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Chase Health Advance / finance charge

1 Dallas, TX, United States Review updated:

I have been trying to straighten out a finance charge issue for months. Mt minimum payment due was 110.00. I wrote the check for 100 even in error.
when I realized my mistake i called and after being on hold for 20 plus minutes I was told to submit the difference. I did that but payment was recd 2 days late and my finance charge was raised to 24.75 % along with late charges. When I called again and held again for another 25 minutes the very unprofessional person told me that nothing could be done. I told her that I would pay off my balance in full and close the account - she replied go ahead. Once again I submitted payment and once again it showed receiving two days late on the account. I find this very strange. No other credit card/ bill payment is arriving late. Today 2/3/09 I have tried calling again and keep getting a recording telling me my hold time is over five minutes. NO ONE should use this service.

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  • Ia
      25th of Feb, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Same thing happened to me- they sent me a bill with a $600 finance charge after making payment only 1 day late. I was *FURIOUS*.
    Eventually, I was able to get the name of the lead supervisor, and get them to understand that if they didn't put the correct rate back, and refund the $600, they would soon be served with a lawsuit, and an investigation by the attorney general.
    Ultimately, they consented- but I would NEVER recommend doing business with them again.

    If its possible, DO NOT USE this company. They are out to rip people off.

  • Dc
      26th of Feb, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Terrible, dishonest service. I sent my payment in via US Postal Service Express Mail with guaranteed next business day delivery in order to ensure that it would be received on the due date. I received email confirmation that my check was delivered at 1:08 pm on the due date. Yet I receive a $39 late fee on my next bill and my promotional APR (0%) has been cancelled and raised to 24.75%. I called the toll free number for Chase Health Advance THREE times before getting a hold time of less than 5 minutes. When I finally spoke with someone, he said that the payment must be received be 10 AM on the due date!! So essentially, it is due the day before the actual due date. Considering that my payment only arrived 3 hours later, I requested that the late fee be waived and my promotional APR honored. The operator put in a request and said he would call me back the next day. I got a call the next day saying that my request waive the late fee had been DENIED (because even though the payment did arrive on the due date, it arrived at 1:08 pm, not 10 am). So I already paid $18.50 to send my payment via Express Mail and now I have to pay their $39 late charge event huogh it arrived on the due date. They also DENIED my request to restore my promotional APR. I complained to the agent about what I considered to be their unfair and dishonest practices regarding sending in payments and got absolutely no response. I sent in a check to pay off the balance in full this month so that I never have to deal with them again.


  • Ch
      10th of Mar, 2009
    +3 Votes

    I agree - do not use this company! In the 9 months I've had financing through them, I have not received bills about 4 times. Last month, I did not receive a statement and mailed a check for double the amount due. It was mailed on time, yet they state it arrived 1 day late and slapped me with a $39 late fee. I have called and explained the situation and they will not waive this fee. They are out to abuse those of us who have the ability and are trying to pay their bills on time! I will pay this account off and NEVER do business with them again!

  • Ri
      15th of Mar, 2009
    +3 Votes

    My wife and I had dental work done. The option we had was through Chase Health Care. We had no problem with them. It stated on the front of the contract that it was a twelve month contract, interest free. On the other hand the Chase Health Advance contracts where exactly the same on the front. Twelve months, interest free. When I started getting the statements I noticed a 24.75% interest had been added. When I contacted the company about the interest they informed me that I did not read the small print on the reverse side. The front stated: NO INTEREST. And this is where I signed. The dentist gave my a copy of the front only. Is this legal or not?

  • My
      6th of Apr, 2009
    +3 Votes

    I too am upset with this company. Does anyone have any of the contact numbers for any supervisors, at least names?

