Citifinancial AutoCitifinancial auto breaks the law with reposessions

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After losing my job, and then my husband walking out on me, things got a little behind. I continued to look for work, but nothing permanent came up except for temp jobs here and there.

I don't dispute that the car note was behind (588/mo), but I am upset about Citifinancial not adhering to things that they've told me they would/could do to help me.

Yesterday I was in the shower when I heard a loud banging somewhere in the house. I live in a duplex and figured it was someone for the people upstairs, and I continued to shower.

My bathroom is directly across from a short hallway leading to another small room at the back of my house, where there is a back door. I had come in from taking out trash (which turned into a messy situation) and jumped right into the shower, not taking any heed to the door that was left unlocked, or ajar.

Imagine my surprise when I suddenly hear a man's voice in the back room! I jerked open the curtain and he apologized, and turned around (I don't know if he went back outside but I continued to hear knocking). I got out of the shower, scared out of my mind, and put on my robe and went to the door.

It was Citi's repo guy. He'd been advised to come get the car because, according to the information that was faxed to him, "she has no job and no prospects, and is not looking for work, and cannot afford the car that she has). Sidenote: 588/month for a mazda is a bit steep; i found out later that at the time I purchased the vehicle, the dealership "padded" my income.

Anyway. Not a week earlier I'd spoken to the lady that I"ve been keeping up with since my husband walked out on me, and she told me that there was no repossession on my vehicle, bla bla bla...but this guy, who wore a badge on his hip (but was NOT a sheriff or marshal) said otherwise.

I called Citi and asked what I was supposed to owe.

The rude ***** that I got ahold of this time asked me, "so what is it that happened to make you get behind like this?" I asked, politely, if she had notes on my account, I didn't want to get back into it. She told me "if you aren't going to answer my question, I'm not going to help you." I told her that it wasn't that I didn't want to tell her, but some of it was rather painful and I didn't want to rehash it all again when I'd been in contact with the previous lady.

She told me, "well, SHE'S not going to give your car back to you, I am, and I don't like your attitude."
So I went back into the story of my husband leaving me and losing my job, etc etc.

They tell me an amount approximately 1000.00 higher than what I was advised when I spoke to the lady I'd been talking to, PLUS I'd have to pay 500.00 in repo fees.

My mind was swimming, but all I could think of was getting them the money. You need a car to get a job, and I don't live on a public transportation line.

This "woman" goes on to ask me, "well, if you don't have a job, how are you going to pay for this car?
Even if you paid it all right now, I wouldn't give your car back without you having a job."

I didn't know what to say because I didn't think it was any of her business how I got the money. I could be hooking on the corner (WHICH I AM NOT), but as long as they get their money, who cares?

I told her I was with several temp agencies and had a temp job lined up next week, and she laughed under her breath. Then she told me that she didn't care, I needed to prove to them I had stable employment, and I would need to fax Citi something showing, on company letterhead, that I had a job.

I called a lawyer after I calmed down from being violated and, I feared, robbed (who walks into a woman's house and stands there while she's naked?? COME ON), and they told me that there was nothing legal in how the repossession was handled.

Normally, I would have signed NOTHING, but I was so addled after what happened, I wasn't thinking clearly. The lawyer told me that that's what the guy was trying to do.

Can anyone tell me if it is legal to deny someone their vehicle for not having a job, even if they pay ALL the past due, repo fees, etc ?



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    debrau Nov 28, 2011
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    i have done business with local citifinancial offices and have had no problems with my due date now they have closed the local offices my due date is on 17th of each month i am now disabled and dont get paid till 28th of each month so i call to make a payment they send me to collections to some of the rudest people they wont change my due date from the 17th to 28th so they can collect that interest no one has tried to help me so from the 17th to the 28th of each month they will call and harrass even though i told them i dont get paid till 28th they wont work with me to have date changed; they told me i could only change my due date once i did that in 2009 well since 2010 i have been disabled and dont get paid but once a month so all i need is more stress and bad customer service to make me have more stress and anger to progress my ms wouldnt you think they would want to service disabled people with a little more respect i am still a human being i have explained thisto them but they dont listen what else can i do? i feel like they are degrading me and i am nothing the way they talk to me i wished supervisors or higher up would listen to my calls with them i have asked for supervisors and have been told they dont have any on hand what kind of company am i dealing with i hope they remember what goes around comes around treat disabled people with respect also

