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Complaints & Reviews

Title misplacement

I had a loan with Arcadia Financial which I paid off. I am looking for the CitiFinancial Auto company that...

Worst service ever

Citifinancial is not recommended and should be avoided. I have had a loan with them for sometime and the interest rate is a killer. They also have no interest in reducing the rate and to add to the negativity of this company, they ca not reproduce my loan documents. I have several asked several times if they could reduce my payment or interest rate and never get a call back. Now that I asked for copies of my loan documents, they can not. The hard documents with full details can not be located and so they can only provide me with some of the information in regards to the loan.

  • Sh
    Shannon36535 Feb 16, 2011

    why did you not have copies of loan documents that you signed the day you signed them to keep up with?

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  • Af
    a freind Mar 07, 2011

    They should have your original loan docs in the office if the account is still open. Be persistant. they also have programs to reduce the rate (temporary) as long as there is a verifiable cause too but it extends your term out to the max so it will feel like you will be paying the loan forever. Another option is to contact CCCS. They can work miracles in getting that rate reduced down. True the interest rate is a killer but remember, you did sign when you got the money and I know CitiFinancial policy has a very detailed closing procedure leaving no room for interpretation as far as the payback. You made a rock hard bed and now you will have to lay in it.

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Need a payoff figure to pay off house. Cant get!

About five years ago we filed bankruptcy . We kept the house and have made all our payment and would like to pay the house off and cant get a total. I even sent them a copy of the last loan agreement to see if this was right. I hate to start missing payment just to get their attention.Why cant they even acknowledge my letters to them I know they are getting them as they are getting the payments (even once register)any one their!!!I would even consider re writing the note to a smaller mortgage payment with less interest.

Stay away

I have had a mortgage with them in canada since 1998, never been in default or late at the end of 2010 i had to stop the direct debit out of my accounr as our pay days changed in January we got hit hard financially I cantacted them and told them January's payment would be made in February now I am getting calls and being pushed by them and harassed. the only hope I have is to sell my property and pay them off. consumer be careful there way of doing business stinks and so do their mortgages I am in canada and by the way I am also a senior. that kind of treatment I do not need especially when I notified them in the way notifying in writing is far better than on the phone with this finance company.

  • Mi
    Mike H Jan 25, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have a loan with Citifinancial which I have payed directly from my bank. My bank sense the check a full 10 days before it's due every month. However, I keep getting called from Citifinancial saying the payment is late. The problem seems to be the address where I send the payment. Every time I call they tell me I have the wrong address and give me a different one.

    Originally the address was in North Carolina, then it changed to South Carolina, now they say it's Nevada.

    The worst part is they always call and try to make me send extra payments. I've paid over twice the monthly minimum like clockwork every month. However, they still treat me like I'm a deadbeat who doesn't pay their bills.

    Once this loan is paid off, I will never do business with Citifinancial again.

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I am investigating a loan refinancing program that Citi Financial personal loans has. I originally went in and borrowed 5000, since my credit was bad naturally the interest rate was high, it put my balance to 12, 000. then over that last 3 years I have refinanced it 3 times, and not really paying any attention until I just ran a credit report for myself, I noticed that everytime I refinanced the loan to get a lower rate, the orginal loan amount was the new balance! What is up with this. I have been make at least a $230.00 monthly payment to these people for 3 years, and my balance is still at 13, 000?? Something is going on, and I intend to get to the bottom of it. I am waiting on copies of all of my paperwork, and I know they will have some loop hole to tell me of that it is legal to do that, well my payoff balance right now is higher that the orginal amount I borrowed. I think something is wrong here.
Please respond to [protected] . I will be
waiting to hear from you, I think I wil contact the better business bureau also, I feel this is a real rip off!!!

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I just refinanced with CitiMortgage from a Citimortgage loan. I received three different letters from CitiMortgage on the same subject (no idea why they sent me 3 letters). The first and third letter indicated that EZPay will transfer from prior CitiMortgage Account. The second letter indicated that it wouldn't.