  • Do
      15th of Apr, 2009
    +3 Votes

    I strongly agree do not deal with this company. Since Dec. 1, 2007 I have either sent more than double my payments or my minimal monthly payment to Chase Health Advance before the required due dates. My last payment balance of $73 was due on Jan. 31, 2009 which I sent a check to Chase Health Advance but they posted it on Feb 9, 20009. I received a letter on Mar 19, 2009 stating that my account was delinquent so I called the toll free number listed and after waiting for over 1 hour I spoke to a representative which she told me that my account was paid in full and I had a zero balance. I asked her why did the letter state I was going to be charged a $39 late fee and she wasn't sure but transfered me to a very rude representative, which she stated that I will be charged a late fee charge of $39 plus a $810.39 for back interest at 27.99% for the entire account. I tried to explaine to her that I had paid in advance but she would not let me talk or even listen to what I had to say. I requested to speak to her supervisor and she told me that a person by the name of Tashia will call me, which never happened. I also requested that a contract be sent to my house so I can review it and that never happened. My husband called the Chase Health office on April 15, 2009 and spoke to Joann and requested that the late fee and finance charge be waived since there is a zero balance. I explained that the 0% Promotional due date was to be paid before May 10, 2009 and my account was paid in full. She was polite but told me that the decision was final and that my request was denied.
    I think this company has some very rude employees and charging $810.39 interest on an account that is paid in full 2 months prior to the due date is very wrong.

  • Ra
      27th of Apr, 2009
    +3 Votes

    We got a loan through Chase Health Advance and were under a promotional loan where it was no interest. We have been making payments always on time and almost always make more than the minimum monthly payment. It has never been an issue to make the monthly payments because we have money. I handle about 20 bills so when i receive a statement from a company i make a monthly payment. Chase Health Advance would always send a statement of charges and we would pay it on time and have never missed one. On the last payment of about 150 dollars we never received a statement from them so we didnt get a chance to send the payment . they never called or anything and we got a letter from them saying that we violated our promotional plan and now we had to pay for all of the interest, which was over $1000 dollars. I saw that the deadline for the payment was on the beginning of april so i overnighted the payment in full to them before the deadline and called them to try to get this situation straightened out . They were very rude and said that there was nothing that they could do and that i had to pay for all the interest.

    We are not the only ones to have fallen to a scam from this company as we saw, after searching for "chase health advance complaints" on google. Someone needs to stop this unjust scam and punish these people for all the suffering that they have caused to families.

    Do not EVER use this company! They will rip you off and you will be left in the same situation that we are in now! HELP!

  • Ki
      5th of May, 2009
    Best Best Advice +4 Votes

    Unfortunately I did not do my homework before getting a no interest plan with this dishonest company. I was recommended to use this company to help me pay for my Lasik eye procedure. I figured that I might as well because they were offering no interest for 24 months. I have had nothing but problems from them and I've only been using them since the end of February this year! My first bill was due on the 26th of the month. Well I never received my April bill so I called on April 20 because i was leaving the next day for my wedding in Mexico. I told the woman (i think her name was Geba-a woman with an Indian accent) that I never received a bill so she sent me a PDF version of my bill. Well, she failed to tell me that my bill was due that day! Then when I called back the next morning on my way to Mexico she informed me that it wouldn't have mattered if she told me or not because it was due by 10 am! That's complete BS, I don't know of any other credit companies where you have to pay by 10 am! Such a scam! That's a sure way for them to make sure that most people are late on their payments. So she said she would waive the late fee but meanwhile never mentioned the $24 "phone convience fee" that I would have to pay. She asked me if it was OK to authorize a payment of $126, my minimum monthly amount. I said "yes" as I had left $130 in my bank account to pay for this bill before our wedding. Well, low and behold I get home almost two weeks later and they withdrew $150 from my bank account...unauthorized! I talked to a rude woman in customer service yesterday who wouldn't listen to me and wanted to fight with me. I spoke with a senior rep today, Gene and he was just as unhelpful. He said they would not remove the $24 fee and that the first lady MUST have told me about the $24 phone fee because they are "trained" to do that. Well, I'm not an idiot. Had she asked me to authorize a payment of $150 I would have given her a different account because I only had $130 in that account. What kind of an idiot would say, "yes, go a head and do that because i love to pay for overdraft fees at my bank too?". It's absolutely ludicrous and I am now going to talk to my eye surgeon for recommending such a horrid company. I have already filed a complaint with the BBB and suggest all of you do the same. I am finding as many sites as I possibly can to write reviews about this company. I wish you all luck that have fees that are way higher than my $24 fee. I am beyond furious at this company.

  • An
      7th of May, 2009
    +2 Votes

    Like all of you I am having the same problem! And they are soooo rude!!! Contact me at if you have any suggestions or ideas to take care of this. I am going to contact the Better Business Bureau. I just paid off my balance in full and now they say I owe $128.07 because I lost my free finance promotional plan. Just so happens this is when I finished paying it off.