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    ukiddingme Sep 14, 2011

    I agree with everyone that Citi is a bunch of ###. I also had a loan with them for a vehicle that I defaulted on due to job loss. The default is completely my fault and I accept the fact that I owe this company the money I borrowed. But here is the funny part... The car was repo'd and I was able to borrow the money to get it back before it went to auction. Citi allowed me to catch up payments and pay all the fees associated with the repo and then go get my car back. A couple of months later I was late on another payment and wanted to straighten the account up and pay it up again. I called, a person told me the amount to pay to catch up and I made the payment over the phone. She said that the payment caught me up on the account and everything was fine. A few days later another person from Citi called and said that I was late on the last payment and my account had been charged off. I said that I had just made the past due payment up and that the last person I dealt with told me that everything was cleared up. This person then looked up my account, told me she saw where I had made the payment but told me my account had been charged off, was closed and I had to pay off the loan immediately (and the car was going to be repo'd). She said that the other person handling my account should not have accepted my payment and shouldn't have told me the account was current. I was shocked to say the least. I understand that I owe Citi for this loan and the language of the contract gives them wide latitude to cancel my loan and demand full payment immediately for any reason that they want but do they have the right to allow one agent to make an oral agreement over the phone, accept my payment and tell me the account is current and then have another agent call me a couple days later and tell me they should not have accepted the payment and the account is closed? I don't believe that is right and wanted an explanation. Of course not a single person there could tell me anything so I waited for the repo guy to show up. When he did, I refused to let him take it. I understand he could have gotten a warrant or something to force me to unblock the car so it could be towed but he didn't and left. Citi filed suit against me (I found a court date scheduled through the state court system website) but was never served with a summons. So I let it go not knowing what to do since they were unwilling to talk to me and didn't even bother to go through with their lawsuit against me. Finally after two years with a suit on the docket, the suit was dismissed by the court due to failure on Citi's part to do anything (move for judgement etc.). Now I have a vehicle that I can't sell, can't pay off and don't know what to do about the debt I owe (and is on my credit record). What a mess. And for all those that post on these sites that "you signed the agreement, it's your fault, you got what you deserved", I have a question: what agreement did Citi have with the government or it's taxpayers that when times are tough we will loan it $50 billion?

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    Barbara Dellinger Jun 02, 2011
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    I would like to have the orginal leiu for my car from citifianical auto

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    Ford Mercury Apr 05, 2011
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    My now ex-wife Erin and I obtained a auto loan, and when she moved out this last time in Feb 2006, she took the car and said she would make the payments and never did. I didn't know this until I started getting calls about the delinquent payments on my cell phone, because she changed the mailing address when she moved out, which forwarded all my mail to her new address. So when I got the first call, I called her and she sd she paid it, and I called Citifinancial Auto and asked for Customer Service and a Supervisor, but nobody would ever talk to me, because she put a block on the account so I could not view anything and told Citifinancial to work with her and not talk to me because I was court ordered to pay these payments, of which I was not and I mailed (Legal Family Court Documents) to prove my case, and you still would not talk to me, and yet you continued to call me on delinquent payments of which I could do nothing about and when you called me on my cell phone, you asked for Erin and when I told you this was my number, you would refuse to talk to me and hang up! Well this situation went on for over a year, and you even tried to repo the car from her, because back in Sept 2007 I believe the car was behind over $1500 and you went to her job to get the car, and she quickly got on the phone to the home office and worked out a payment arrangement with her, so the driver released the car back to her and she never, ever paid one penny to you and I then had to got to court and the Florence County Family Court Judge, had to demand that she pay the car in full, or return it and even then she tried to hang to it, and what happend!!! You Citifinancial Auto, only helped my now ex-wife Erin to ruin me, my credit and get back what she left of the car...HOPE YOUR SATISFIED, THANKS FOR NOTHING!!!

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    Kev Mar 17, 2011
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    Since 5th October 2009 My wife and I have tried to pay our car payment over the phone. We would get a confirmation number and told everything has gone through. We made several attempts several reps. same answer. My wife contacted her bank only to find out that her bank has no record of Citi Financial processing the payment.

    We had tried to set up our payment on auto pay. No luck. I have had no troubles in making a payment this way. Until Citi Financial Auto. It has been an uphill battle to get them to process our payment. My wife and I are trying to keep them from hurting our credit because of Citi Financial Auto.

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    Aarondi Mar 12, 2011
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    3 years ago, I got a loan for $3000.00 from CitiFinancial. This is by far the worst mistake of my life. They applied their interest to my initial balance, yes it was expensive, the total came out to over double what I borrowed, over $6000.00 and some change. When I initially got the loan, they were very polite about it and I bought "unemployment" insurance, well, what they fail to tell you that, the insurance does not cover you if you get fired. I've been paying on this loan and I STILL owe them more than what I borrowed!! I looked at my statements and to my disgust, I find that more than 75% of my payments are going to FEES AND INTREST! This is highway robbery!!

    This is exactly what is wrong with this economy, greedy idiotic loan sharks like this robbing innocent people who just wanted a little help with life. So what if I'm late on some payments, that obviously means that I'm having financial troubles, but these idiots see that as an opportunity to make more money!! How is that fair!? This should be illegal and these people need to be SHUT DOWN!!

    NEVER EVER get a loan from CitiFinancial! You will regret it for the rest of your life.

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    united states Feb 01, 2011
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    my mother went to richard for a loan richard borroed the full amount even though my mother only wanted enough to pay her husband off i asked her not to give richard the money to make this short richard has retired he did not put the ten thousand on the loan my mother cannot read nor write and i'm not much better but richard and i have been arguing for years about that money and he swore to me he put it back into her account but the new owner said that he would have filed that with the irs so please help tired of being taking for not having an education but my mother was an acoholic and get drunk and fight her and my stepdad one night they were fighting and i went in to help my mother and he locked me out i was beatenin on the door to get in and my arm went all the way end and down on the glass sticking up my dr said i would never be able to use it again but thank god ican do something my story why i didnt finish scool i have a metal plate and four screws in my head im 40 plus know plesae help

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    citifinancialsux Oct 30, 2010

    CitiFinancial is a separate company not associated with Citibank. Same name but NOT the same company. I know this because I asked them once on the phone. It is a Muslim owned company and that is why you get different answers. They dislike us that is a fact. They are not living up to their agreements. I would not finance with them anymore. People should complain to their state's attorney generals if you have a written agreement, that is the only way they will be mandated to comply. Good luck everyone and hope your situations turn around.

