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Chase / denied fraud claim

1 Chicago, IL, United States Review updated:

My debit card was stolen and over $850 was withdrawn from my account in several unauthorized transactions. I reported the fraudulent activity the next day after receiving a call from the "fraud prevention" department. I filed a claim a few days later after the charges cleared - the first person I spoke with at the claims department implied it would be a relatively simple process to have my claim processed and the money stolen from my account credited back. All I would need to do is sign an affidavit and return back to Chase stating I did not authorize the transactions.

I waited a few days and called back the "claims" department after receiving nothing. I was told by this representative that my claim would be handled in 24-48 hours, with the implication that I would receive back my stolen funds. After not hearing anything 5 days later, I called claims once again, only to be told my claim had been denied. I asked why and was told that since the disputed transactions occurred very soon after my last authorized transaction, and the correct PIN was used each time, that my claim had been denied because Chase believed the transactions MUST have been authorized. I was told I would need to provide proof that it was not me making the transactions. I asked if Chase could review the ATM videos, and the representative told me I should go to the corresponding banks to the ATMs where the theft occurred and ask to see the videos, and then have the banker there contact Chase Claims Dept and explain that it was not me who took the money out. After a little investigation of the addresses of the ATMs, I found out one was actually at a CHASE ATM.

Before I could call in again, I received two separate letters in the mail explaining that my claims had been denied (the claims were divided into two sections for some reason). A direct excerpt from the letter reads "You are welcome to view the research documents used in resolving your claim." I found out that is not the case at all. Upon calling in to the claims department, I first talked to a representative who could not answer my questions directly, such as "since the transaction occurred at a CHASE ATM, can't you just look at the video and see who it is making the transaction?" Since it was definitely not me making the transaction, it seems pretty straight-forward to me that it was not an authorized transaction, right? WRONG!

I was connected to the first representative's "supervisor", named Gary, who was to answer (or rather, avoid answering) my questions. I asked him why my claim was denied. He said it was because it met Chase's criteria for denial, which he repeatedly refused to divulge. Come to find out, they never even looked at the video. They simply took a quick look and denied it since the thief had my pin #. I asked whether it would make a difference if I filed a police report and had the police dept. directly request the video - and when it clearly was NOT ME making the withdrawal - if my claim would be approved. The answer is NO. It wouldn't even matter if someone else is in the video making the transaction, because, as Gary put it, I could have "compromised" my pin # to this person, and basically, they could have been withdrawing money on my behalf. So basically what it comes down to is Chase does not believe you that fraudulent activity occurred. It was your fault, so too bad.

I asked Gary if he had ever heard of the Electronic Funds Transfer Act - he said this didn't apply since it was not an electronic funds transfer. I said it does apply, and that since I notified Chase within two days of the fraudulent activity, that I should only be liable for $50 of the charges. He said it doesn't apply. I asked him what it DOES apply to then, but sadly, Gary did not know. It was "outside his area of expertise". Ok, well then whose area of expertise is it then, Gary? Not the people handling the claims, obviously. I was told there was nothing I could do to have my claim approved. I concluded the call by kindly notifying Gary that Chase had just lost all of my business forever, which they have.

What a joke of a company - blatantly crooked. Time to shift everything over to my trusty local bank where I know I'm a valued customer.

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  • Ti
      20th of Jan, 2010
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    Have you filed a police report? They would have to let the police see the videos.

  • El
      18th of Feb, 2018
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    @Tired_of_Stupid I just had the police officer here today, this is Synchrony bank but I did the same things the guy did in the original post for Chase. The camera pictures are moot ...f you are on there you commited fraud if someone else is you were in collusion and gave them your pin number.

  • Ch
      4th of Oct, 2018
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    @Tired_of_Stupid I just had the same thing happen. CHASE IS A JOKE!! They have lost my business forever!!!

