls any where from 2-9 times a day... everyday from these goons... when i pick up, it is an automated service. "Please stay on the line for an important message from CitiFinancial" - at which point the phone call ends. I have received calls as early as 5:30AM and as late as 11:20PM
I am sorry... I feel these goons should be taken out of business... I know they are a subsidiary of Citi... and as such they should be shutdown for bad business practices. I work for a different Citi company and I understand that it is NOT Citi, it is the CitiFinancial Retail Services company that should be put out of our misery. I have submitted complaints to the customer service line several times and have not gotten a satisfactory response as of yet. I think they are sweeping me under the carpet, I know there are others in my position... I have one bit of advice, PLEASE DO NOT DEAL BUSINESS WITH THESE GOONS.

  • An
    Anna Feb 19, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We purchased furniture from Rooms 2 Go & have never received a bill. We get solicitation mail with the wrong name on it, as well as on the card. I am unable to locate an online bill pay & do not receive bills. How are we supposed to pay this? We get calls saying our payments are past due but there is no payment no interest until 2013. I have already cut up one citi card & vowed never to do business with them again. We were not told it was Citifinancial until after the paperwork was signed. I would never have purchased with that lender. I will NEVER do business with the store or CITI again!!

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  • Aa
    A & J Oct 13, 2009

    Ditto, we are having the same problems with a Tempur-Pedic mattress we purchased from Mattress Discounters in Antioch, CA - 5891 Lone Tree Way #B, 925-706-0550.
    --When I discovered, after about 30 days of the in-home trial, was that the mattress did not help my back problems. In fact, it aggravated the back pain and I was waking up with back and neck pain nearly every day. I wanted to return the mattress per the TV advertisements that you get a FREE, 90-day, in-home trial. The TV ads, I might mention, say NOTHING about the fact that (as we found out later), in order to get the 90-day trial, you must purchase directly from Tempur-Pedic, either online or at one of their stores.
    --I called the store. They said, "Too bad, your sales contract said you get only a 60-day free home trial, and your purchase is financed by Citifinancial Retail Services, who carries the credit line for your purchase, " which we already knew. We had previously received a credit card-appearing piece of plastic with the notation "Mattress Discounters" on it, as well as "Citifinancial Services." The Mattress Discounters sales person went on, "You cannot just return the mattress and have it credited to your Citifinancial Retail Services account. Your credit balance with them can ONLY be applied to another purchase, and ONLY from this store."
    --I called Tempur-Pedic customer service (from a phone number found on their web site), and was told by their rude and tart customer service rep, "Oh, well, you didn't purchase the mattress directly from us, did you. Too bad! You are 'stuck' with it." Huh??? Mattress Discounter and Tempur-Pedic have a contractual arrangement with each other to sell the product in the Mattress Discounters stores. These people are just two partners in "crime, " each one blaming and passing the buck to the other.
    --We have no kind words for either Citifinancial or Tempur-Pedic. We also found out that the original purchase agreement at Mattress Discounters said we got a 60-day in-home FREE trial and 12 months to pay on a "same as cash" basis, and if paid off completely within 12 months, there would be NO interest charges. This arrangement is NOT exactly free. We are now being billed $19.00 per month as "minimum payment due."
    ***We will NEVER again having any dealings WHATSOEVER with both Citifinancial Services and Mattress Discounters. We will also file formal complaints with both the Better Business Bureau AND the California Attorney General's office. We live in Antioch, CA, and are in a position to pass this information along to ANYONE who will listen. We strongly advise ANYONE never to deal with Mattress Discounters or Tempur-Pedic.

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Awful company

On May 2003 Paula Stitt at the Citifinancial office in Colonie New York contacted my wife Georgianne offering to refinance our home equity loan it was to be 'on us, no closing costs' as part of a customer appreciation campaign. We decided to do the refinancing and had our closing on July 8, 2003. We left thinking it was a done deal.

Then on July 21, 2003 Paula said she couldn't send the mortgage payoff check as she was getting different payoff amounts from Texas. My wife had to call to get the payoff amount, she called three times and got an amount of $114, 457.60 which was mailed out on August 4, 2003 by Paula Stitt, it was mailed overnite UPS. There was a life insurance attached to the mortgage which after we consulted with an attorney advised us not to pay since it was in a class action suit and would be taken care of by the court.