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  • They are a poor excuse of a company, I woke up this morning to find out that i no longer have a car. There was no notice. Yes i agree that i may have missed a payment or so, but when i tried to contact them i found out that they sold it to some company named Santar or something like that i went to the web site but could not find any contact info. i called them today and they said that I was 180 days non current on my loan and i told them that i made a payment in august, so that makes me a month behind. they also said that (i called two times today) the first lady said that I owe $2200.00 then i called like an hour later and a man told me that I owe $2800.00 how did it go up $600 in an hour. i calculated that total and it means that i am 9 months late. REALLY!!!. so I am not paying the nothing. I found a better place to do my business.

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  • Ed
    eddieC Sep 21, 2010

    I agree with many of the folks in these comment blocks. citifinancial are crooks!!! I purchased a used vehicle back in 2006. the vehicle was a 2003 model and had about 21000 miles. I made 31/2 years of good and steady payments. when nthis economy took the steep nose dive back in 2009 I lost my employment. I was in the process of rebuilding my credit, and the dealership that I purchased the car from also hiked up my income so that I would be able to drive the vehicle off there lot tghat evening. (That was my first mistake). well needless to say, when I lost my job, I immediately contacted citifiancial to see if they can lower my payments just for about 2-3 months till I got back on my feet. (Mind you I was tapping into my savings to make ends meet.) Citifiancial told me that they couldnt help me unless I made 6 consecutive additonal payments before they can consider my case. Now remember I never missed a payment or was never late in 31/2 years. I was heated because I felt that I was a good customer as they kept telling me. And now they cant help me? WTF? Well as my savings depleted, and I couldnt afford to make my payment, I was threatgend with repossession notices if I didnt make my montly payments on time. I called numerous times and spoke with many different customer service reps, just to hear the same crap. we cant help you. So about a month and 1/2 of not making a payment, my fiance and I where sitting in the living room, and I heard a truck on my driveway. the [censor] didnt even come knocking on my door. He just started to hook up to my car and was about to start driving away, until we ran outside and begged the man to let us remove the contents out of my vehicle. he waited til we emptied the car. after contacting citifiancial about this deboggle, they have the nerve to say that I was in default and tat they have the right to repo my car. In order for me to get my vehicle back I had to pay $1500.00 plus the towing fees. I was also told that if I couldnt pay that amount that day that my vehicle would be sold at auction. I contacted the better business bureau, and they informed me that citi had to let me know where the auction was to take place and offer me the opportunity to buy my car back. I wasnt offered any of those options. The sold my car needless to say and now they have the nerve to send me a letter stating that I still owe them the remainder of my loan. Boy they have some big cohones!!!They are crooks. For anyone thinking about purchasing a vehicle or just taking a loan, stay away from citifiancial!!!

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  • 1l
    1luvnmom Aug 30, 2010

    For the people who are so ignorant as to make the comments about the financial institutions not being there to help you, let me tell you MY situation with Citi. First of all up until recently they have been great to work with. However, my son was diagnosed with Cancer in March and therefor I am UNABLE to work due to hospital visits, treatments, etc. Believe me I WOULD work and have always worked since I was 15! I have NEVER been late on a payment or behind in the two years I have had this loan. With that said, I am trying to get the TRPP as my income has been reduced to half and I have been given the runaround since MAY! I have applied twice and was told by a "supervisor" on both occasions that my application would be approved. Yet here it is almost September and still no approval. I am now 2 months behind and at one point I was told I did not make enough money to qualify for the reduced payments. Yet, they still expect me to make a full payment? What kind of sense is that? I have never asked for help on ANYTHING. I am a well-informed, responsible consumer that has now exhausted all $38, 000 of our savings due to medical bills. I have never been late on any bills until now and have almost perfect credit. So what does this say about the CitiCorp? They really don't care about their customers, their situations, or anything else but THEIR bottom line. I am now filing a complaint with the BBB, Consumer Affairs, and every other affiliation I can think of!

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  • Mo
    momma2222 Aug 20, 2010

    having same issues with citifinancial. was actually told the other day that our outcome of our situation with them 'depends on who we talk to' -- so good to know that not even their employees are on the same page. i HATE this company with a passion. would like to know who i can complain to that is higher up that oversees these companies!!!

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    curtis smith Aug 18, 2010

    I have also recived threaten mesages from citi about my wife car when she got behind after she got sick with breast cancer .

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    CherylSue79 Jun 30, 2010

    I just got off the phone with CitiFinancial. All I can do is laugh, I received a letter by UPS airmail yesterday stating that if full payment of 511.34 is not received by today (June 30, 2010) they will repossess the vehicle. That includes a past due amount of 161.25 and the payment that was due on June 10th for 350.09. I explained to the man who answered the phone that today I currently had no money in my account but that Friday (July 2, 2010 I will be able to pay half of the total due and then The following Thursday (July 8, 2010) I would bring the account current.

