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Chase Bank Credit Account / don't bank with chase!

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I opened a Chase Credit account. I responded to an offer on tv made my Time/Life for a worship CD. I made it clear to the person on the phone that I DID NOT want to sign up for an ongoing, monthly CD club and if this is what that was please disregard the entire call. I was assured I could order just the one CD without ever hearing from them again. HA!! This started my bad experience with Chase. The following month a charge for $24.98 showed up on my credit card from Time Life. I immediately knew what happened and called Chase Customer Service and explained. I was told they would mark that charge 'in dispute' and to call Time Life and have them credit it back, which I did. I then paid off the remaining balance and closed the credit card in July 05.

In Sept. 05, I received a check from Chase for $24.98 which I chased. Then it shows up on my credit report that I have an outstanding balance with Chase for $24.98. When I called and asked to speak to the top CSR I was told that they had double credited me and sent me a check. She did apologize for allowing it to show up on my credit report as an outstanding debt and I asked her to send me a letter stating that and apologizing to which she agreed. I have never received the letter and they are still hounding me to pay them the $24.98. I will be more than happy to reimburse them and I told them so, as soon as I receive a letter of apology and they take it off my credit report. Every other CSR I have spoken with about this issue has acted like it's just too bad but I owe it and they don't owe me any apology and they aren't going to show my account at a zero balance until I pay it. I'm thinking when Hell freezes over. DON'T BANK WITH CHASE!

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  • Cr
      7th of Dec, 2008
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    Amazing how that attitude still prevails! They act like they have done you a favor by answering the phone so do not expect anything resembing assistance after that point.

    Please read on and be warned...


    On August 8, 2008 I purchased some DVDs from Columbia House, the order came to $35.84. The order was shipped missing an item after many emails and phone calls to them I finally got my remaining item but they charged me an additional three times for that one item. After another round of calls and emails I finally chalked it up to a bad experience that I would learn a lesson from.

    On October 11.2008 I logged into my checking account to find that I had two pending charges of $99.76 from Columbia House! I immediately called Chase Bank’s toll free number where I spoke to a wonderful supervisor Pat, whom advised that as they were still pending she had been able to reverse them. As a caution she advised that they could submit again as long as they had my card number and provided me the number to the Chase Claims Department.

    Immediately I began trying to contact Columbia House via their email process on their website - to this day they have NEVER responded to the dozens of emails that I have sent regarding this issue. Calls are answered by someone not qualified to handle the matter, so a supervisor will need to return your call and that NEVER happens either.

    I tried to remove my card information from their site, which the site does not allow you to do! You also can not remove the check mark in the box allowing them to use that information for any future shipments and charges! In frustration I changed the billing information on the card to Big Bird, 123 Sesame Street, New York NY 10001

    On October 14, 2008 they again debited my checking account for $99.76 which resulted in CHASE Bank charging me $75.00 and $32.00 for insufficient funds fees.

    I contacted CHASE Bank filed a claim and closed that debit card (as they would not file the claim other wise). I provided them with screen shots showing no purchases, no shipments, no pending orders since the August fiasco and was advised by Angel that CHASE Bank would be crediting back the charge and any related insufficient funds fees.

    Initially they did credit back the $99.76 and the $75.00 for insufficient funds. CHASE refused to credit the $32.00 as Donnell advised me because a previous request had been made (the $75.00) within a 12-month period.

    On November 20, 2008 CHASE bank reversed themselves and took the $99.76 and the $75.00 from my checking account. I contacted CHASE Claims Department on 11.21.2008 and was advised by Judy that she would re-open the claim and I would receive that information shortly. Several hours later there was still no information received. Again I contacted CHASE claims where upon Andre advised me that I would need to speak with a supervisor whom was currently on another call and would need to call me back.

    To date there has been no communication from Judy or Andre’s supervisor, maybe CHASE has Columbia House train the employees in their Claims Department!

    Thanks to Grinches at COLUMBIA HOUSE and CHASE BANK there will be no Christmas in our household this year. The theft of over $200.00 from my account by these two supposedly reputable companies has ended any possibility of a celebration of any kind in my household


  • La
      29th of Apr, 2009
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    Dear chase bank my name is Latisha Randall and I dont want an acount with chase bank I would like it very much if the bank would understand because I dont want that account with this bank anymore and I would appreciate that very much that noone would try and make me to get an account with chase banc I dont want an account and Idont need to pay to get an account with chase bank so please understand that thank you so very much

  • La
      29th of Apr, 2009
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    I latisha Randall would like it veyr much if you would please cancel my account ok thank so very much
    I dont wish to have an account with chase bank at this time

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