On August 8, 2003 my wife called Citifinancial in Irving, Texas and was told the mortgage was paid in full and we would be getting a overpayment check of $275.16 in 30 days. Then we received a statement from them effective 8/21/03 with a $0 balance $0 payment due, and listed as 'paid out'. On August 27, 2003 Georgianne got a call from Paula Stitt warning her that a Kristina Parker from Texas would be calling her.

When my wife got the call Parker told her that we still owed $10, 867.20 on our old account, she didn't say what it was for just to pay it or they wouldn't release our property. On a call to Texas on 8/29/03 my wife spoke to a Keisha P. who told her that our $275.16 overpayment was going to be applied to our insurance account, and that the issue was going to be turned over to a manager for review, I would like to add that by that time the class action suit had been settled in court and they weren't supposed to get any more payments for the insurance, also we never heard from the manager who was supposed to review the account.

My wife wrote to Parker on September 15, 2003 asking her questions about the money we were told we owed she also asked for copys of documents. She was ignored by Parker, we didn't get a reply to the letter, only more threats. They now had gone to Citi taking legal action. She also wrote to Ofelia Flores in Texas asking questions about our account. These questions were also ignored.

We contacted the NYS Attorney Generals office, NYS Banking Department, FTC Bureau of Consumer Protection. The only help we received was from the Attorney General's office who advised us we should get a lawyer. We also found out the life insurance policy they were trying to collect on was canceled effective August 4, 2003, a few days before Citifinancial in Texas received our payoff check.

On December 3, 2003 we hired attorney Warren Redlich to represent us. He wrote letters asking them to review our records because they had made a mistake, but as with our letters he received no response from them. Then on April 29, 2004 we received foreclosure papers, my wife, son, daughter, and I each got one, then on May 1, 2004 we received three more by mail for my wife, daughter, and myself. Shortly after receiving the foreclosure papers they had the nerve to offer to pay us $250.00 to purchase our deed in lieu of foreclosure.

Our attorney was forced to file a counter suit against them in order to save our home. In the summer of 2004 our attorney got a call from a representative of Citifinancial stating they know something is wrong and they will investigate. Several months later they completed their investigation and dismissed the alleged debt and released our property {we didn't receive the official 'morsfaction ' document until January 2006}.

Going back to the class action suit, which we were part of the class, we were supposed to receive a settlement amount of $2, 137.41, but in a letter dated January 28, 2004 they applied it to our unpaid account, in the letter they had our account number which was our lod mortgage account not the life insurance and we had a statement with a $0 balance. After they cleared up the foreclosure we never got the class action suit money or the overpayment the thieves don't feel they have to return it.

Our counter suit went to the Supreme Court in Albany, NY and when our attorney was two days late with an expert witness affidavit the judge dismissed our case, I would like to add that whenever the attorney representing Citifinancial did where he should have ahd sanctions filed against him the judge refused our attorneys request. We wanted Parker and Flores disposed during depositions instead the judge told our attorney who he could dispose at Citifinancial and had him fly to Texas to question someone who clearly didn't know anything about our case.

We filed with the Court of Appeals in Albany and also were dismissed by that court. Were out probably a total of approx. $5, 000.00, Citifinancial gets to walk away clean as if they did nothing, we don't even get any answers as to why we were put thru 5 years of hell. I really don't know who is worse in this case, Citifinancial or the Supreme and Appeals Courts in New York State.

I've put complaints in on Judge Doyle of the Supreme Court with the Commission on Judicial Conduct and even with the information we sent that was dismissed, I also intend to put in a complaint on the five Appeals judges, but that will also be dismissed as one of the judges i am putting the complaint in on is on the Commission on Judicial Conduct, nothing like a little conflict of interest in NYS.

  • Valerie Oct 14, 2008

    I am a citifinancial customer in good standing. When I would go in to make my payment I would ask the girl what other loans were available. Unbeknownst to me she ran my credit 5 times lowering my score for no reason. One time I specifically said "do not run my credit unless I am interested" and she still ran it. Very inconsiderate and illegal and damaging to my credit score. This was at the Saugus, CA office. It is not necessary to run a report on someone who is open with you and in good standing unless they say they want another loan (refi or heloc). To this day they insist they could not give me any in for such as a payment unless they ran a credit bureau. I know that not to be so. They could simply give figures and say that is assuming your credit score has not changed since we made you your current loan.

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  • Va
    Valarie0712 Aug 20, 2009

    That is ridiculous. No lender is going to assume your credit score is the same as it was 6 months ago. It could be higher than it was, or lower. You could have defaulted on every creditor BUT them, your credit could be a total mess.

