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Chase Credit Cards / unauthorized and fradulent charges from chase employees.

1 HI, United States

If anyone can tell me how I could have gotten unauthorized charges from anyone other than an employee from Chase please enlighten me because I have been going over it again and again trying to figure this out.

My story:

I opened a credit card with Chase because of a balance transfer offer they sent me. It was a fixed rate of 0% for 1 year but there was a balance transfer fee of 3%. So I transfered $1000 to this new line of credit and intended to pay it off within a year or less. I never intended to use it for purchases so when I received the cards in the mail I immediately locked them up in my personal safe at home. I didn't even show them to my husband or activate the cards. Then I continued to make $100 payments through the mail (not online) until it was paid off 10 months later. It was wonderful and I had saved money. Super!

Then about 2 years later I received a credit card bill in the mail with what looked to be website charges and since I had never activated the credit cards to begin with I thought it was really odd. So I called Chase to let them know that I had unauthorized charges on my card. They were helpful and reversed the charges and sent me some papers to sign and gave me a new account number and sent new cards. On the phone, I mentioned that I had never used the card for any purchases whatsoever or registered my credit card number anywhere online so I thought it was strange that someone had gotten my credit card info. All they said was "well, we will be investigating where these charges came from and you don't have to worry because you won't be held accountable for any fraudulent charges." When I received my new cards I again put them in my safe because I wasn't going to use them and I still thought something smelled fishy but I just went on with my life. Now it has been about a year and a half and I got fraudulent charges again (February 2009) from some wu-yi tea source website. Again I am baffled at how anyone could have gotten my credit card number. Based on my process of elimination the only people who have my credit card number is Chase and any of the employees who work with my account. So I decided to write this complaint and see if someone else can figure this out. I don't know how they hire their employees over at Chase but this time I told them that I don't even want any cards sent to me and I want to close my account. This time when I called about my fradulent charges the woman actually listened to what I said. She helped me reverse the charges, sent me paperwork to sign, gave me a new account number and then told me my case was "very suspect." I asked her what she meant by "suspect" and she said "hold on let me transfer you over to the fraud department." Now this first woman was clearly qualified to help me with my unauthorized charges so why did she send me to another fraud department? And why didn't she answer my question? (The first time I called 1.5 years ago only one person helped me with everything.) The second guy she transferred me to didn't even know what was going on he just answered "How can I help you today?" like I was a brand new caller who hadn't been helped yet. So then I had to explain everything again and he asked for permission to pull up my account blah, blah same thing again! Then he tells me "well it looks like your account is already closed and you have a new account number." So I tell him, yes someone already helped me with that and she transferred me to you because my charges were "very suspect." I explained again how I keep my cards in my safe and never used it online or anywhere etc, and all he said was "okay thank-you I will make a note of that on your account and is there anything else I can help you with today?" I said no and we hung up. It is very, very fishy. Although both times they were very helpful and always reversed the charges, I still think this company is fishy. If anyone has credit cards with Chase that they are not using, it might be wise to close the account because it appears that Chase's security has been compromised.

Michelle in Hawaii

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