  • Go
      19th of Oct, 2018
    0 Votes

    @Chase seriously sucks Try contacting the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (U.S. Treasury). I had to file a dispute with them before to fight Chase on fraudulent sharges as weel after Chase said I'd made the charges. This was after they contacted me and cut off my card stating there was fraud on my account. While the thieves in question did not have my PIN they ran up over $200 in charges before Chase cut my card off. I was given my money back and won the dispute. Good luck.

  • Bj
      20th of Jan, 2010
    0 Votes

    I called the police dept and was told they do not fill out police reports for things like this and that I'd have to take it up to my bank. The officer I spoke with made it clear though that the bank MUST look at the video to use as evidence in the claim, which they did not do. Perhaps if I call the police once again and explain that the bank improperly handled my claim I could get them to force the bank to review the video. Thanks for the input.

  • Bj
      20th of Jan, 2010
    0 Votes

    I should clarify that I called the police and had the conversation I'm referencing right after I found out this happened a couple weeks back and have not tried calling back.

  • Na
      23rd of Feb, 2010
    0 Votes

    I have been working on a dispute since last October and can't get anyone to help me. I have been disconnected multiple times and receive the same kind of letter you did saying that it has been denied but with no information on why. I am so frustrated. I even have an email from the retailer agreeing that they will allow Chase to push through the chargeback. Yet, Chase denied it! I cannot wait to change banks.

  • Th
      4th of May, 2010
    0 Votes

    SAME exact thing happened to me, and in Chicago as well, and with Chase, as well. I just got my letter which is identical and says that I am welcome to view the research documents, yet they will not divulge any information pertaining to it. I lost over 500 dollars and they say it was me. Thanks, Chase.

  • An
      5th of Jul, 2010
    0 Votes

    I am going through the same thing. I was at a friends house and someone stole my cards. They made two credit purchases totaling only 27.00 thank god. First they gave me the money then said my claim was denied and took the money back out!! I asked them if they got the receipts from the place to verify my signature and if they looked at the video. NO, they didn't do either. They kept telling me to file a police report also. C'mon really the police aren't going to look into something that small. They also told me even if I did file a report and they proved it was someone else that I still may not get my money back because the purchase matched normal transactions.

    AH! They don't even know what the purchases where!!! Probably gas and the second transactions I'm thinking they went inside!! Show me the proof its not me instead of treating us like we are all liars!

  • Ma
      22nd of Jul, 2010
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    I am experiencing the same thing. Someone apparently used a skimmer to duplicate my husband's debit card and pin #. Then, I am assuming made a duplicate card and deposited a phoney check in our account and witdhrew $480. The card has been in our posession the entire time. Chase denied our claim because a PIN number was used and said that it must be us or someone we know. In addition, they took the liberty of moving $350 from my husband's chase credit card into our bank account without our permission to cover Overdraft Protection Fees and charged more fees on top of this. We filed a police report but the cops basically said they don't pursue anything under $10 grand. We are left getting [censor] on by Chase. I even got the time stamps and ATM#s (ATMs we NEVER used before) to ask Chase to view the cameras. Chase said they need a subpoena to view the cameras. This is ridiculous. I can't wait to close this account and go to a local bank or credit union. I hear there is a class action lawsuit brewing as well..if so, I am in!

  • Kn
      28th of Jul, 2010
    0 Votes

    They never notified me about my dispute being denied, and told me to go to the police to get the report #. This took days and when I finally called back to add to my dispute claim (to show proof that it was me because if I reported fraud and lied I could get arrested) they had already denied me without waiting to add the fact that I had gone to the police.

  • Jo
      17th of Aug, 2010
    0 Votes

    I also got my ATM card stolen and got a call from Chase, they said there was some account activity that looked suspicious. I told them that I lost/or someone stole my wallet with the card in it. So Chase reversed the charges, one for $50 and one for $75. Then a few days later the debited my account for the $50 again. I suppose they can not make up their mind.