    Your income, another factor in loan approvals, could also be higher or lower.

    You could have a 750 score today, stop paying your mortgage for a couple of months, and have a 550 score a couple of months from now. Also, a credit pull MAY lower your score by 2 points, so at most, if they pulled your credit 5 times, your score MAY have lowered by 10 points. Not a big deal unless you started out at 550 instead of 750.

    Citifinancial offers loans to people at a wide range of interest rates. They are trained not to talk about rate unless they have a full application. That way they can not mislead anyone in regards to rate or payment.

    So stop applying, already. If they tell you a rate or payment today and you don't like it, the rule of thumb is to wait several months before you apply again, because usually, if you don't like what the loan rep is saying...YOUR CREDIT NEEDS TO IMPROVE...and that takes months, if not years.

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  • Bo Oct 20, 2009

    Way to try and mitigate the damage. ALL your postings are on CitiFinancial related complaints there Valarie0712

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  • Wr
    wredlich Dec 11, 2009

    I'm Warren Redlich. I represented the Crabills and I agree with them that CitiFinancial (along with other Citigroup companies) mistreated them. I'm also happy I was able to get CitiFinancial to drop the foreclosure action against the Crabills. This is one of many cases where regular decent people have been screwed by big banks.

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  • Ch
    charles garrett e. Jan 01, 2010

    i feel so sorry for all people in this position or simular situations. our laws are made for criminals and big bussiness. the common people have no where to turn. vote out all of these stupid polititions. maybe this will get someones attention. everyone needs to e-mail or get intouch with the congressperson and senators. it will take all the lazy people to help do this. good luck to ya.

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Rude customer service, false pretense of hope

This company has been nothing but a joke since I got behind on my payments. Eveytime you call in a representive gives you a different excuse. December my mother called in to get a deferal, they told her she had to pay a payment to zero out the balance. She did.. Then they told her to get a deferal both of us had to be jobless. Recently a rep called and advised we could do a deferal as long as we were under the 30 days. I called in and was given the false pretense that I could get a 2 or even 3 month deferal. Suposedly they tried to contact me and I ended up getting denied. These people are rude and ridiculous. Every step higher you take it seems they get ruder. They contact family mambers I don't even talk to on Sundays. I have been threatened and treated like I am a complete idiot. They contact my mother at her government job and ask questions like 'is you parking lot secured?' to co-workers that anser the phone. I finally blew up and told them the only way they'd get the car is by me blowing it up and sending to them in pieces. Today by Ms. White I am told that is a terrorist threat. I am pregnant, have a child, and we recently had to close our business. I am the only one working. Do you think some compasion could be shown? All I am told is your are 37 days behind either pay or give us the location.. What is worse is this dispicable company and it's employees will always have the upper hand no matter what you do. Do you give the vehicle up so they auction for way cheap and garnish up to 50% of your check or pay the payment and continue to let these ---fill it in--- treat you like you do not matter?

  • Do
    Dori Jan 28, 2009

    what you need to do is tape record 'their' phone conversations and then contact the better business bureau! Complete line of bull with every rep you talk to. Thank you Citi-financial-Auto for ruining what started out to be a beautiful day for two great people. I really hope none of your employees have their loans with you and get into financial trouble.

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  • Du
    Duped by Citifinancial Auto Nov 28, 2009

    We are getting the same type of run around. January 15, 2009 my husband was laid off of work. We called to see if we could get our payments reduced by way of refinancing our loan or trading down. The man I spoke with said sure, go find a trade that will lower your payments to what you think you can handle and we will finance the trade. We went and found an older pick-up and the payments were going to be just under $300 with our trade paid off. We were seriously upside down on this vehicle mind you and the dealership was good to us because we have traded with them many times before. We called Citifinancial Auto and they said no way. Nobody here would have told you to do that. We were taken aback. We then appealed for a refinance to lower our payment and they said no, but if we paid a payment they would add a payment to the end of our loan. That was our only optioan, then if my husband still wasn't working, they would consider a refinance. We did this and while I was able to aquire a pt/on-call teller position at a local bank, my husband was still unemployed. We then appealed again for a refinance and were told that if we paid a "qualifying" payment they would refinance the loan. We paid the "qualifying" payment which put us behind on my student loans and phones the company to see what payment they were able to arrange via refinance They said we did not qualify and were no longer doing the refinancing. We then decided that it was no longer working to work with this company and they were going to have to come up with an actual agreement with us to lower our payments if we were going to pay another dime. ok, so we are told for another qualifying payment since it had been too long, they would lower our payments for six months we asked them to put it in writing and they refused. We sit here, our car well hidden, until they get their heads our of their butts to help us. As a side note, my husband has recently been diagnosed w/ squamous cell carcinoma of the conjunctiva. It was removed be threatens to return already. We need help from this company to keep our car. All we get is the run around and treated like idiots.