    He said that was unacceptable and in order to keep the vehicle I will need to pay the 511.34 today. I calmly explained to him that I couldn't pay it today because the money isn't in my account, he told me that he can post a check today but it won't clear my account for another 24 to 48 hours. What!? I asked him if he was suggesting I authorize a bad check and he told me...well it probably won't clear until Friday anyways. I told him that obviously nothing can be done so I guess I'll load up on miles until they come and get it. I am going to call again on Friday and see if I can get another response.

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  • Sc
    Scottaro Jun 24, 2010

    ok, here's one for you all... I contacted CitiFi to get my payoff. They said it was good for 10 days. I the traded my car in and the company was to pay off the amount owed to CitFi. Two days after my original loan due date and after the 10 day payoff time, CitFi calls me for payment. I told them I traded it in, they need to contact the place I traded the car in. They said ok, but that I needed to also call. I did, but it was late in the day on Friday and the finance office that handles the payoff payments was closed and that I needed to call on Monday. Before I could call, CitiFi calls me asking if I talked to them last Friday. I told them I would in a little bit today. I am at work, I am busy at this time. The guy, Mr. Johnson, was very rude and said I didn't care enough to take care of this and that this is being reported to the credit agency today. I told him that would take care of it but that I am in the middle of a problem at work and I would do it later. He told me again that I didn't care and that I probably was just going to let the car go and that they might have to come get the car as they have no proof that I traded it in. I laughed and told him to go ahead and get it from the dealer. He asked me if I needed to talk to his manager. I told him no, that I am in the middle of a problem. He said, so you don't care about this? I told him that at this moment I don't cause I don't have time to talk. He then started going on about that I should still make the car payments until they receive the check from the dealer. He kept going on and on till I interrupted him and told him to let me speak to his manager. I told her the same thing that I will call the dealer as soon as I get a free moment. She was fine with that... So I get ahold of the finance office of my car dealer. They do some research and call me the next day. And guess what? The check they sent to CitiFi had been cashed within the 10 day payoff period. So here they are being rude to me, basically calling me a liar when the check had already been cashed. I sent them a copy of the canceled check and they are searching for it... still... The check was cashed on May 28th, They called on June 11th. They are still looking for the check. Even though I call them everyday to check on it. They still call me everyday with the same rude tone as day one!

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  • Ke
    keepingitreal2010 Jun 21, 2010
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    Verified customer

    Its interesting to hear some of the complaints about the treatment of this company. However, I think we need to realize that our financial institutions do NOT owe us anything. It would be no different if you had someone who was responsible for paying you each month for something and they didn't pay. You/Your Company depends on those individuals who you loan money to to repay you in a timely fashion. However, when we run into hardships, it is an expectation that the company who loans us money to work with us. I've read most of the complaints and am surprised at some of the comments. The bottom line, if you can no longer afford it (for whatever the reason or circumstances are) then you have to make a harsh decision. I have found, in most cases, that people are not mistreated when they speak to financial institutions, they are frustrated by their circumstances and left feeling rejected and helpless because they have no other alternatives. In most cases (not all), these lending institutions provide financing for people who have LESS THAN PERFECT credit. As a result, you are charged higher interest rates, etc. WE HAVE TO BECOME MORE FISCALLY RESPONSIBLE AND NOT LIVE BEYOND OUR MEANS and then expect the financial institutions to WORK WITH US because we've never been late. If you only knew how many times I've heard that and then when I see the payment history, most, if not all of the payments are late.

    I don't think any company would be UNWILLING to assist a client in maintaining their financial obligations. But, you must remember 3 things:

    1) The company doesn't OWE you anything. You owe them! That does NOT give way for anyone to be treated RUDELY, but we have to keep that at the forefront of our conversation. If they provide you with assistance, GREAT, but they are under no LEGAL obligation to do so (especially if you don't meet the criteria).

    2) If you are offered assistance, it has certain criteria and approvals that must be followed. More than likely, the person you are speaking with on the phone is NOT the person who approves or has the authority to approve. Therefore, they can't promise you anything but explain to you the types of options you may have for your situation.

    3) Someone posted that they were told "If you pay your payments on time for a year, you can refinance for a lower interest rate." I can assure you, that did NOT come from the company who financed your vehicle. That came from the CAR DEALER/SALES PERSON who's only interest was to get you to sign that document and take possession of the vehicle.

    a) Before you sign for a vehicle, contact the lending institution on your own and ask questions.

    b) GET ANYTHING IN WRITING. If a person refuses to put it in writing on company letterhead, then its likely that what they are telling you is NOT true. If its in writing, its a legal binding contract.

    c) Make sure you read everything in your contract, not just how much you have to pay each month! One of the biggest mistakes people make is they don't READ all of the contract, they don't ask questions about things they don't understand because they don't want to appear ignorant. However, if you were told that a company was going to provide you with financing, I would ask for a number to that company BEFORE YOU SIGN A CONTRACT and call them directly to ensure the information being provided by the CAR SALESMAN is correct and accurate. You have to understand that the dealerships have no direct relationship with the lenders. Its whoever responds with an offer the fastest...