Website terms clearly indicate EZPay will transfer with a refinance. Just to be sure, I contacted the call center, and they said EZPay would transfer though couldn't confirm because the new account wasn't visible. Called tonight as payment due date was approaching and learned nothing transfered to new account. Three calls to call center and one hour later resolved nothing though it was now my problem. I am out of the country on business so it is not exactly as easy as dropping a check in the mail.

It is clear that call center personnel aren't trained or knowledgeable as each time they provided different guidance on issue. One call center representative provided instructions to create a new, unique online account for the loan. I followed his instructions only to have new account get rejected because it used a common e-mail address as an existing account (that would be my existing account). My favorite response was that second individual who was very anxious to simply mail me an EZ Pay application form to close out the issue.

In hindsight, I eventually figured out that it should have taken 3 minutes to walk me through the following steps:

1) Admit Citimortgage screwed up and for whatever reason, the new refinanced loan didn't transfer EZPay from prior loan as they stated it would

2) Provide direction that it's very simple and fast to link a new loan to your existing online account

3) Explain that I will have to re-enter Bank information again for EZPay, but you will be able to instantaneously make an online payment for the first payment once this step is complete.

Instead, I wasted 1 hour with increasing blood pressure on the phone trying to get some help to only have to figure out this out for myself. Hope this helps anyone else with a CitiMortgage Refinance and EZ Pay.


I mailed them a check to pay off my balance of over $3500.00 on 1/3, due on 1/10. I continued to check my checking account online waiting to see the check cashed ... and after it was 1 week late, I called them (before they contacted me) and they said they never received it ... but I've heard their practice is to do this so they can continue to earn money on customers.

So they held my check to pay off my balance & pretended not to receive it. This caused another month of interest & late fees ... and damaged my 795 credit rating.

Of course I didn't want to mail another check, so I drove to a location (which was out of state for me) and I couldn't pay it there (?) ... so I paid it over the phone ... oh more money, because they charge for that ...

I think I'm on candid camera ... this can't be real ... how are they in business??

  • Yo
    YouWontLikeMeWhenIAmAngry Feb 01, 2011

    CitiFinancial has a couple ways to pay.

    1) Mail
    ---- not ever recommended as this is the year 2011 and mail is not the most efficient way by any means.
    2) Over the Phone
    --- also not recommended because it is through a 3rd party company and that is where the fee comes from
    3) On-Site
    --- also not recommended because it requires you to go find them and waste your time.
    3) The interweb
    --- very reasonable, but not available for all accounts
    4) From your bank
    --- nearly every bank in America now supports paying bills directly from them. The transfer is immediate and there is no chance that the receiver can come back later and say "we never got it".

    I recommend that you stop trying to use out dated transaction methods that require you to drive around and get the run around from incompetent employees. Just sent the money directly from your bank. The feature is generally called "bill pay" or "automatic payment". Most banks accept one time payments or you can even set it up to receive your bill directly to the bank and have it auto-paid.

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  • Ro
    Rocko Feb 22, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have been a CitiCards customer for a very long time. I have never, ever been late on a payment. Suddenly, out of the blue, they decide to cancel my card. Turns out I made a couple of late payments to other companies SEVEN years ago. I wrote customer service regarding this matter. Never heard back. When I called to follow up, I was told by several "supervisors" that nothing could be done. In addition to unfair business practices for which they have been caught - e. g., ridiculously high interest rates and double charging for certain fees - now CitiCards is doing this. Please, do yourself a favor. Do not get a CitiCard. If you have one, cancel it.

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Mortage fraud

This statement concerns mortgage fraud by Citifinancial Financial. This will explain unsound and unethical...

Still taking money even though loan paid off

I took out a Citifinancial loan a few years back, with fixed payment amounts coming out monthly automatically from my bank account. They told me when I took out the loan that I could make lump sum payments towards my loan whenever I wanted to, which I twice did. This month should have been my last repayment, only $185 instead of the usual $191. But, lo and behold, they took the usual $191. And they'll probably keep on taking payments, even though I have now paid off my loan!!! Con artists!!!