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  • Ph
    Phnebel Jun 07, 2010

    They took out two payments on us and only one was authorized for the month of May. They proceded to process both payments. In turn put us behind yada yada yada. Ok now heres the funny part. I called to get my payment back, that didnt work unless I had paperwork "Faxed" to them. Can i get someone who speaks english please? I've asked to talk to a manager over and over, they keep telling me to call back or they'll call me. I asked to speak to someone different because I could not understand what they were saying and they told me to call back and hung up on me. Again, english please? Where is this company located at? I cant get one person that speaks normal english without such an indian accent. Its been two weeks and still aint got my money back. Its in "approval department" whats there to approve? i didnt authorize it?

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Class action lawsuit

CitiFinancial has rude people manning their customer service phones. That's not illegal. CitiFinancial...

Fraud and scam

I have had several issues with Citifinancial Auto. The first came when I had called in September of 2005 and requested to have my automatic payment date changed to the 16th. They did not make the change correctly instead they set it for the week before. Caused $614 in overdraft fees had my account messed up for a month. I also spoke with an Andrew who assured me for 2 weeks that the problem would be fixed. It took them 2 payments and 4 weeks to get it straight. In order for this to happen I had to be on the phone everyday talking to 5 different people before it was cleared up. I had to change banks. It took 5 months after that to get all of my other creditors back on track.

In August of 2006 I ended up losing my job and got behind in my payments. I received so many calls from them that my message center on my homephone was filled. I understand that the calls need to be made, I tried communicating with the representatives only to be told that it was my fault and if I was more responsible I would not be in this mess. When I got another job I tried to make arrangements to catch up. I received calls from a person named Darren. I was threatened, I was told that if I did not make 2 payments that day which was a Wednesday the car would be picked up. I told him that I could not do anything until that friday which was my payday and that I did not have all of the money. I was told to go to a pay day advance place and if I didn't come up with the money they car would be picked up. I was told that I had to pay by quick collect because they were not accepting any other form of payment.

I could not get the payday advance so I was given until 9:00am on Friday to get the money. I missed the deadline due to bad road conditions I received a nasty call from Darren saying that I was given a deadline and i did not meet that deadline I tried to explain about the road conditions I could not meet the deadline because I was going to be late for work I told him that I would take an early lunch in about 15 mins and would pay it then. He yelled at me saying that is not what I told you to do, you did not meet the deadline we are picking up the car all other arrangements are off and hung up the phone. I was literally in tears. I have never been spoken to like that. I made the two payments and a third payment 2 weeks later. I was told that I could not be late anymore and he was the last straw, when the file get to his desk that means my car is going to be reposssed. I am currently due for November and December payment according to them. I know that I had been behind, I had made a serious effort to catch up. After making those 3 payments I still received calls on my job, at my home, and my cell phone. Yet after all this harassment I have yet to receive anything in writing from them stating that my car will be repossessed. Each time the threat is made I am asked where the car is. Before I started working with Darren someone showed up at my home asking for payment. Left a note for me to call a representative who happened to be on vacation everytime I would call.

After making 3 payments in one month in an effort to become current I still received harassing phone calls. By different representatives and all making threats, when I stated that nothing could be done until my next payday, I was told that answer was unacceptable. When I lost my job I became behind in all my bills. I had been trying to correct the problem since I received another job. I found that there is no reasoning with them. Is there an attorney out there that can give advice on how to stop these people. Does law say that when you stop answering the phone after a creditor makes repeated calls they can come to your home and harass you?

This company has really gotten out of hand. I can't refinance at this time because my credit is not favorable because of being out of work. I have not been on my current job long enough to show stability. What can I do?

  • Vi
    Victim Sheep Jan 02, 2009

    My family has also suffered financially. We hope someone shows liars for who they are. May they rot alone.

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  • Vi
    Victim Sheep Jan 02, 2009

    SUE THEM! Blog the hell out of them, put together a blog site, organize a community, and sue the hell out of the ###.