    My final comment would be this: We MUST stop living BEYOND our means. Even if everything is going great and you are able to afford everything...we never stop to consider if any of things were to happen to you and/or your spouse: what if I am unable to work? What if I lose my job? What if they downsize? What if they close? What if our pay is decreased temporarily or permanently...will we be able to survive financially.

    These are tough questions, but questions that MUST be answered to protect your financial stability. Living from pay check to pay check is NOT acceptable anymore. Before you embark on any large purchase, weigh your options. Make sure you have at least 3 months of expenses (6 months preferably) in a savings account...and by all means, CLEAN UP YOUR CREDIT IF ITS DAMAGED.

    Its not easy to file bankruptcy anymore...and its a LOT MORE COSTLY! If you can't afford it, accept that your financial situation has changed and you have to adjust accordingly. Losing a car is far less expensive than LOSING YOUR MIND! A MIND IS A TERRIBLE THING TO WASTE!

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  • AuntieM Mar 18, 2010
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    Verified customer

    Okay, so here we go again. Citifinacial told me that if after the 6 month amendment I still needed a lower payment, they could redo my loan and add on a couple of more years making my payments lower.
    Well I called and told them I needed to redo my loan and am accepting their offer now. Guess what, none of the reps I spoke to last week knew what I am talking about. I recognized a couple of the voices of the reps and they still, do not know.
    According to them now, what I got was not an amendment it is called something else and in order to get an amendment I have to be a month late, but does not apply now because they will not redo my loan for another year! What?!!
    When I applied for what they called the amendment last time, they said that I had to be current and not late. What in the world is wrong with those people!!!

    Oh yeah, they have been calling me a week or more before my payment is due asking me for a payment or if I will be on time with my payment. I'm not even late and they are calling me?
    Good grief! They are the worse company ever! I think what they are doing must be criminal.

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  • Ka
    karalyne Mar 10, 2010

    "If you people would pay your bills you would have no problems. Citifinancial took your word that you would pay for the vehicle and you are not. Why should they care if you lost your job, I wouldn't - I would just want my money you owe me. You should have thought about losing your job before you made the purchase. You deadbeats should have taken the insurance at time of sale that says they will make your payments in the event you lose your job or get layed off. Don't blame the bank for your terrible financing. Only spend what you can afford idiots." looks like someone besides Citi can kiss my a$$. You know what they say about people in glass houses right? I am not in default with Citi, pay all my bills on time-and still think they're a terrible company. They have zero professional ethics and this story doesn't shock me one bit.

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  • Us
    USAChevy04 Feb 22, 2010

    Had my car repoed two days after paying the balance to zero. Paid the car off during a business day but was repoed at 2am on a weekend. The Repo man was unable to contact the company. :( I've noticed in several (other) ways that Citi's departments do not speak to each other. One person will make a deal with you, and another will not have that information...

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  • Yu
    Yusuf Agwan Jan 29, 2010

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    This is with reference to the above (LAC no. [protected]),
    I have purchased a two wheeler in Sep 2007 on finance of Rs. 50000/- from Citifinancial Consumer Finance Ind. Ltd.
    This loan was for the tenor of 24 months with an EMI of Rs. 2566/- p.m.
    As per the finance date and he tenor, my last emi was on October 2009 which was already paid.
    To the shock of mine the local collection agents contacted me stating that my loan tenor is 36 months instead of 24 months.
    I have constantly told the local agencies to provide me with the loan statement for me to verify, but they failed to do so.
    Now they are harassing to take away the two wheeler.
    I would request the authority to kindly look into the matter and revert back at the earliest.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Yusuf Agwan,
    S/o Ismail Agwan.
    [email protected]

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  • AuntieM Jan 13, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Ooops sorry for the type O's.

    I wanted to add, that before anyone ask for an amendment; unless you are secure with your income increasing or your situation getting better after 6 months of reduced payments, its a really a good idea to consider the loan adjustment instead of the amendment.
    Yes, your car will cost more in the long run, but won't it anyways? My car cost $25, 000 2 years ago, I owe a little over $23, 000 on it now (yeah, I need a mathematician to figure out why I still owe so much) and KBB says its now worth less than $12, 000.

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  • AuntieM Jan 13, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    They suggested I get the amendment first and if I still needed a reduction in my payments to call them back and get the payment adjustment where they add years on to the payment making it more affordable. Now they tell me that I have to make 6 months of regular payments before they do the loan adjustment. And I didn't talk to just one rep about applying for the amendment versus the payment adjustment, I spoke with more than a handful their at Citifinancial and they all said the same thing to me about doing the amendment first. I've been paying 15% for over 2 years on my car, have only made 3 payments thus far for the new amendment payment and it's like no one their recalls what they said to me about doing the loan adjustment. No wonder why Citi is going down the toliet. Most of us here could keep our cars if they worked with us giving us a more affordable interest rate, but seems they have other agendas? Maybe the repo business is a better business for Citifinancial? Simply amazes me how they can do this to people. Just plain lies and its not just one their, its like they are ALL trained to do the same and say the same.