  • Li
      29th of Sep, 2010
    -1 Votes

    Please contact me about this. Our office is getting ready to file a Class Action against them for this. If you would like to me involved in this contact me at

  • Wa
      23rd of Jan, 2018
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    @Liz Sutton same exact thing is currently happening to me...unbelievable

  • No
      4th of Nov, 2010
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    I had a similiar situation happen to me using a check that was cashed at a chase teller. This individual used a fradulent check no id only my pin and atm card and was cashed the same day for $2400 dollars. I only had $40 in my account when it was cashed. Not only that but the name on the check was spelled incorrectly as well as the complete address was not written nor was the signature similar to mines. Even after submitting a police report my claim was still denied TWICE... thanks chase

  • An
      26th of May, 2011
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    I have a similar situation to file $100 savings account ATM withdrawal in California, the first person I spoke with at the claims department told me he already credited the $100 to my account, cancelled the ATM card and will send a new ATM card to me. One week later I received the new ATM card and a confirmation letter confirmed Chase credited the $100 to my account. However, I found Chase credited the money to my closed checking account not active savings account ??????????? It's a savings transaction why credit to checking and it's a closed checking !!! I called the claims department again, the specialist say will credit back $100 to my active savings account within 48 hours. After 144 hours I didn't see the credit and didn't hear anything from Chase, I called the claims department once again, the specialist told me my claim has been denied, the reason is the withdrawal PIN# same as my new ATM card PIN#. Oh man, Chase didn't give me a new PIN# just sent me a new ATM card to replace the old ATM card, if I'm not use the old ATM card PIN# then what PIN# allow me access the ATM machine ???????? What excuse is it? Chase joked me like a fool, it's only $100 no big deal, $100 can break Chase's goodwill is a very cheap price. Thanks Chase, you lose one more valued customer.

  • Ki
      12th of Sep, 2011
    +2 Votes

    Contact Better Business Bureau n make a claim

  • Ki
      12th of Sep, 2011
    +2 Votes

    Contact the better business bureau n make a claim

  • Ti
      20th of Sep, 2011
    0 Votes

    Hi, the exact same thing as the original poster happened to did happen to me too several days ago.
    Chase is now denying to pay back 920$.
    I´d be interested:
    a) What are my options if the continue to deny the money? Is there some consumer protection agency that could put pressure on them? Do I even have to go to a lawyer? Is there something else that can be done?
    b) How did all the cases of the posters above end? Did you have to bear the loss or did the bank eventually pay you back?

  • Ls
      25th of Sep, 2012
    -1 Votes

    Greetings Guys, I Had The Same Problem - Chase is refusing to credit back $800 Cash in My Account. However, I Have Legal Shield. And Legal shield wrote a letter on my behalf about the situation and chase bank is not crediting my account in 24/48hours.
    I will advise you guys to get sign up with Legal Shield. It Really Helps and It Also protects your identity from Theft.
    Sign Up Now for less than $20 a Month and Get Legal Access to attorneys
    Any Inquires. Email Me @