    At the bar or at any public place that has a CITI commercial on the tube, stand up and start yelling:


    Let people know that the word CITI-anything is as offensive to you as Nazi war crimes.

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  • Le
    lexnercj Feb 05, 2009

    Please let me know if you hear anything. I am a 22 year old college student with my own citi credit card account not even linked to my parents, and got behind on payments due to finishing up and paying for school ( i pay for my school completely) and not having a job that will pay me enough to make payments. They have since called my parents, told them about the situation, told them the account number, the amount the debt was for and threatened to sue myself and my parents, who i mentioned already are not even on my account. I stopped answering their calls because I can't make payments, and they started doing this over the phone. What can I do? The prospect of graduating college with a large student loan burden, as well as bad credit is already depressing enough, not I am being harassed and my parents are getting involved in a situation they can't even help out in due to my parents own financial problems

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  • Le
    LeslieS Aug 22, 2009

    I made a payment and they also took out an UNAUTHORIZED payment causing several fees in insufficiant funds. I have been fighting with them for 2 months to repay the money. Still they have not done so. Several phone calls, bank faxes, 3 way conversations between me, my bank and citifiancial.
    THEY are crooked liars. This is not the end. They can repossess my car for all I care.

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  • Cl
    CLOSE DOWN Oct 28, 2009

    I hate Citi Financial with a freaking passion..I hope they file chapter 13 for all I care..They LIEEEEEEE so much, and make promises, and never send things in writing. I am thinking about letting them come and get my car. I will do better off at a buy her pay here lot...The hell with a credit report..I can get that mess taken off, by a crocked friend of mine...Besides I am not happy with the CAR!!!

    The car is worth 8, 000.00 and my pay off is 18, 000.00. They will never get 18, 000/oo from me. LOL

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  • Ro
    robg73 Jan 19, 2010

    I have had many run ins with citifinancial... but the icing on the cake... Let me start at the beginning. Six months ago I got two months behind on my payments, so they called and tried to assist me by setting it up where I would only have to make half payments for six months. Well the payments were coming out automatically and they still were calling asking for payments. The payment for december was taken out on the 16th. That was to be the last payment of the six month period. Well, last week they reposessed the vehicle. The next payment, which was the accrual of the half payments for six months, was not due till the 23rd of january. Now when I call them they refer me to the redemption dept., whom I have called and waited on hold for as long as 4 hours. I just want an answer as to why if the payment was taken out, the vehicle was taken. I would have been able to make the payment due to getting my tax refund back. They are a company that feast on people, for lack of a better term, who are ignorant and less fortunate. If you know of someone that is or will be dealing with citifinancial, warn them to stay clear.

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  • Sk
    skincarechic Mar 27, 2010

    Banking Fraud! They have erroneously debited my bank account twice (I am not on an ACH plan). I have been fighting 3 weeks to get my money returned plus reembursement for all of the NSF fees they created. They owe me over $500.00. They told me that I was approved to have my money returned to me and that I should have it in 72 hours..(like duh)..however they are still failing to do so (three weeks and still waiting). What makes this worse is that I was in a deferrment status when they did this. The real kicker is that this is not the first time they have done this. They did this to us another times 8 months ago. This is bank fraud...and I would like to join anyone that has started a lawsuit. We are renters, and if we do not have our money back by the time rent is due (in three days)...guess what... yeah. I am totally disgusted with this company taking advantage of people. As soon as I get my money back...we are refinancing our truck. I don't care if the payments are higher...I just want out from under this abusive lender.