Failure to update balance and credit report

I settled an account with Citifinancial in April of 2010 for less than full amount, leaving a zero balance...


Someone tell me how to sue these people for overcharging me on my loan! They have repeatedly charged hundreds of dollars in fees when my payment was late instead of the $20 late fee. When approached on this subject I was told this LOAN was like a credit card interest compounded DAILY!!! Isn't this FRAUD??????????
Anyway I called the FORCLOSURE office to get a payment ampunt to get our account up to date. After paying that amount IN FULL again this month they want an additional $153!!! It's not even late! Somebody has to stop this madness


I have made 30 payments toward my loan at 322. a month and the balance is down to 11, 800. how is thi...

4 comments Bradford Loans

Phone harrassment to increase my loan amount

The company has continuously called and harrassed me at home and work to increase my loan amount. The lastest tactic was that they rejected my payment and sent it back to my bank. The bank mentioned that they rejected my payment because it had the wrong acccount number, the same one I had for at least a year. After my bank contacted me I contacted Citifinancial.

They acted as though they did not reject the payment. When I inquired about the account number they said that they may have changed it but was hesitant to give it to me. When I mentioned that the bank was going to reissue the check with the new account number they started talking about options to increase myloan amount. They mentioned that I could not pay for two months and they could adjust my loan so I could make lesser payments and get more money.

The company is the worst and I would warn any and everyone not to do business with them.

Rip off

Refinancing my mortgage through CitiFinancial was the biggest financial mistake of my life. Since refinancing with CitiFinancial my principal has increased not decreased. Payments have not been posted correctly. According to their records I am 4 months in arrears despite making monthly payments.

I have requested an printout of my payments for the past year and was denied. I have my payment records and can validate them all but the Customer Service Rep with which I am working with by phone says they do not agree with CitiFinancial's records. I have received letters from Attorneys and when I contact CitiFinancial they apologize for the mistake and tell me to disregard. Two months later CitiFinancial's records, according the the CSR agrees with the Attorney's records I was told to disregard. They never supply anything in writing with which to make an informed decision or document what I am being told.

I don't want to loose my home, especially since I have been making my mortgage payments, but I may have no choice. I am tired of the hassle and the emotional roller coaster.

Buyer beware or Borrower beware when you sign a contract with CitiFinancial.


There is a federal law called the "fair debt collection practices act" that citifinancial does not follow—harassing phone calls up to 10 times a day and up to 10 pm at night in my case. Any ways to slow them down?

I cosigned for a car loan with a friend. Now I find out, I am the primary person responsible for it. I do not have a driver's license & cannot even drive! We try to make the payments, but as another person said, the total amount due seems to never go down. They are a bleeping rip-off!

  • Ja
    jake33 Oct 11, 2010

    go on line and conyact the F.T.C./ federal trade commission file a complaint. Also your local atty general consumer complaint dept.

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Sold my loan without informing me

Sold my loan with no company Santander something...calling wanting payment which has already been made.arrgh...horrible way to deal with customer paying a way over inflated interest rate to begin with. This company has a lot to learn about customer service, which is probably the reason they are selling loans in the first place. I believe this practice to be illegal, as they are selling and proliferating my personal info without my written consent. If this is not illegal...then it should be. Please do not do business with this company, avoid them at all costs.

Scam, beware

We have been living in a home that was given to us after my in laws died in teste. A brother in law said he had power of attorney, well he stole all our money then we had to come up with 7500 for legal fees. this was the only time citifinancial later citimortgage talked to us. They said we could stay in the home till such time as we could afford probate We have tried for over 3 yrs to get to talk to anyone at that bank.All info was only allowed to go through Vincent (in law)The bank then told him to sign overpower of attorney to my husband Joseph so we could deal with the bank.It never happened as there was no executor, no power of attorney nothing. When there was a discrepancy they called Vincent not us. This was our home our money and they were giving himn our personal banking information.

