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Chase Manhattan Bank / illegal billing and overdraft fees!

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Today, because of activity on my account, the four transactions overdrew my checking account by $30.00. Chase immediately seized on the moment and charged another $140 in overdraft fees, making the total balance a negative $170. I live on a very fixed income, and that $140 is my car payment. Chase has one of the worst checking account services in the land today. They only care about how much in fees they can take. Whatever happened with working with the customer? I'm moving my funds to a credit union.

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  • Va
      8th of Feb, 2007
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    I think Chase is scamming me. There was a fraud on my checking account recently, and I didn't have the funds to cover it. Because of this, they opened an "overdraft line of credit" for me, without telling me.

    Now, they did call me about the fraudulent purchase, and rectified that issue promptly. The the creation of the overdraft line of credit was associated with a number of fees. On top of that, since I didn't know of its existence, I was assessed late fees on the original overdraft fees. I found out about the account when I got a bill for $70 or so the next month.

    My first call led to a runaround and an assurance that the problem would be taken care of. It was not, as I got a new bill the next month with more fees added! The next call led to resolution of this problem, and I was able to close all my accounts (or so I thought).

    Two months later, I get another bill, this time from a new "overdraft line of credit" for $120. It seems someone set up a fraudulent autowithdrawal on my account, and because I had no money in the account (and because the account was CLOSED!) they had to open a new overdraft line of credit. When I asked about the fact that my account was closed, they said that if an autopay comes through within 30 days of account closing, they reopen the account. Anyway, I told them this was fraud about 2 weeks ago, and perhaps, just maybe, it's all over with.

    One major source of frustration was dealing with the customer service people. One man told me I had to go to a branch to close my account. The next time I called, they said they could close it over the phone. One guy told me he couldn't stop the autowithdrawals on my account, but the next time they said they could. One lady had to send me forms to fill out and sign regarding the fraudulent payments, and the next lady just said, "We'll take care of it", and had no idea what forms I was talking about.

    It's craziness, and I sort of think that Chase does this on purpose on the chance some folks will pay the $30 or $40 in fees, just to have the problem go away.

  • Be
      11th of Aug, 2007
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    I agree, after 3 years of having a perfect record with Chase, I had financial difficulties and fell into a negative balance. I was being charged $5 a day for the negative balance. I told them it would be two weeks before I could rectify the situation, so I would rather close the account as I would still be in the negative by the time my money came through. They said no they could not close my account. In the end I'll end up owing them over $200 because they would not hold the fees or close my account. As soon as I get these outrageous fees payed off I'll never do any business with them again.

  • Ga
      16th of Aug, 2007
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    I usually had less than $20 charged, mostly books and paid them off monthly. I received billing by mail, every month, then in March i charged a gps receiver for $393 and never received another bill, now in August they say I owe $857 because of fees and charges due to non payment on a bill I never received. I certainly will have nothing to do with Chase bank again.

  • Br
      10th of Nov, 2007
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    They continually steal money from me. I opened an individual account with permission for my boyfriend to deposit and withdraw, with my permission and proper id, no debit card. My boyfriend and I broke up before I could get him off the account, they gave him a debit card, put him as a joint account holder and when I tried to take him off they said the account was in the negative from A transaction he did, so I put money in and when to close it the next day, an unknown transaction appeared putting it in the whole again. We went thru this for two weeks of me paying and trying to keep it in the positive long enough for me to close it. They never cared that if he had just been taken off like I wanted all this would of stopped. Finally with a lot of luck I got the account frozen and they opened me another account with his name no where on this one. They said it was all taken care of. Now a month later they withdrew 140.00 from my new account that had only 25.00 dollars in it to cover that account. I'm finding out a week later and no one is willing to fix it, plus I always seem to find out on the weekend so no one can help me. Is it legal for them to do this. Stay away they are rude and inconsiderate. Pass the word on please.