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  • Mi
    Miskondukt Jun 24, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have a reoccurring payment setup for my auto of $373.43 every later half of the month. Just yesterday a $400.00 electronic check was submitted to my account. I had no clue who this was nor what it was for, so I justly put a "Stop Payment" on the check issued 6/22/10 for check #10 in the amount of $400.00. The very next morning, an additional, duplicated charge is processed through my account and has a check # of 9999 . . . ! ! ! ! Ok, WHAT!
    A few moments later my wonderful bank's assistant branch manager calls and says that the stop payment check has been reissued, and cleared on the 21st (And today is the 23rd of which the phone call just took place) under a different check number and in order for me to stop the payment attempts they needed to know who the "Payee" was. I told her that was the issue. The checks have no images for them to pull the payee from, no listing of "CitiFinancial Auto Pymt" as my regular payment titled, and they had to trace the routing number to distinguish who it was. Guess what, it was Citi Financial Auto.
    So, I call Citi and got your basic India representative and immediately informed her that two payments were deducted from my banking account and both have empirically (of which I had to define for her) been credited to Citi Auto. She looked on the account and informed me that a reoccurring payment from June of 2009 was recently reactivated for a monthly payment of $400. I told her that was entirely false, and that the transaction had been perpetrated with two distinctly different check numbers to satisfy a payment after the stop payment had been placed and that someone was literally stealing money from me and my bank was advising me to change accounts and "Let them" begin filing procedures for fraud. The representative said that no one was stealing from me, but the payment can't be returned. I also asked when the call took place to "reactivate" this payment, she couldn't provide an answer nor any corroborating notes.
    I asked for a manager.
    20 minutes later a Nidh (Pronounced Nideeh) clicked on and I had forced myself to calm down to reconcile the situation. 40 minutes later, a conference call with the Branch Manager, after my bank became aggressive and I had to resort to politeness (of which I maintained from the onset), apologetic, and literally begging "for her help as a manager" she said I might get the payment back within 2-3 business days with the NSF fees that were caused. I told her the charge put my account in the red and I needed it as immediately as they had received, stolen, it from me. Paraphrasing of course, but I inevitably had to ask for yet another escalation of whom has to "call me back" at a designated number-I anticipate none.
    To go back to the how.
    This manager told me that the $400.00 payment had been going through my account and then reversed (by them) every month and I just hadn't noticed it till now. Well, there's ONE contradiction: I was previously told it had been reactivated. Second, the two distinctly different check numbers, and the most absurdly frustrating contradiction-She thought I'd be stupid enough TO NOT NOTICE $400 GOING IN AND OUT OF MY ACCOUNT EVERY MONTH, ROUTINELY and NOT to mention, of which my banks' branch manager simultaneously informed both her and I on the conference call, that if a "Transaction had been processed and reversed every month, for the same dollar amount, not only would it have triggered a 'red flag' as conspicuous activity but in the least meriting a call to the client to (1) inquire about the activity and (2) negate continual transactions."

    There are obviously very unsettling events going on here, and I am in no way comfortable with where it left by Nidh canceling the reoccurring payment. I am in search of a contact number for their Irving Texas corporate office, if anyone has one please email me at [email protected]
    Something else entirely frustrating. On their Contact us page, they have a picture of a White American Women as the call representative and it is clear that there isn't a single American Employed at the call center establishment. Their CEO is from India, of whom made approximately $39M in 2008 after receiving over $45B in Federal Aid (And they're still beating up on the poor man). In 2009 he sheepishly resorted to a mere $125K. (

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Finance charges & assistance plan

We have had a Rooms to Go - Citifinancial Retail Account for several years and recently my wife lost her job...

Breach of contract

The short of it. My wife has had a line of credit with citifinancial for five years for $10, 000.00 . Recently we purchased a house and bills came with it and we were charging but paying other creditors. One charge in particular we wanted to pay off to free up some money, we thought we'd pay off using remaining credit available with Citi. My wife contacted by phone a Citi representative and requested convenience checks which Citi sent four. They thanked her for requesting the checks and advised that she could use them until 04/09 to her limit. My wife took a check and deposited it into her checking account and paid off the other charge account. a week later she received a letter from Citi stating that after reviewing her recent credit report they decided to reduce her credit limit to $8, 500.00. A couple of days later she went in to check her account to ensure our mortgage payment was in place only to find that Citi had revoked the check they sent ( as a non-payment) and our mortgage payment was taken out of our account. Citi reps have been both uncooperative and uncaring in this matter. I find it hard to believe that their failure to do due dilligence allows them to make up the rules as they go along. My wife acted in good faith and after requesting the checks was given them to use. Citi had an opportunity to look at her report again before issuing the checks for use but failed to do so and is in my opinion in breach of their agreement with her. I could see if she did not pay her monthly statements but she does. At the very least they should have honored the check and asked for the money to be paid back in addition to the amount already owed( under the initial $10, 00.These days you would think with banks looking for understanding and bailouts, and people losing their homes, these bankers would be a little more careful and a lot more understanding. Now we have to juggle our motgage payment and other bills because of this. I am pursuing other legal actions and trying possibly to put together a class action suit and or complaint to take to Washington and the media nationwide. If youv'e experienced similar issues please e-mail me. The only way we can hold them to a standard is to unite, fight and educate.

Called twice at work and my mom

i have an account with citifinancial. i have asked citifinancial not to call me at work. after i asked them...

