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account paid on time - incorrectly listed on itc

I have been a customer of finchoice for years!.. I am extremely frustrated with finchoice..
My debit order for december 2019 went off on the 14th and in january 2020 I was contacted by finchoice telling me that my account was in arrears. I sent proof of payment to them and they were able to pick up my payments.
I am not happy because I am listings on itc as having not paid, that information is not correct, this affects my credit scoring.
I want this rectified asap and finchoice systems updated so that I am able to do withdrawals as this was not my fault.

no refund received

Good day.

It was on the 11/12/2019, first phone call made to Finchoice requesting a refund as I did a debt consolidation through my employer. They overpaid finchoice and the lady I spoke to advised that it will take about three to four days (excluding weekends) for the refund to be processed. Then on the 17/12/2019 phoned again as there was no refund into my bank account still the lady said the same thing, few days later phoned again I think the lady's name was Anita advised the same and advised that te two previous consultants did not update my account hence the delay. Three to four days passed again on the 22/12/2019, phoned again it was on a Sunday a lady by the name of Wendy advised that the requests by the previous three consultants were rejected as they need a proof of payment from me. I was livid as no one previously had mentioned of same and why I could only hear from the fourth person, nobody contacted me to advise about such. How is it possible speaking to different people in the same company and they provide with different answers. Totally unprofessional and ineffecient, only then I spoke to another Wendy the next day who promised to phone me back and never did. Now have logged a request from my employer to send a consolidation letter in order to forward to Finchoice. Given all the years being their client and now there's a credit amount in my account they couldn't even follow up or do the refund. Never will I do business with them again so disappointed with them that they didn't have the expertise to resolve my query first one than to wait this long. Can be contacted on [protected]

Loan : 6 months

PLEASE assist me.

I have been sent from polar to post with no assistance. I called in April to get a settlement amount and I was given a total amount to pay. To my surprise I have been getting calls saying I am owing an amount of about 300.00.

Today I get a call to say I owe 900 and odd rands. I unfortunately do not have the money. I asked to be given a total amount to pay in April because I knew that I wouldn't be able to pay in future since I am unemployed.

Please get me someone to call me to sort this matter out... I am really getting frustrated with the service I am getting from you...


loan settlement


I got a call from an finchoice agent telling me my account was on areas while I was paying every month on time. It was not my pay time yet, when I received the call I'm in areas with them, I have proof that I pay them each month on time, and then reflecting onu account aswell that I have a homecjoice account which I did not had at the time. So after telling me my account is in arrears, the stop my account from having funds or airtime but I'm a good payer. I then ask for settlement and pay the full settlement amount into the account they provided me with but still they took a debit order from my account and there's still money reflecting in my account that I owe them. I sended them a million emails.. Up till now no response.. Not even an email that would say I have settled my account with them. There service are very very bad. I'm very unhappy with them.. My question is is something wrong with them?

Many thanks — settlement paid and it’s not reflecting

I requested a settlement amount form Finchoice and NRB RISK Legal department and NRB RISK respond on the 06 May 2019 with an amount of R17194.06. Which I told them it can't...

loan application status.

I applied for a loan with finchoice, the call centre agents were calling me non stop wanting my documents. Even after I told them that I no longer want the loan, they still called me day and night. I have since informed them that I want a loan and they said I should submit my documents, I have submitted the documents but it has been 72 hours with no response. Furthermore the whatsapp chat number from finchoice is no longer responsive after receiving my documents but prior to receiving my documents they were very responsive and vocal. I will also lodge a complaint with the national credit regulator, because this is unethical processing and they are being fraudsters because they have all my documents with them but have chosen to go quite. I have also logged a case with hellopeter.


I am sick and tired of finchouce my account is not in arrears and I received a call to say my account is in arrears and when I try to get a loan they say funds available when d lady phoned me to say I'm in arrears then she realized d account is not in arrears but still I cannot get a loan FinChoice u suck u do not know how to look after loyal customer go to hell


To whom it may Concern

On the 21/11/2018 FNB settled my Finchoice Loan, I then called The Finchoice call center on the 23/11/2018 where I spoke to a gentleman that assured me my Loan has been settled and I owe nothing on this loan, He even offered me a new Loan which I declined.

On the 29/11/2018 I recieved a statement from Finchoice that shows I was in a positive balance of R0.22. On the 13/12/2018 Finchoice deducted R726.25, then I went into my branch to reverse it because I recieved a confirmation sms that I owed nothing on this account. A few days later I get a call stating I will be handed over to lawyers for non payment. I called the call centre back and the Teamleader Siphelo asked me to send him the statement that showed I was in a positive balance of R0.22 which I did. He never got back to.

I have never missed a payment before and this is just rediculous that I must be handed over to lawyers for an account that was paid up.

Please investigate this matter and get back to me

E Rabie

handover to collection agency

I apply to have my debt restructured in may 2017. My application was accepted by the debt management & debt restructuring services company. A restructuring letter was send to...

instalment paid but loan still in arrears

I have never missed my installment at finchoice but now when O checked for my account online it said the loan was in erreas. I do not know how that is possible because the...

not receiving statements

I have been sending numerous e-mails to [protected] to have them send my statements, I do not receive them on a monthly basis at all and got no feed back, this is how we get...

a negative listing against my name for paying in account early

I have been a customer of FinChoice for YEARS! In September, I paid R5000 towards my loan to settle it for the month. When trying to get an overdraft with my bank, i was told it was declined due to a default on my FinChoice account. When i called, i spoke to a sales consultant -Roxanne, who advised that there the amount i paid early, showed on the system as a minus and it was sent to the Beauru as a default? I now cannot apply for any credit because of this. I have never defaulted on any of my FinChoice installments - EVER! I have not received feedback, i have sent Roxanne's supervisor - Warren an email, of which he hasn't even responded. If this is not resolved timeously, and fixed at TransUnion, i will be taking this to the Ombudsman, the only reason why i am laying this complaint is because its part of the process from the Ombudsman's office to do so.

my query was never resolved

I took out a consolidation loan in September. The company, Nedbank payed finchoice an amount of r25 521 on the 5th of Sep, then I also payed an amount of r5566, 31 which I believe...