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  • Gr
    grl1972 Jan 06, 2010

    Okay, here goes, two years ago my girl friend and I bought a car financed through citi, the payments were 472, per month, after about fourteen months, the economy did what we all know it did, I had to take a cut in hours of about thirty percent, came out to about two hundred per week loss, at the same time my daughter and son-in-law were going through the same ordeal, loss of income.They were in thier early twenties with an infant child.My girlfriend and I had no choice but to help our children, maintain a roof over their heads, they wound up filing bankruptcy, I contacted citi, told them there was no way we could continue paying the car payment, after many harassing phone calls, I told them if they could drop the payment to two hundred and fifty dollars for one year, then resume the original payment until the debt was paid we would be able to work through it, they informed me there was no way!I told them where the car was and asked them if they would please pick it up or I could deliver it to them, after three months of harassing calls, they finally picked up the car, at that time we owed 18000 on the car and the book value was about 16000, within two months I recieved a call saying I needed to send them a certified check for 9000 dollars, I laughed at the man and asked if he thought I had 9000 dollars under the bed, did he really think I'd have let the car go back, I was just served today for a lawsuit in the amount of 13000 dollars, so here we go!!!

    2 Votes
  • Ia
    iampissed1 Dec 02, 2009

    Um, it probably takes so long for them to get a fax, and follow through with customer calls and complaints because when you CALL them, you are speaking to someone in the Phillipines... damn shame they outsourcing everything

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  • Po
    poor people Nov 18, 2009

    If you people would pay your bills you would have no problems. Citifinancial took your word that you would pay for the vehicle and you are not. Why should they care if you lost your job, I wouldn't - I would just want my money you owe me. You should have thought about losing your job before you made the purchase. You deadbeats should have taken the insurance at time of sale that says they will make your payments in the event you lose your job or get layed off. Don't blame the bank for your terrible financing. Only spend what you can afford idiots.

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  • Do
    DougS Nov 16, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I tell anyone who asks about Citi Auto, Home, whatever, to RUN LIKE HELL!!

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  • Ba
    Balinthemout Oct 08, 2009

    "Imagine my surprise when I suddenly hear a man's voice in the back room! I jerked open the curtain and he apologized, and turned around (I don't know if he went back outside but I continued to hear knocking). I got out of the shower, scared out of my mind, and put on my robe and went to the door."

    WTH! That is breaking and entering! I don't care if its the owner/s of Citifinancial, they don't have the right to walk in your house, let alone in your bathroom! Did you call the police or an attorney?
    An update for me: after lots of calls, paperwork, etc., I finally got my payment reduced a couple of hundred dollars. My income had dropped but not my job. I believe they will help if you still have a job. Also, they have a program that will help you if your car breaks. They pay a portion of it and it has to be at least $1000 in work needed on your vehicle.

    2 Votes
  • Cg
    CGT Oct 07, 2009

    I too am dealing with Citifinancial, they repossessed my car from an impound lot, it was there because I had no insurance which has never happened to me. I havn't worked since April and lost over half my income due to no more child support and my son is in college. I spoke to the gentleman at the lot and told him when I could get my car, at any rate he contacted Citifinancial and told them they were in jeopardy of losing their property. At that point Citifinancial had someone pick the vehicle up. I received a certified letter in the mail stating that they had my vehicle, and that it would be sold in 26 days of the notice, and that I had 30 days to retrieve my possessions from vehicle. I was surprised because in talking to the man at the impound lot he told me no problem . But dealing with Citifinancial has been a nightmare, I too have paid on time every month for 3 years, I even paid in advance at one point for three months. Citi told me they would extended the date so i could come up with the money to get my car back, after being told no they wouldn't. So I had until the 6th of Oct. I paid on the 5th, then put insurance on vehicle and faxed them the paperwork they needed, they in turn faxed me a reinstatement letter, which they told me the following day that i needed to fax back to them . And that was only after calling the Auction where they sent my car to find out that they had not received a release letter from Citi, so i had to once again lose a half a day waiting for someone at Citi to answer the phone. I was also told by the Auction that I had to pay them a bunch of fees, and I wanted to know why? I wasn't the one that tried to sell the vehicle. And noone had told me there would be other fees besides the ones I had to pay Citi for the impound fees, and transport. And talking to a supervisor at Cit she argued the point with me that I was told, and I know that I wasn't.
    The representative told me its standard procedure, well i have never had a car repossessed, so how am i to know that. Now the supervisor said the hold for my car is up and if i can't tell her when i am going to Conn. to pick it up then it would still be sold. I am in Mass. I am not vehind any longer and do not owe any money but yet the threat is still there. I was told before it got repossessed that it ws't in jeopardy of being repo'd. They sent me a letter saying they could help me get caught up and when i called they couldn't help me or wouldn't help me. They are rude and ignorant, and think they can speak to you in any manner. I have given them over 1500.00 dollars and now they want me to pay the Auction. I was told by my brother to let them keep it. I wish I had listened. The car is a piece of crap it's a 99 Toyota, Camry, but I got ripped when I bought the vehicle.
    CGT, MA.

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  • St
    StoneMountainGeorgia Oct 02, 2009

    I called/faxed Citifinancial to do a voluntary repossionsion because they are refusing to give me a lower interest rate to lower my payments. My income is lower today and I cannot afford to make the payments.

    They keep telling me my file is being worked on by upper management. It has been two weeks already and I still have not heard from them. I keep calling and the keep saying the same thing. I just got off the phone with Chris asking him to transfer me to a manager or supervisor and he put me on hold and never came back to the phone.