  • Ye
      15th of May, 2009
    -1 Votes

    I used this company for financing my lasik surgery. I found out a lot about the company before I financed anything. Apparently the late fee goes on your account after your due date, which is the same for most finance companies. If you are over like 45 days late or so, then you may lose your no interest financing. For those of you who say you lost it the very next day and you were slammed with 800 dollars in finance charges is complete crap. You're just pissed because you were late and they slammed you with what you agreed to. Rules are rules, pay late, pay the price. How hard is it to mail your payment on time? I was extremely satisfied with their customer service, everyone was very helpful with any questions I had, I was charged a $15.00 fee for changing my due date, but I didn't mind. Granted, you may sit on hold for a while, but it's not worth hanging up, call back, wait don't complain about that, that's your problem. The approval was easy and my payments were on time every month, no late fees, no interest paid to my account. Read your contracts before you sign them. It said right on mine that if I had a late payment I would owe 24.75% in interest. No thanks, pay early. I would DEFINITELY work with Chase Health Advance again.

  • Li
      26th of Jun, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Obviously your used to being ripped off and mistreated.

  • Ei
      26th of Jul, 2009
    +2 Votes

    We just paid off our account and called to close the account. The representative from Chase Health Advance confirmed that the account was paid off, but said we had to wait until it posted as zero to the credit companies before we closed it. We just received a bill in the mail for $1, 049 in finance charges because they said we were late on our bill. We already confirmed that the bill was paid off and a zero balance. Now we are fighting with them regarding this issue. WHAT A SCAM!!! Don't do business with Chase Health Advance.

  • So
      27th of Jul, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I have a complaint as well about the way Chase Health Advance (CHA) operates. I was seen by a fraud doctor and I disputed the bill. At the very least the Doctor was suppose to refund half his fee and did not do so until after I put in a dispute. In the meantime Chase told me not to make payments. When the dispute decision was delivered I called because I was unhappy with their decision. The doctor refunded half his fee but I had disputed the whole fee because the services I had paid for were not given and thus the doctor had used CHA fraudulently. After I contacted Chase to discuss the results of the dispute the woman told me my minimum payment would be $263 so that the account would be paid off in the promotional period. I did not check her math, I believed her and now just 6 months out from having the account paid I noticed it will not be paid off in that 6 months at $263/month. I called and at the least expected them to extend the promotional period so that I could continue to make the $263/mo payment until paid off. They absolutely refused to take responsibility for their customer service person's mistake. They purposely did not tell me that I would not have the account paid off in the promotional period and even lied in saying that it would be paid off if I continued with the $263 monthly payments.They didn't seem concerned either that they are working with a doctor who sells a product, finances through CHA, and does not provide the product. Incidently, I used the arbitration in the doctors contract and got all my money back after all. So we have scandalous health care providers and financeers.

  • Ki
      28th of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    great job getting all of the money back from the doctor. I am sorry to hear that you had to go through such a large hassle. I am not surprised at all about Chase's shady business practices. If you think about, what reputable credit company allows it's clients to have an online account yet they cannot make payments online?? That is ridiculous. Also, how unethical is it to instate a $24 "convenience fee" for paying over the telephone when it's not written OR verbally stated over the phone? Ever since my troubles with CHA I have written reviews everywhere I can think. I also have sent complaints to the BBB, NTC, and Attorney General's offices.

  • Da
      1st of Sep, 2009
    -1 Votes

    I am in the middle of trying to get into this Chase Health Advance...but I am thinking otherwise. I have already been screwed over from my Chase bank account slammed with tons of fees, as well as watching my fiance get SLAMMED for his credit card. The card had an 8, 000 dollar limit. We had used 7, 000 to get a car & then got the first bill 3 MONTHS AFTER IT WAS DUE and the minimum monthly payment was a totaly of $1, 5, 12 dollars! THAT IS INSANE! They scammed us in with the 0% interest for 12 months. Seeing as this is EXACTLY how Chase Health Advance works, I think I am taking my business else where. I was told I needed 'Immediate Oral Surgery' this month but then was denied scheduling because I could not get approved for the coverage, and I am thinking this is because being Co-Signed to the $1, 512 dollar minimum monthly payment credit card as well as the closed & slammed with tons of fees bank account that I had to close. I refuse to talk to any Chase representatives. My fiance even got to speak with Chase president one day, and all they have done is lie & lie & lie. The whole company is thieving from America. Something needs to be done soon. I am glad I got denied coverage, I had no clue until I looked up the Chase Health Advance company that they worked like Chase banks. The woman at the dentist who offered me the coverage lied & said they were not the same companies, HAH! Scams

