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Chase Credit Card / account closure notification former wamu customers

1 WI, United States Review updated:

Long post but worth reading!!!

********* "wamu closure1" look at your chase account closing notification letter in the bottom left corner.*********
If your notice says this or your a former wamu holder you are not alone- if anything you have a ton of people who have your back and lets all hope that there are enough people who will not just say "oh-well" and walk away. I'm not going anywhere til they are exposed! After reading my story you will see why. I originaly had a cc with providian in 04' with a limit of $3, 000 and 18% interest, then wamu took over and with out my request increased my limit to 1/2 my yearly income (Full time student/ part time nanny) to $7, 000 with 18% interest. Wow right? It gets crazier...

The sad thing is that they knew i'd pay it, even if i got it up that high i always paid it in full or more than the monthly payment. I have never missed a payment and have looked back to 04' to see that i have always paid 2x's the amount due each month. I was their number one customer! Like other college students my cc became my other income. I used my card for groceries, textbooks, car repairs and larger purchases that i did not have the cash for. I lived on borrowed money (A big no no from suze!) i am 28 years old. I graduate in 2010 with an associates degree in criminal justice and a masters forensic psychology. I will be getting married n 2010 as well. I have no other debt!! I was very lucky to have scholarships, grants and a grandpa who in 1976 started a college fund for his future grand kids. There's just me and my older brother- no cousins. My bro is very talented with music, he plays the turntables at events and is a bartender for his income (Which in wisconsin is better than what many graduates receive for the first few years). He is so happy where he is at in life, he doesn't have much to worry about. But me i am in a big scary mess! My parents have good jobs, are close to retirement and recently paid off their mortgage. Now here's the jaw dropper-

Wamu increased my limit to $10, 053 and interest went up to 21%- crazy huh? Just wait there's more. So i kept spending and even purchased more. I was a college student with little income, no debt, and a job that paid $15, 000. But i was a perfect target because i always paid them, had large balances, paid the large balances off, kept living on the card and put up with the hikes despite not asking for the limit increase. Then chase comes along leaves my limit at $10, 053 but the interest shot up to 32%! Now i'm confused? I only make $15, 000! And have maybe $6, 000 in savings. But it didn't matter much to me at the time because i only saw this as an advanced-income assistance opportunity. I received a letter 2 weeks ago from chase stating they were closing my acct as of 8/25 and listed 3 principal reasons as to why they would close a customers acct (Balances are too high compared to credit limits, available credit to low, past due history or current past due). So which one am i? I have taken the card balance close to the limit about 4 times but have paid it off (2x's in-full) til it went to zero each time. I am a good customer, in good standing and have been there puppet since 2004. I received a suze orman book from my 90 year-old grandma for christmas. The lady has been through the economic depression once and now it's a threat to her again. So i read the book and took some control over my spending, made some smart choices and my credit score went from 686 to 718! Thanks grandma and suze! But i can't thank myself i have now found myself in the worst place-

My account was closed with a balance of $9, 600! Don't feel sorry for me though, i have learned my lesson the hard way. I had to tell my family what has been going on (I was busted!) and then i had to see disappointment come from my grandma's eyes. The women will sew old socks into her underwear when the lining gets too thin. She freezes all of her food and eats it even if it's been frozen for years. She rarely buys clothing and christmas gifts are simple things that i treasure. She has a very nice house and drives a lexus- she says that she earned those with her "farming" hands. She pinches pennies every where she goes. She has saved enough money to support the average person for 10 years. But even when she needs to pay for major house repairs, medications, surgery or her new forestry project- she cuts corners like no other. Some call her cheap. I call her smart- i just wished i would have picked up on her reasons sooner.

Now like you i have had my acct closed for no clear justifiable reason, my credit score will drop, and i still owe. I will pay the card off tomorrow. My credit union advised me to try and bs my way through the cc company so that they don't close the account. I am supposed to say words like "i would hate to lose you as my cc company, i have been so satisfied with your services, " "i have had the opportunity to get another cc with the same limit but with 1/2 the interest and i turned them down because i am a loyal customer, " and the final part is to tell them that i will pay the full balance and that i had no idea that it was a problem for them that i had this outstanding balance and apologize. Next with my fingers crossed i would ask to speak with their supervisor- someone who is in the united states- not a customer service rep in a different country- repeat my words and ask that they not close the acct. If they agree then i will get that in writing and when i do i will pay the card off- photocopy the card for file purpose-take it to my credit union and have them shred and dispose of it! I have read about 9 other blogs where people had to bs the company and it worked for them. Unfortunately anyone who is a former wamu customer going through this is still left feeling burned by wamu and chase.

To those of you who work hard everyday to pay bills and are good people- i must say to you that i am sorry for what you are going through right now, i do not have kids or own a house, i am a student and my responsibilities are not up to your level yet so i can only imagine how hard this is. But i was advised by my credit union to file a report to the state of wisconsin consumer agriculture and trade office and also write members of congress. I will do that because the "squeaky wheel gets the oil" and the more noise former wamu customers make the better. Chase obviously does not want to keep the burden of having former wamu cardholders as customers but we will be an even more burden to them when this is brought into light by the media and hopefully the government- i will even settle for a little class-action law suit. People work hard for their money to live not to suffer!!! Good luck to anyone who is reading this.

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  • Tp
      28th of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    i to have just had my card taken right after they raised interest. my sons card was also taken away right after interest was raise and of course there was 3 reasons his credit score is over 750 never been late always paid over minimum.also trying to figure out what to do

  • Cl
      30th of Oct, 2009
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    Similar problems here. They just closed my inactive acct that only had a $500 limit! What the heck? Even IF I charged $499 they won't go broke from that. I too am a former Providian / WAMU customer. I'm waiting for them to decide to close my other one that is $1500. Chase needs to chill out!

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