    I want to give the car back, however, I am getting no information from them as to how they want to do this...I know they simply want the repo fee. Chris was very rude.

    I will not recommend Citifinancial to anyone.

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  • Bu
    bubbigirl1045 Sep 17, 2009

    CitiFinancial was bailed out with our tax dollars of more than $ 50 billion dollars, they should be damn lucky we bailed them out! Isn't it funny how we the tax payers bailed them out yet they will not help us out or bail us out when they have already received our money from the Fed Govt.

    This is so unfair to us, yes, more than 1/2 of americans are out of work due to the collopse of banks like them. It's unfair that they threaten us and treat us like crap. I would have called the police and pressed charges for unlawful entry into your home. If they want your car, take it; they have no right to enter your home without your notice. The lawyer had it wrong because he/she failed to see that this man just walked into your home unannounced, unwanted and unwelcomed. He had no right to do so just because he was there to repo your car.

    Isn't it funny how these banks got their money up front, and we have to wait to see a return on our investment if there is one??? An investement that shouldn't have taken place before the Federal Govt bailed out main street first. What are we supposed to do? It wasn't my fault nor your fault that greedy a** ***** stole from wallstreet looking out for themselves and forcing us to take care of them. When will we be taken care of? When will mainstreet be taken care of by our own govt?

    This pisses me off to no extent! How dare they take our money and then not help us! Who do they think they are? It's because of them, 1/2 of americans are out of work, can't find work and will end up homeless and have to file bankruptcy.

    This is so unfair and OBAMA needs to RECOGNIZE WE NEED A BAIL OUT TOO AND NOW! NOT LATER!

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  • Go
    Gods_speed Sep 04, 2009

    I am a 26yr old student who got a little 2001 Honda Accord financed through Citi Finacial with my grandmother as a co-signer. I lost my job about six months ago and I just had to move because of bad situations in the home. I have applied every where for a job and have not recieved one! I am two months behind on my (300) car payment. They are about to reposses my car and I have no money to pay right now. I have been late before in the past but, I always came up with the money! I don't know much about their repossesion process but, if there is anything that I can do to keep my car, if anyone knows anything, please let me know! My car is all I have! I know that if I call them, they won't care, they just want the money!

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  • Go
    Gods_speed Sep 04, 2009

    I am a 26 year old lady who has a little 2001 honda accord that Citi Finacial financed for me along with a co-signer! I just recently lost my job and I have had to move from where I live because of bad situations! I am two month's behind on my (300) car payment! I have applied to so many places and still cannot get hired. I am about to lose my car! I don't know much about how the whole reposession process works but, if anyone has any information that will help me at all, please let me know! My car is the last thing I have to my name! I have been late on payments before but I have always come up with the money. This time, I don't have it! I need help, I don't know what to do!!!

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  • Br
    brivalsymens Aug 11, 2009

    Send all complaint to:

    Federal Trade Commission
    Bureau of Consumer Protection
    Office of Credit Practices
    Washington D.C. 20580
    Board of Governors of Federal Reserve System
    Division of Consumer and Community Affairs
    20th & Constitution Ave, NW
    Washington D.C. 20551

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  • Su
    sudesh sharma Aug 11, 2009

    Dear sir,

    I have applied for personal loan in your call center thru your executive mr. vikas whose phone no. is [protected]. I am your existing customer of citi financial having loan account no. [protected]. I have paid 15th EMI. But when I have applied for top up then your bank send the statement of civil checking that there is no loan existing in my name at your bank . will you please confirm me that if there is no loan is showing in your civil checking report then why you are taking any EMI from me why you are dragging money of every month from my account and if the EMI is showing in my account statement then how can your bank send this statement that I have not taken any loan from your bank.

    Will you please let me know your clarification they why you decline my file and can you discuss with your executive mr. vikas at the above said mobile no.

    First time he told me that in your civil checking report we have not received any information of loan existing in your name but we have sent mail to our senior and that exact status will be come by next day and when I asked him next day he told me that your file is declined. Can you believe on this . how disgusting this reply.

    Now I request you kindly contact me for further discussion at my mobile [protected]


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  • Df
    D F Aug 09, 2009

    my car was repossed on yesterday. i am financed with citi financial. has anyone had a positive experience with getting your property back after repossession with this particular company?

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  • Ss
    SSaunders Aug 02, 2009

    I have been dealing with Citifinancial since Novemeber 2007. In October 2008 my hours got drastically reduced and by Janurary 2009 I was completely unemployed. I contacted Citifinancial immediately to inform them of my situation so I could make payment arrangements. The account manager I was assigned to was very unpleasant to say the least, nevertheless, she arranged a two month deferment. I felt in these hard economic time I would need more than two months to find employment, but I was told that two months was the longest deferment period Citinfinancial offered. Needless to say, it took me until April to find a permenant job and took till May to see my first pay check. As soon as I started getting paid I made two payments a month to get caught up. Citifinancial harrassed me relentlessly. It was so frustrating and irritating. Then to make matters worse, in June the state did not pass a budget and are not paying the state workers. We were provided with letters to give to our creditors to explain the situation. I faxed the letter to Citifinancial and requested another deferment. At first I was told I was not eligible because there has to be six months between deferments, which was less than two weeks away. After fussing with customer service they agreed to take an application for the deferment. A few days later I was contacted by them and was told I was denied the deferment because I needed to make six consecutive payments before being eligible again. I told them that I was not about to be harrassed by them when I am unable to make payments due to no fault of my own. It's bad enough to have to go to work every day and not get paid and have no idea when I am going to get paid because politicans want to grandstand. I'll be damned if I am going to be harrassed about some car when I don't even know how I am going to feed by kids. So on Monday when they call, I am going to put them on hold and call the governor's office on the three-way and let them explain when I am going to be able to pay. Citifinancial can kiss my a**!!!