  • Ni
      5th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    I tried to may a payment on the new online Service and It's just another way for chase to chrg you a late fee. My payment is due on the 6th of every month and I make my payments usually by money gram and pay the fee to do that so it will get there the same day. I tried to process a online payment on the 5th which was a Saturday. I get an error msg saying that I can not process the payment no earlier than the 8th. I know that Chase is trying to make me get chrged a late fee, and in there policy they use the word ""May"" be chrgd which if you deal with chase chances are you will get chrgd. I don't understand how online payment cannot be processed on the weekend. I have never heard of this. I care about my credit but when I feel like a company is trying to steal from me it makes we want to say hey I just won't pay you. Chase Health changed my Due date on one of my statement and Chrg me a late fee of 39.99 and I didn't even bother to call it in because I did not want to catch a stroke on the phone. So I sucked it up. However they will hear from me. Because I work hard for my money and they are chrging me 60.00 dollars here finace chrg this month it's 11.00 next month it will be 79.00. I don't understand them. I hate chase and I was with washington mutual I will be switching.

  • Ni
      5th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    Chase is something else about 4 yrs ago my mom had a home loan with chase and in that home loan they were suppose to pay the property taxes because the mortages was also comined with the taxes. Well my mom was also paying the taxes on the house seperately not knwoing that for almost 2 yrs she had been paying chase and she had been paying the city as well, long story short when I looked over her paper work and I checked and saw that she was being chrg left and right for things that didn't make any sense not to mention chase was being paid for taxes and they were over paid from my moms by 10, 000 plus dollars and they never rang her to tell her or sent a refund. I had to dispute this with them for almost 1 month when I said I would get a lawyer that's when everyone got serious and starting doing something. My mom recieved a check for almost 3, 000 in chrgs that her penalties to her. Could you believe them. I had to asked the agent that worked on my case did she think it was okay for me to have to yell and explain. People pay good money for a big company like this to get it right. I wish when this country had big loss Chase was going to be one of the companies that went down. Forget GM"" LEts Get Chase!!!

  • An
      23rd of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    I have had the same exact thing happen as many of you have stated. This is what you need to do to get something started, unfortunately, ChaseHealthAdvance falls under JPMorgan and are somehow protected from being investigated. They are federally regulated. This is how to get things started. Send your complaint letter to the President of the ChaseHealthAdvance and cc your local Attorney General's Office and the Better Business Bureau or local agency that handles consumer complaints. Secondly, file a formal complaints with both of those entities, (probably would hurt to send on to the US DOJ too, attaching your letter to the President of ChaseHealthAdvance. Your Attorney General's office can send ChaseHealthAdvance a letter of your behalf if they so chose and my Attorney General's office will be sending one this week.

    I think that as consumers we don't have a voice but if we complain loudenough perhaps something will be done.

  • Da
      3rd of Feb, 2010
    0 Votes

    They have charged me late despite proof of payment by my bank that payment was made on the due date. I regret not doing my homework and checking them out, I simply thought with a name such as Chase - the company had to be reputable. It seems they lie, cheat and steal to find a way to make consumers "default" on the temrs of the interest free loan, and make their money via outrageous late fees and interest. SCAM!
    I have sent detailed letters with supporting documentation from my bank and demanded teh late charges be waived. To date, no response whatsoever.

  • Ap
      6th of Feb, 2010
    0 Votes

    I am an attorney who was a victim to the same scam. I did my research and found that they did not comply with the disclosure requirements of the Truth in Lending Act. The fact that if you are one day late you get charged back to the original balance from the commencement of the loan was not properly disclosed in the applications or in the billing statments. I plan to institute a class action. Anyone who wants to participate, please contact me at or 305 261-8700. thanks

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