I have a restructured loan which was in arrears, made arrangements to pay the arrears which they said it is R1 120.00 and monthly installment 887.23 which was debited both in...

cellphone insurance

hi This is my second attempt in complaining still have not receive any feedback or progress regarding my claim other than a notification that the complaint is received. On the...

cellphone insurance

hi I am still waiting for your feedback regarding the progress of my cellphone claim was told to wait 24/48hours still no sms received. please revert back to me with your finding...


I had a loan with finchoice last year which I settled within six months, before agreed term, to my surprise this year I was called by finchoice consultants saying my account is in...

cancellation of loan

I am very dissatisfied by the service received from Finchoice. This is really a rip off that clients are not given an option to cancel their loan applications before the pay-out is done. I am not happy that I do not have a right as a consumer to cancel an application as I no longer have a need for the loan. I know that I agree to the conditions of the loan and that I am responsible for payment, but as a consumer I should have the right to cancel the application. I need urgent assistance and feedback on this matter

payout letter requested from 2017

I Was handed over for collection in 2017 by Finchoice to Shapiro Sheik which is one of their debt collector, and I was given a settlement discount to pay up the Loan, I have paid...

FinChoice — loan

I have contacted Finchoice for a settlement in October 2017. I then received a call to inform me that I still owe R1500. I informed the consultant that I have lost my job and that...

my account

I am a respected and valued customer with finchoise.
However I have a sincere complaint regarding the following:
I settled my account on 25 April 2018.
This does not appear on your system.
I have communicated via cellular and e-mails.
All the agents spoken to does not react to my concerns and dissatisfaction.
I am adoment that a reputable representative contact me immidiately to resolve this issue.

Jo-ann Greeff
Cell [protected]

kwik advance

I applied for a kwik advance loan last week Thursday, I was approved right away and recieved a text saying the money would be in my account shortly. I didn't recieve my money until Monday night at 10pm. I called a few times to find out what was going on and got very misleading information. I was told the money would be released to my account momentarily on Friday then again on Saturday. By Monday, I called repeatedly but got no reply. I will never use this service again

bad service

I refer to the above matter and wish to advise that on the 8th March 2018 I requested a credit bearer profile only to find out that I 've got 3 accounts that are listed on my...

my account is constantly showing I am in arrears

I phoned in last week and a consultant told me that the reason my account is in arrears is because finchoice did not deduct the airtime from my bank account. The amount was R20...


Finchoice debit my account before the agreed time which means almost every month l get charged R150 by my bank for bounced debit order. I need my agreement voice recording that...

nosipho consultant

Hi I just spoke to a consultant by the name of Nosipho that lady is very rude. When we call the call centre we expect the consultants to understands that we are using our own...

finchoice loan

Capitec: transfer - r2200.00 from savings account; ref finchoice; avail r47708.23; 02-dec. Call [protected] Above is proof of payment from my savings account to finchoice account...


I was very impress at first when I made an application with finchoice, consultants was very much proffessional with my application, which I did on thursday 16/11/2017. I was told...

finchoice will advance

Hi my name is petunia and i'm a finchoice customer. I took a while advance las month and the agreement pay date was the 6 and luckily I had the money by the 3rd. I asked for...

lack of customer service and extreme delays in refunding me!!!

I have being a Finchoice customer for the past 3 years and I have taken out 3 loans with them before all of which were paid up way before the end date of the loan term contract...

harassment of someone who is not a customer

In January last year I got a new cell no from MTN [protected]. I am receiving daily calls or pre-recorded messages from Finchoice for the previous owner of this cell no (a M...

false marketing

Finchoice is providing false marketing to its customers, I have been a good and a loyal customer to them, they advertised this skip a payment when times are tough I applied for it in March 2017 but they still debited when we had an agreement with them that I m gonna skip that payment, so I decided to reverse those funds and now they are busy calling and calling me as if I stole from them, i didn't steal from you, YOU MUST JUST STOP LYING TO YOUR CUSTOMERS AND BE HONEST TO YOUR CUSTOMERS, AS FROM NOW IM GONNA PREACH TO EVERYONE THAT I KNOW TO NEVER EVER MAKE BUSINESS WITH FINCHOICE, YOU ARE LIERS, My name is PM Tladi

debiting while the account is paid up

I paid the account of Finchoice in full and they even sended me a paid up letter, now they tell me that the account is still active and how I don't understand be cause the account...

FinChoicename listed on itc

My name is Andhira Singh. I am paying my account every month yet I am listed on ITC. please rectify urgently as this is hindering my credit record.
please call me on
This was supposed to have gone through a retrenchment claim from my previous employer but all my paperwork was lost by your company. I could not find my paperwork as the company went under business rescue and all info was lost from my side, I was handed to DMC and am paying regularly.

FinChoice — failing to provide information

Good day, I have logged two calls and sent an email to gjacobs requesting my former account information. Each time my details are taken but the documents are not sent. According...

FinChoice — debiting while already paid in full

It is now common that finchoice maybe have some members who go about changing reference numbers and dates of payment when one has finished paying the credit because different...

FinChoice — finchoice debited my account while I already paid for the full amount

Finchoice debited my account while i already paid for the full amount. When I asked for the refund everyone is shifting the blame. Everythime i called i am being asked for the...