  • Mp
      24th of Oct, 2012
    -1 Votes

    Hello, I can't believe the exact same thing gas happened to me. Someone stoled my debit card when I accidentally left it in my son friends car. Right away I noticed, and had my wallet. There days later I checked my balance through my cell, and it was wrong. I immediately looked in my wallet, and sure enough my card was missing. I immediately called Chase to close my card, and to file these unauthorized transactions. The customer service rep was understanding, she closed that card, issued me a new one, and patiently went through each transaction to figure out which I didn't authorized. Afterwards, she transferred me to claims department to file a claim to get a investigation started, and get a provisional credit. She asked me questions, which I truthfully answered. On some I didn't know the answer, I could only speculate what could of happened. They used my debit with my pin to pay Verizon prepay cell, .they took money out of two ATM machines, went to Denny's, and to the market. The total was $862.72. They told me they would investigate, and reverse these charges. Few days later, I decided to call to see if they needed anything else. At that point they told me my claim was denied, I couldn't understand the reasoning for this. I asked to speak to a supervisor named Mike. He was worst, and plain rude. Basically couldn't give me a real answer. Basically told me it was my fault for letting the other person look at my pin when I used my card. I told him if a proper investigation was done they could get the number from Verizon, look at the pictures the ATM took. Very rude staying the claim is complete, and there is nothing I or they can do to reverse this decision. I was so upset, .I asked for his boss. Well apparently he doesn't take calls or received letters. Basically, he doesn't help the customers. I asked if I make a police report, can that help? Again, .there's nothing not anyone can help. I told him I'm the victim here, and all the documents I have received state I would have zero liability as long as I called in a reasonable time to report it. The only thing I can do is complain to their executive office. So he transferred me, and quickly Mr. Mendoza had a different attitude. He understood my frustration, he gave me his direcT number. He assured me he would look into it, .and see if he can do anything to help me. Today I got there denial letters stating that their investigation concluded that these charges were authorized by me. Also, I can request the documentation they used in their investigation. The craziest part is that the denial letter was dated the same day I called them! So right there shows nothing was done for me. I will be complaining to the.federal departments that regulate these banks. Even though the supervisor said laughing that they can't do anything. I can't believe so many people have gone through the same issue. Something needs to change...

  • Ci
      11th of Dec, 2012
    -1 Votes

    I was involved in an unfortunate situation that involves being defrauded and perhaps a victim of negligent or at least unscrupulous activity from Chase Manhattan. Earlier this year I was traveling through the Philippines when my card and presumably my pin number was copied. In less than a week no less than 52 ATM attempts were made on my debit card with a total over $6500.00 being stolen. My normal activity is approximately one ATM withdrawal per week and approx. $3-400 being taken out. The activity was clearly outside of my normal range and being in Philippines also should have created a flag or hold. No contact nor any stop was placed on my account until I called to cancel it. I immediately filed two police reports along with statements at the mall security and acquired witness statements. I even requested help from the embassy. With all of this chase still denied my claim stating that it was denied due to my pin being used and also because I admitted to being in the Philippines. 

    The criminals took my card while drugging me and keeping me abducted, thus creating a traumatic situation for me. The five months of fighting my banking institution and reliving/defending my story has kept these injuries alive, especially since the insinuation is that I am in some way trying to defraud my bank or at fault for my victimization. 

    My banking institution claims to provide fail safes that prevent or minimize fraud, they claim my money is safe and insured in the case of theft. Not only have they failed to provide even the faintest security measure in this case, but they have blatantly profiled me as a criminal unless otherwise proven. I was told that even the atm videos would not provide evidence for the case as I could have had people making withdrawals on my behalf. I was also told that the circumstances were suspicious and repeatedly asked how the criminals received my pin number, even though it is common knowledge that a number of devices and techniques exist to steal pin numbers. This among many other directed statements and questions imply that to them I am the criminal rather than the victim or even just a valued customer. 

    This may not be relevant but they also stated online and in our initial conversation that they would refund my account while the verification of the claim was underway, this they did not do. I have been a victim to more than fraud, but in this case also of my banks misleading, harmful, and untrustworthy behavior. 

  • Ra
      22nd of Dec, 2012
    0 Votes

    Im 16 and i need help fast !! I had no money in my account and someone stole my card and used it. They put a fraudulent check in my account and took off $600 dollars, then I realized what was going on and i called the bank. They denied my claim and said I was liable. The bank returned the fraudulent check, and told me I have to pay them $600 dollars because I'm in the negative.. My mother thinks they'll put this on her credit report, because I don't have $600 dollars to pay, , PLEASE help I'm really scared!!

  • Rv
      23rd of Jan, 2013
    +1 Votes

    Wow...seems Chase has a pattern of which EVERYONE should beware. Just last week I too was a victim of a stolen debit card and after $4000 of deductions Chase denied the claim stating "not enough proof" and "suspect was known to me"...which apparently is all enough for them to not act. WHAT'S EVERYONE DOING ABOUT IT? besides closing their Chase accounts.

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