Chase Bank / wire service

On 11/29/2016 I went to a chase bank to make a wire transfer of funds to Kazakhstan. My daughter had made the request. She is a PhD candidate at Ohio state university. The money was to cover research costs she had contracted for this fall. The data she needed was to be sent to her upon payment. She emailed me the information and I went to the bank to make the transfer. The branch manager said the request raised red flags and I agreed it could, but that I had talked to our daughter and she in turn had talked directly to the firm. I explained that due to the nature of the grant paying for the data was different it was necessary to pay the bill by wire. The grant money had come directly to our daughter. Each time I was questioned about some aspect of the transfer I drove home found and printed an answer to the questions raised and came back. At 4pm the manager accompanied to the teller window and withdrew the necessary funds for the transfer. At this time she told me I still will not approve the transfer. The next day my wife and I returned with a copy of the contract for the data and she said she would never approve the transaction. She said I might be able to make the transfer online myself and said she saw too many red flags. I explained as did my wife we would alone accept the risk if the funds were lost. I went to another branch and explained what had happened and asked to see a manager to see if I could get the money wired. The manager was busy and the person talking to us said he would have him call us. At 3:30 pm I went back to the bank, located the manager who claimed to have been too busy to call me. I explained the problem, he talked to the original manager, and refused to wire the money.

Dec 01, 2016

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