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CitiFinancial Servicing Complaints & Reviews

CitiFinancial Servicing / noc not received

Bani Prasad on Jan 29, 2018
It has already been 4 years since the Honda Activa has been bought by MR. Biswanath Patro through finance loan from Citi Financial servicing. Vehicle number-OR-07-P-8059. Engine Number-5066498. Chassis number-78034947. Year of manufacturing-2007. All the amount of the loan was cleared by...

CitiFinancial Servicing / mortgage release

Julieannrobbins123 on Sep 11, 2017
I paid my loan in full in December 2016.They sent the mortgage release with the wrong book number on it.They still have a Lein on my property.This is the only thing I am waiting on to get a refinance on my mortgage.I have been trying for 2 weeks to get the lien release.Each time I call it...

CitiFinancial Servicing / Loan

Laurinda Behrens on Apr 11, 2017
I have been trying for 2 months to clear a truck loan for my brother. First I was told I had to get the title number and his social security number. I did. She said she would send me the information. This was loan department. I also faxed a copy of the title search that lists citifinancial a...

CitiFinancial Servicing / Product, services, delivery, company

Nicki Roc on Mar 20, 2017
I'm so unhappy with this company it takes months for you to get your shipment in, shipment is always separated nothing comes together don't even ask for a refund because you gotta pay to send your own shipment back, several occasions I purchase things from this website thing...

CitiFinancial / Branch manager being very rude and not nice at all.

Irene Sparks on Feb 22, 2017
I recently called to try to get my account caught up. I have been in the hospital for 2 months and was real sick prior to the hospital stay. She very rudely went on to tell me I wasn't who I said I was even after I verified all the info she needed. Saying that I didn't sound like a 70 year...

CitiFinancial / Home loan

Brooke Gil on Jul 28, 2016
I've been trying to get a simple payoff request since May/2016 to finish the closing on my deased mothers home which I inherited.I have no luck in getting one. My lawyer and I have sent EVERY information in that you requested in. After all of that I still haven't received a pay off. I...

Citifinancial Retail Services / Personal loan

SZM56 on Apr 1, 2016
I have take a loan from Visions, Canada. The retail loan was taken care of by Citifinancial. The Visions(retailer) and the Citifinancial never ever told me to set up an account with citifinancial. I went into citifinancial branch on April 1, 2016 to transfer that retail balance to the...

CitiFinancial / Possible scam

primcounselor on Apr 23, 2015
I was contacted by Mr. Rick Martin via email stating I had been approved for a cash loan of up to 4000. I contacted M. Martin and requested 2000. The only requirement being that I pay the first months installment in advance, Since that time Mr. Martin has continually required me to pay...

Citifinancial Mortgage / Renewing without 2 signatures

Ripped OFf Client NB on Mar 9, 2015
What act does CitiFinancial follow if not the same as the Banks process as I would like to see something in writing in regards to the ability to renew/amend a contract when original contract has 2 borrowers. My ex (borrower #1) and I was co signer. 11 yrs later I had to call and find out...

CitiFinancial / Payments and attitudes

Melody Self on Jun 4, 2014
Over a year ago, I released my home in North Carolina to my sister to assume the loan with Citifinancial. None the less I am displeased with this company in doing what they need to do in getting things done. I and my sister got together them to send information needed for her to talk to...

CitiFinancial / NSF fees

thedonwong on Dec 6, 2013
After looking at my online account I thought it was a little weird that it said the next payment that will be debited is March 2014. Being confused as payments were normally coming out every month I decided to be proactive and call my Citifinacial branch in Mississauga at Heartland. After...

CitiFinancial / Scams

ladybugher on Sep 17, 2012
I urge anyone who has a loan with this company whether it be a car, mortgage, or personal, demand a payment history. We found missing transactions after cash payments, guess she thought we wouldn't hold onto our receipts or thought they would have forclosed on us before we found out...

Citifinancial Auto / Payments not applied to principal

Darice Montgomery on May 2, 2012
I financed a car through Citifinancial Auto in May 2007. My account was charged a late fee every single month for over a year no matter when the payment was made. They did not apply a payment to my account and I was charged more late fees even though I sent then a copy of the cancelled...

CitiFinancial / Abusive treatment, unprofessional

Patricia Fretz on Dec 23, 2011
I have been dealing withe the Niagara Falls branch of CitiFinancial for years, and the Manager, Denny, as well as the staff, Leena and Jenny were absolutely wonderful to deal with. They treated everyone with respect and understanding and worked with you when you fell on hard times, going...

Citifincial / Payoff balance not being applied

Wendy Owens on Nov 16, 2011
I typed a lot and it deleted so I got a loan from citifinancial and they have been taking my money and not applying it accordingly. I have been making monthly payments to payoff my truck of $186.00 a last 12/10 I asked for a payoff it was $3667.00 today 11/11 the payoff is still...

CitiFinancial / I have received multiple phone calls in one day from them

Gembass on Sep 27, 2011
I have received multiple phone calls in one day from them. Numerous days in a row. Phone calls started 2 days after payment was due. Account is not behind. Account not 30 days late. Trying to bully me into making payment by threatening legal action. When tried to make payment arrangement...

Citifinancial Auto / Over charge of taxes on repo

KarenAtchison on Aug 21, 2011
About 7 yrs ago my son needed a car and we found a nice Pontiac GP and due to his age I had to co sign for the loan. Well long story short, the car got repossessed and the car was resold by the bank. About 1 yr ago both my son and I recieved a bill from the IRS for $600+ in regards to thi...

CitiFinancial / A past due balance

Regina F. McDuffie on Aug 13, 2011
Received phone calls to ERSolutions, not answered. Received letter stating I have a past due balance of $4, 924.15 that needs to be resolved. This is not my account. This is (Regina Francis) not my correct name.

Citifinancial Auto Ltd. / Paying payments with no vecheicle

linda J Hart on Aug 9, 2011
I bought a van paid 4 years with no problem, when economy turned down I was unable to pay for this van, I called them and did a voluntary rep. but 3 times before I asked for help to lower van payment they said they could not help, I am taking care of an elder parent, paying all bills and...

CitiFinancial / Unauthorized credit inquiry

Apalled on Jun 15, 2011
May 23, 2011: I went to the Lakewood Ohio office of CitiFinancial to apply for a consumer loan. Account executive Sam Calvin greeted me and began to service my request. After gathering personal information, Sam asked me to verbally authorize him to do a credit search so he could complete the...

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