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Church's Fried Chicken / unethical and unprofessional

1 2350 N. Story Road Irving, TX, United States
Contact information:
Phone: (972) 255-6062

Church’s Chicken at 2350 N. Story Road in Irving, Texas 75062.


I went there this morning about 11:30am. There was a short line, with two other people in front of me. As we stood there, this rude man came running in the store, cut through the line of people stepping on my foot, without ever excusing himself or apologizing. He said “I dropped a twenty” and then ran back through the line of waiting customers instead of going around us, and then ran out the door again, almost stepping on my other foot.

This extremely rude man did this FOUR times, running into the store, cutting through the line of customers, and then running back out of the building! The manager, who I take to be the bald man behind the counter, said and did NOTHING to this extremely rude individual.

The fourth time this extremely rude man came back in and stood up at the counter, as the woman in front of me was placing her order. The manager told her to wait, and then allowed this extremely rude man to cut in front of everybody, and took HIS order!

I do not tolerate this kind of inexcusable lack of manners from anyone. After this extremely rude man paid for his order and stood to the side, I asked him why he couldn’t be bothered with any manners. He just laughed.

When it came time to place my order, I made my order and then the cashier/manager (the bald man) “swiped” my card and then handed it to me saying it was “declined”. I told him there was nothing wrong with my card and I had plenty of money in my account. He just stared at me and said “declined”.

I am no fool. I worked in retail for many years, and I know a “get rid of a customer” scam when I see one! This bald [censored] behind the register was not swiping my card correctly….ON PURPOSE.

And for WHAT? Because I stood up to the [censored] that kept running in and out of the store, cutting in and out of line? The SAME rude [censored] that the store manager let cut in front of all the people who were standing in line waiting for their turn?

There is nothing wrong with my card; I called the bank to verify. I also know I had at least 5-10 times the amount of money in my account to cover this transaction. I also know that my card worked with no issues, at the next three stores I went too.

I do NOT do business with CORRUPT AND UNETHICAL companies, nor do I purchase their products. Your company is now on my “banned for life” list.


May 3, 2015

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