    -1 Votes
  • Ga
    gary dean Jul 29, 2009

    I would seek legal advice because of what the repo guy did. They cannot barge into your home like that. They can come to your door if they want to talk to you and tell you what their there for. In most states, there is such a thing called "Breach of the Peace". Check with your State Attorney General's Office by looking up their website for information on repossesion laws.

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  • Ms
    Ms. Libby Jul 06, 2009

    Well it seems they have a pattern with their customers! I too have fallen pray to their lies! I am a disabled single mother of 2 and I lost part of my income and asked back in April for a Hard Ship loan adjustment (this is to help lower the interest rate which lowers the payment). I was told that since I made March's payment and was current then I could apply for the hard ship and to fax them my income information, did that. Then after several phone calls to them, I was told no decision was made yet and that I MUST have a fax number for them to send me the documents to sign. I explained that I only have the local library to fax from and that they will not take incoming faxes, so if they would overnight me the papers I would fax them back that day and I would also send the originals overnight to them as well, all at my expense. Well May came around, still calling them and no decision made yet and finally a manager did tell me they needed more information, expense break down, so I gave her the information and even faxed everything to them again so my bases where covered. The manager also told me, during that call, that they wanted to defer 2 payments so my loan would still show current while they were making their decision. I waited a few days and called them again for their decision. Again they told me I MUST have a fax number and again I explained the whole fax thing and was told she would note it on the account so the documents would be sent overnight. Now several calls have been made to them and no one knows anything so I've left several voice mail messages left for supervisers who never call me back and I still do not have an answer. Well today though they called to ask for my payment for June, which I didn't pay yet and was a few days late so they would have to call me. After I explained the past few months to the man on the phone, I asked to speak to a manager. Now once the manager got on the phone I again went through the whole story: April - asked for a hard ship loan adjustment & faxed information; May - manager finally tells me they need expense information & that she deferred 2 months in payments; June - no one will tell me anything. Well the pot thickens when this manager processed to tell me that they denied my hard ship request because I asked for the 2mth deferment on payments, it canceled out my hard ship request; I can't do both. ARE THEY SERIOUS!!! First of all I Never asked them to defer the payments (they made that call), like my lost of income would be better in a few months, I asked for the hard ship loan because my income was lower and wasn't going to go back up! Secondly that would be really stupid of me to do that knowing it would cancel out my request for what I desperately needed!!! So after almost 2hrs of arguing with them on the phone I am told that if I make Junes payment and they will put in another request for me but that I probably wont get it and should really wait 6-7mths and try again! Now after 3mths of being lied to and they deferred my payments without my requesting it, I am screwed! I will NEVER do business with them again, NEVER recommend them again, and I will NEVER let this matter come to an end and will contact whoever I need to regarding their very poor business practises!!!

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  • He
    Helpmrbill Jun 28, 2009

    The same thing is happening to me. I belive they are coming for my car. they said they will work with me and have plans for the situation. Ive made a payment a week ago. it still hasnt showed on my online statement. since then theyve called for another partial, I said that amkes me current right, yes. But they have only took 0ne dollar and one cent out of my account? so far. I belive they are plaining to get what they can and come for the car, even though im current now. someone parked in my driveway the other afternoon. I went out couldnt find the person went back in and someone jumped back in their car and left. I think repo guy is checking it out but not to until they get what they can from me. [email protected]

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  • Ag
    Agword Jun 24, 2009

    Talking about rip off's?? HA I got you one better!! I've had my car loan with them for 4 years now, never been late on a payment until FEBRUARY!! I make my payments through my online banking, in February I made a payment of 420. I started getting late notices, so I called, they claimed I didn't make the payment, 2 weeks I made another payment, I thought was March payment, 3 weeks later that money was redeposited into my bank account, I called them the next day told them what had happend and needed to know why? I made the payment again, well needless to say that payment came back as well, for 3 months I have proof that my car payment was made and put back into my account? I've called, talked to customer support which blows big time, asked to speak to managers, faxed bank statements, and I still don't have it corrected yet? Got a call yesterday that they were going to repo my truck since I was behind, I told them that if they did they could expect legal recourse for it. Until I get to speak to a manager to find out what happend to my February payment and why my payments kept getting redeposited into my account they better not send anyone to set foot on my property for any reason. A rep from my bank has even tried to get things straightened out and they won't even talk to her. I have one year left on my car, and it's still in excellent shape with low miles!! I will NEVER finance anything with them again after this. Oh and yea by the way, when you set up your account to pay through your bank like I do, keep a check on the address that's on your statement, they change collection company's without notifiying you of it... we think this maybe one possible problem but I still can't get them to accept a payment, wheather it be by phone, online bank or mailing a check.

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