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Chase Auto Finance / unsolicited phone calls

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I took out a car loan with chase. I made my payments on time for two years. Everything was fine until the economy took a nose dive. I had no source of income my husband was layed off from his job. we have very little money coming in so I called and asked them if I could make weekly payments because It was easier for me to budget that way. they said that would be fine. my payment is 300$ I wanted to make payments of 100$ weekly, lets do the math 4 weeks x 100$ = 400$ monthly.

at first that was okay until one day I got a phone call and they said it wasn't okay and they will only deal with whole payments. so we make weekly payments until they said we couldn't anymore. In the meantime they were calling my family members harassing them and telling them I owed money on my auto loan and didn't know how to get a hold of me- that was a lie because they were calling me harassing me because I was a couple of days late on that months payment- a couple of days!

I didn't end up receiving any money for two weeks SO of course they called daily and told the person assigned to my case I would need to make the payment late but it would be made. was threatened with repossession for being a week late, next day someone different called and said that person was not my case manager and I again was threatened with repossession, so after the daily calls, the daily threats they are inflexible unruly, ignorant, and most of all rude.

I became upset with them threatening repossession and if I didn't tell them just what they wanted they would come get my vehicle. sounds like black mail to me. So as it is now I am 19 days past due on my current months payment and they again are threatening repo. With the economy the way it is and everyone losing jobs left and right to threaten everyone that has lost a job seems counter productive.

They repo tons of vehicles, ruins everyones credit, there stuck with vehicles that no one can buy at auction, seems like everyone looses, so why not work with the owners who will take better care of them? Dealing with chase auto finance has been frightening, horrible, and aggravating at best and I don't have words for what it has been like at its worst.

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  • Ja
      14th of Sep, 2009
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    I'm dealing with Chase autofinance in a situation like yours. I asked them to re-negotiate the term of my car loan, I offered a voluntary reposs of the car. I offered a new co-signer with over 800 fico score and they rejected everything !. I made the firts 40 payments on time, and then I loose my job because my company went into a bankrupcy. They promissed me to send me a letter letting me know where to drop the car. They lied. A month ago, at 1:00 AM they came as thieves at my home, in the middle of a pacefull night and made an scandal as nobody has idea. They towed my car, and for a month this has been a real torture.They guys who took my car did not let me take the car plates, my personal belongings. Car registration, insurance card Nothing ! I have talked to at least 1o different officers. Every time I call them, they ask me different papers.Today, Sept. 14, 2009, I have talked to 5 different employees. The last one, told me that I ruined my credit for 10 years. That I'm going to get a number, That they will sell my car in a private auction, that they will accept only the pay-off of the loan ! They will auction my car for no more than $ 1.000. I owe them $ 5.000. I'm current on my payments. I have a big problem with the Motor Vehicle Office and I have no car. This has been stresfull, is not fair, looks abusive, illegal, and this caused me severe emotional distress. Repossesion experience was a unnessary humiliation. Chase treats its customers as thieves. I never on the rest of my life will make a bussiness with chase. Not anymore !


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