Finance charge

I bought carpet for my house from Dobson Floors and they were running a 0% no-pay for an year promotion through CITI FINACNIAL RETAIL. My balance was around $6800 and the plan expires on Sept 13, 2008 but the due date was sept 17, 2008. I was traveling on a business trip and came home on the 12th. Wired the payment on the 13th thinking that they will receive it on the same day and CITI received the payment on the 16th. They slapped me with a finance charge of $1589.26. On that same Saturday(13th), I have wired the money to pay off another CITI retail account which is due only in Dec of 08.
After several calls and a dispute, they just waived $240.83 and I am stuck with this $1375.38 finance charge. I called the CITI AA credit card service to help me and they said, CITI financial has separate customer service and they can't help me.
Being a CITI customer for long time, I never thought they will do something like this to me. My intention was to pay off the account in full and I can't pay this outrageous $1378 finance charge. I am thinking off closing all of my CITI cards and start using my Chase/BOA cards.
Do I have any other options?Can anyone help me here? I have the Hyatt legal plan service and can they help me out here?

Frustrated Customer

  • Li
    Lisa T Clum May 05, 2009

    Oh my Gooodness, we are having the almost the exact same situation currently with CitiRetail!!! Did yours ever get resolved? We also bought a carpet on a 4 months same as cash deal. They changed the contract due date from 12//24/08 to 12/05/08 and we sent our final complete payment at the beginning of December because we thought it was due on 12/24/08, plenty of time. They say we were late--they didn't credit our account until 12/14/08 and want all the interest--almost $1000..00. We are soooooo angry!!! My contract actually says 12/24/08, so I am sending that to them tomorrow, but they will just change their rules or whatever, to suit their story that we were late when we were not!! What ever happened with your situation? Lisa

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Citifinancial is the worst auto loan co to deal with ever

I will never ever ever ever get an auto loan through citifinancial auto again. everything about them has been extremely inconvenient and ridiculous. I needed to get a due date change and so I had been making payments on a certain day of the month EVERY single month which yes was a little late but not late enough to get late fees. I never could get my due date changed because you have to wait 48 hours after your check clears and then call back and try to change it.
The stupidest thing is that if you are even 1 day late you can not access your account online. I called them about a fee I had seen on my paper bill and I had 2 more days until the day that my check would be going through and they said they had been charging me these fees always (which never was i made aware nor were they on any other statements) of course i cant go online to look at history so she says they will have to mail it to me.
They do not accept partial payments either for some reason which sucks for me because I used to always pay half on one payday and half on another so I didnt have one large sum coming out.
This is the worst company to have your car loan through and I have tried in every way to get refinanced by another company to get away from them but I am too upside down in my car that I cant.

  • Sh
    sharon mims Nov 28, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am one car payment behind and I have been paying my payment sometimes in 2 payments. Right now I am having to do this! They called and said they wanted to help me-so I called. They lied and said if I had called when they tried to contact me they could have helped me. The guy's manager? got on the phone and was very ugly! They called me back today=I called and it was a shouting match! She told me Good Luck! I have had this car for 18 months! I don't know what to do!

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  • Vi
    Victim Sheep Jan 02, 2009

    Call your senator, and anyone at the federal level to complain. It'll get stomewalled, but in the meantime start a blog site and threaten them with litigation on a class-action level.

    CITI folks can get downright mean, rude, and ugly while they're stealing from you. What's in your wallet? The business card from your attorney, I hope. ### will take everything else.

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  • Tb
    TBravo Apr 08, 2011

    We bought a van in 2005 with an 8, 000 dollar loan. It is now 2011 and we still owe 7000. No. Doesnt matter if you pay on time. Its ridiculous.

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Beware of citifinancial

My husband divorce was messy and we ended up with alot of debt from it plus we gained custody of his children. We ended up buying his ex out of her portion of the house, but to do that we had to refinance. With the horrible credit situation she left their finances in we were limited to where we could go to apply for a loan. Citifinancial seemed to be a savior for us; they were polite and eager to help us. If I knew then what I know now, his ex could have kept that house.