  • Sa
      22nd of Sep, 2008
    0 Votes

    Amen to that!
    I have been banking with chase for the past two years, and always had NSF checks every month, even after I double checked via automated system and via a real person and was assured that my balance was exactly what they told me it was, but every month right before my direct deposit all of these debits that I was assured was clear popped up + unheard of transactions that I could not dispute! I felt very irrresponsible and was even ashamed to go to their bank. I know now I am one of their best cutomers and I figured out that I've been taken for over six thousand dollars in the past two year, Hard to believe, but so true. All we can do is a class action suit and close our accounts. Shame Shame on you Chase, because your statergy to keep you in buisness will close your doors at the end! You people are going to be caught via tape recordings and when you pay back all the $ you stole I smell a big bankrupcy.

    Bad Luck Chase daaaaa we all will win!!!

  • An
      24th of Sep, 2008
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    I hate Chase. I bank with them and every so often they mess me over. A week ago, a bill was deducted from my account that I wasn't expecting. It was about 22 dollars. The money would have been in my account about a day or two later due to my direct deposited paycheck, but I got charged about 60 bucks in overdraft fees. It sucked. Why is the fee so high?! They got their 22 bucks back, so why do they have to charge me an extra 60 bucks? That's crazy!

    I thought the situation was okay this week because I left some extra money in my account just in case something unexpected happened. Well, I had enough in there for a bill I forgot about, but Chase charged me another 10 bucks on that account and I don't even know why. They usually charge my other account every month, so I wasn't expecting them to charge this account for anything. Well that 10 bucks screwed me up again and the balance fell to -$1.29. Fortunately I went to a Walgreen's when the money was still pending and found out about it at the ATM because Chase hadn't sent me an e-mail to alert me yet. Well the next morning I had the money put in the bank to cover the fee. I thought everything was fine because sometimes if you put the money in the same day, you don't get charged an overdraft fee.

    Well last night I checked my account again and it said -$34.00--Chase charged me again! This is ridiculous! I put the money back in quickly and still got charged! It was only $1.29 that they had to cover! On top of that, they're probably going to charge me each day until Friday when the money is put in through direct deposit. They are one of the most oppressive banks I know!

    It's no wonder my account keeps going negative because they keep charging me all this money! How am I supposed to stay on top of my real bills when they keep stealing my money?! I hate Chase!

  • Ma
      16th of Oct, 2008
    0 Votes

    Chase just hit up my college age son for $ 380 in just five days. We settled the account on the 10th of October, and they backdated an overdraft to the 9th with out telling us as we walked out of the bank. Then they charged 35 dollars per transaction and 35 per day amounting to $ 380 in five days. He was carefully checking his account to and it all popped up on the 15th. The Feds need to step in on these ridicious methods of accounting.

  • Ol
      21st of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes

    To add to the problem of their overdraft fees, they want to sell you overdraft protection, which basically means they charge you a fee so they can charge slightly less on other fee's. In addition to that the overdraft fee is on an escalating scale, so each time it happens they charge you more.

  • Wy
      7th of Oct, 2009
    0 Votes

    I just lost close to $450.00 dollars in the last 2 days, because they rearranged the order of the transactions. Called them today almost in tears because that the grocery money I don't have.. I say we find someone that will take up a case against them. Because sick of this s**t... There days I fill are numbered as a company...

  • Bu
      25th of Oct, 2009
    0 Votes

    Absolutely on the mark! I put a deposit (cash) in the depository since my Chase ATM card wasn't working just a little after noon. So a few days go by and I get a notice (e-notice) that my account is overdrawn and I was accruing $66 dollars for two overdrafts (from debit card transaction of all things). I go to my account to find out how this could happen; here's how Chase made their money - they posted my deposit the day AFTER i had made my deposit. Doing so allowed the debits to create two overdrafts. It is robbery without a gun as they say.

  • Th
      19th of Dec, 2009
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    Those companies who work for the customers and live with a clean conscious go out of business like Washington Mutual. I much prefer Wamu because, they would send notice of overdraft while the original purchase amount was still pending. This would allow customers to transfer funds in time and avoid the overdraft charges. On the other hand, chase sends notice days after the accnt has been withdrawn and the fees have been posted. We bail these big dogs out and they stab us in the back. Why do banks not deny purchases that are over the accnt balance? CHASE IS: The Branch of Opportunity to charge customers whenever possible. I'm looking for an alternative. Someone mentioned Credit Union; i'm gonna inquire about that. I can probably leave $100 with chase to use their ATM if credit unions don't offer many branches. You make your decision.

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