I tried to work with research in the bank, sending cancelled checks and such to show we were not in default, they sent a letter to my deceased mother in law stating they had mistakenly not posted 2 payments and they would. When I called back when it did not show, m they said call Vincent. I then sent copies of certified checks from the bank, including an extra payment we paid in Dec just for the dimple fact that I am very ill and stress kills my immune system making me much more ill. I called, they said call Vincent. No one will work with me, they said we owe 6 months payments according to what they told Vincent which is a lie and none of his business. Now finally someone told me that even if there had been a simplepower of attorney it would die with the person. So now we have answered the banks foreclosure asking for a jury trial and also notified them they violated our rights.

We need a lawyer that will help us file a civil suit for bad business practice. Giving out personal banking info without any written consent. Calling myself a liar stating Vincent had the power of attorney.

Putting my husband and myself under great stress emotionally for my husband, physically and emotionally for me, my health has declined horrible the past 3 yrs. The autoimmune disease I have reacts directly to stress.I have become so upset and such physical pain, i had to call the suicide hot-line, I just wanted all this to end. I and my husband are good Christian people who do not lie, cheat or deceive.

end of story we need to file a civil law suit based on illegal practices, pain and suffering, and causing us directly due to there false practices of not crediting our account, has now put us inforeclosure, which is not true, I need a to find a lawyer to help. i don't travel as I cannot sit for long, I cannot drive and the pain is too bad. I use a walker and wheelchair. I am only 54 but since dealing with this co that I see has allot of complaints against them we need help.

  • So
    Sommery1116 Mar 29, 2011

    Sounds like the problem is with Vincent, not Citi. If your in-laws died intestate, and he had power of attorney, then by law Citi can only talk to him. You definitely should get a lawyer so that he can explain to you the difference between bad business practices and following the law.

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My loan was bought by rude co!

I purchased my car from Citifinancial Auto 2 1/2 years ago. I have made every payment on time since then...

Car payment

I have had a loan with Citi Financial for over 4 years now. they set me up on a automatic payment plan for 6 months. At the time they gave me a date of April 20th that would be the last payment due to them and then I would have to call them back to make arragements. Aafter callign them in April to fin out if the payment was going to be taken out and may, they told me that no there wer no more automatic payments wset up and that I would have to set one up for May or call my payment in. May approached, and not only did htey take the money of thge accoutn but it withdrew my account for 500 in fees. I spoke to over 20 differnt reps and managers, and 3 of the names I was given were later found to be falsified names. Their cusotmer service was horrible, they hung up on me after I was polite and explained my steroy over and over again 10 differnt people in the course of one phone call. they are horrible to deal with and they need to get American reps not foreigner who cant speak English.


Status - written off

I am posting my complaint on this board as I came to know that Citifinancial has been closed. Is there somebody at Citbank who cares for the CitiFinancial Customers

Reference is made to the Personal loan Account with CitiFinancial Under Ref No. 7071288 closed long back.

I had taken above referred personal loan from your esteemed bank which got cleared in 2008. A final settlement letter for Rs. 1, 500/- was issued wherein it was mentioned that "Upon realization of entire payment the above account (No. 7071288) will stand closed". The complete payment was done in due course before the expiry of the validity of settlement letter. The letter and receipt of full and final payment is available and can be provided on request.

Now, I request the concerned authorities to kindly clear my Status (WRITTEN OFF) in CIBIL as it is still giving a Written off Status which is badly affecting my creditworthiness.

How can the status be Written off when the loan is completely paid for, settled and closed.

Hence, I humbly request the concerned authorities to kindly update the information in my CIBIL CIR account, as I already stated, it is badly affecting my credibility.

An early and favourable action in this matter is highly obliged as I have requested for a loan with some bank and the processing of the same is held up on the above mentioned grounds (Status - WRITTEN OFF).

Kindly do the needful at the earliest.

An early action in this matter is highly obliged.


Anjali Sharma
Personal Loan No. 7071288

  • Bv
    B.V.Prakash Oct 14, 2011

    Dear sir/Madam, My personal loan a/c No.15231802. I would kindly request you to provide me my as on date loan due details please.
    Thanking you, yours sincerely, Prakash

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