We ended up refinancing the house and to my amazement even in the horrible condition the home was in, they gave us $125, 000 but with a high rate. We paid off our debt and bought out his ex. A few years later we had accumulated some credit cards and went back to them. They actually refinanced our house again and gave us a new Mortgage loan of $135, 000 with a rate at 10.5%. My husband was forced to work both days every weekend to help make ends meet because our Mortgage payment was so high. In 07 I got pregnant, my father died, our AC went out in our house and our Truck, and my mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer. To say the least we were having a sucky year. Since then we have never fallen behind on our payments, mainly because my dying mother is helping us so that we don't ruin our credit that we've worked so hard to repair. I recently called Citi because my husband's work as eliminated overtime and with child care costs and everyday living expeses it has become to much for my family and my dying mother to deal with. I advised them of the situation and asked them if possibly we could reduce our rate. NO. We make to much. See I was advised by the local office that CITI does not take into consideration EVERYDAY LIVING EXPENSES when it comes to qualifying customers for their loans. However, if i wanted to apply, my credit was exceptional and they would be more than willing to get me another loan.

I thought that with then new Housing Bill that passed that maybe we would get some relief... but nope... you have to have 31% of your gross monthly income going to the Mortgage company. We are short $500... so even the government won't help me out. I have 3 kids to support and we have to have a place to live. I can't burden my mother with anything else. My husband and I are now having to go through a Money Management Service to assist us with dealing with Citifinanacial, but thats still no gaurantee that they will reduce our payment.

BEWARE: do not do what I did and get a loan from Citifinacial. As a company, they are more than willing to help you when you can afford it, but get into a bind and they get out a noose to help hang you.

Online & pay by phone method

I do majority of my banking and bill payments with on-line banking. It is easier, paperless, and convenient...

Lied to

We got behind on our rental mortgage, due to my husbands illness. We always dealt with mike from citifinancial at point plaza, butler, pa. And he was always nice, and worked with us to get current. Things had gotten really bad, my husband was ill with pneumonia (has emphysema) and couldn't work for 6 mos. We received a foreclosure notice in the mail, and we were turned over to another branch of citifinancial, and barbara enna was the person who worked with us. We talked to her, and she told us that if we agreed to a short sale, that would stop a foreclosure proceeding. We obtained a realtor, and signed an agreement for a short sale. About a week later our realtor could not get hold of barbara enna, and called us. After being put on hold, and left there countless times, we finally got thru to barbara enna, but when we asked her why we were still getting foreclosure notices, she said "well your being foreclosed on". We reminded her of our previous call where she said a short sale will stop foreclosure, and believe it or not she told us to forget that, because she really didn't have the authority to tell us that in the first place. She works in the loss mitigation dept. For citifinancial, and just exactly why did she tell us that if she doesn't have the authority to ??? Ok, so a few days pass and we get a legal notice from phelan hallinan & schmeig llp, that we are being sued in a civil action mortgage foreclosure suit. So back to barbara enna we go. Now she tells us we are to come up with $1100.00 by oct.26, and that will stop foreclose, but we are to agree to redo our remaining 12 year mortgage for 30 yrs. Not good. We finally have obtained a good lawyer who is going to look into all of this for us. But what the heck kind of a business is citifinancial who hires people like barbara enna who plays with foreclosure as if it were a joke?? This is serious, why tell us something that's not true, or you don't have the "authority " to say. Why aren't we talking to the party who has the authority to tell us what we really needed to do to stop this mess??? Citifinancial what gives??? Jerk the little guys around by their noses. Oh, and our $57000.00 mortgage has turned into a $65000.00 lawsuit. Thanks citifinancial. Does the word crook mean anything to you people? Oh I better be careful... I didn't have the authority to say that...

  • Va
    Valarie0712 Aug 20, 2009

    Maybe you should have paid your mortgage as agreed or sold your home if you could no longer afford it. The mortgage only gets sent to loss mitigation after the customer is over 60 days behind and is actually refusing to work with the employees at the branch level. Every bank will eventually foreclose if you go months without paying them. And stretching out your term was an effort to lower your payment so you could pay as agreed and avoid foreclosure.

    Why do people think that banks should write checks to them for thousands and thousands of dollars and they shouldn't have to make their payments when they are due? Would you loan money to someone and then tell them they don't have to pay you back until they feel like it?

    Also, fair reader, the only way this persons daughter would get a foreclosure notice is if she was listed as an owner of record on the deed. Legally, ALL owners have to be notified of a foreclosure proceeding. Citifinancial did nothing wrong.

    And yes, if you are not paying your mortgage, the only way to avoid foreclosure is to sell your house.

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  • Bo Oct 20, 2009

    Way to try and mitigate the damage. ALL your postings are on CitiFinancial related complaints there Valarie0712

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