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Certegy / check denial

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Yesterday I had my company's business check denied by Certegy at Best Buy. I got the same computer generated "excuse" that everyone else has gotten. There is no negative activity reported on the account, but in an effort to prevent fraud their computers establish certain "patterns" that indicate fraud and my check fit the pattern. Judging by what I've read on this web site and others about Certegy it appears to be a definite scam and we need to complain directly to the retailers using them. If the retailers don't change, then we'll need to boycott those retailers and buy from their competitors!

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  • Ka
      16th of May, 2008
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    I went to K-Mart today and wrote a check and was declined by Certegy. I was humiliated and felt like a fool in a line of customers. I wasn't declinded for "bad check writing", in fact I have no record of any bounced checks with any check verification companies. The automated system at Certegy stated it had something to do with my check writing pattern and that it was for my protection. REALLY??? COME ON!!! I called back and spoke with a live operator and all she wanted to do was send me a brochure on how I can elevate my check writing abilities with them. WHAT??? I write at checks at Kmart at least once a month. I have also written them at TJ Maxx and Marshalls and other places that use Certegy and have NEVER had this problem. My bank is in awe that I'd be declined for this absurdity. I was told by Certegy to use a debit card. Well, guess what? I don't always like to use it and most times it's because I've left it at home. I should be able to pay for something in any manner I please. How dare Certegy dictate what I can and can not do. How can they get away with this???????

  • Ed
      25th of Jul, 2008
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    Certigy is a scam, we are considering legal action against K-mart. K-mart uses the same bogus bull crap Cetigy. Our credit is good, money was in the bank, it caused us humailiation and a long line in the checkout behind us, a woman was being rude to us. The manager called the number too. She finally said well we can still run the check, but we left fed up with the treatment, K-mart lost our business and they are hurting anyway because there's a Wallmart two miles up the road. HAHAHA.

  • La
      5th of Aug, 2008
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    Here is the bogus response I received from the "customer service" department at Certegy - (I use the term "customer service" loosely!)

    Dear Ms. Merritt:

    This email is in response to your most recent correspondence received in our offices on August 1, 2008 regarding our inability to authorize your check number 848 in the amount of $153.87 at Dicks Sporting Goods. Initially, we would like to apologized for the delay in our response to your several inquiries, and assure you that we do understand the concern and inconvenience a declined check can cause.

    As you know, Certegy Check Services (“CCS”) is a check authorization service. Our clients throughout the United States utilize our service to help reduce losses incurred through the retail practice of check acceptance. For many CCS clients, we also assume payment liability should an authorized check subsequently be dishonored. CCS maintains a computerized file containing both returned check information and information about relatively current check transactions at all CCS subscribers. This information is filed by either the check presenter’s drivers’ license or checking account number. In addition to this information, from over 40 years of check authorization and resulting loss experience CCS has developed guidelines for authorizing acceptance of checks. Our authorization system determines the potential risk associated with checks. Many proprietary factors are evaluated in making decisions for check approvals. We also often track check writing based on many factors, including patterns that reflect identity theft and unauthorized usage. This process is designed to prevent unauthorized individuals from writing checks on otherwise valid accounts. Unfortunately, valid check writing does occasionally overlap with these high-risk patterns resulting in the decline of a valid check.

    We are sorry to hear that our previous explanations for the decline of your check at Dicks Sporting Goods were not satisfactory, however as you are already aware, our specific guidelines for check acceptance cannot be disclosed. The risk guidelines are considered proprietary information, and publicly disclosed guidelines would seriously diminish our ability to prevent losses to both CCS and our subscribing merchants. We can tell you however, that your decline was not due to any negative information in our database, but rather due to the lack of information in our database. Our authorization files revealed only two (2) transactions with your identifiers. Based on that information, our computers programs opted to decline your check at Dicks Sporting Goods. We did not mean to infer that your check was “bad”, or that you personally were not a good check writer. We sincerely apologize if you felt that way at the time of your decline. Although we pride ourselves upon relative infrequencies, it remains a fact of business that miscommunications do occasionally occur, and we would be remiss to not both acknowledge and correct them.

    We recognize that some consumers have buying ability and shopping patterns that do not fit standard guidelines. The existence of positive information may affect the outcome of an authorization transaction. To that end, we can offer an application for our Certegy Gold Program. Upon your return of the application and its approval, your identifying numbers will be noted with a “preferred” status in the authorization system so that standard guidelines are relaxed and check authorization continues beyond the normal parameters. While this “preferred” status significantly relaxes CCS’ risk tolerances, it will not guarantee that declines will never occur. For example, if you present a check that is beyond the relaxed risk tolerances, we might decline warranty coverage of the check.

    In closing, once again, we apologize for the concern and inconvenience you have experienced. Please be assured that your status is “clear and positive” in our authorization system, and we are confident you will experience no further problems associated with this matter at any of our merchant subscribers. If you should have any questions or need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Care Department at 800-352-5970.


  • Ro
      24th of Aug, 2008
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    Having a check denied in the store that should not have been, to add insult to injury the clerk spoke loudly so that everyone around could hear that they were dening my check for no reason it was embarrassing needless to say that finishline at the mogantown mall will no longer recieve my business or anyone I know once I spread the word about what is going on with company they are using and the fact that they cant explain why you are denied this company is a sorry excuse for a business and should be put out of business before these stores using them begin to lose alot of business, I know one that has already lost mine, my friends and my family.

  • Me
      22nd of Sep, 2008
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    I went to Target on 9-19-08 to purchase a movie for my 11 yr. old daughter and her two friends. I wrote a check for $23.38 the check was declined and i was given a piece of paper and told to call the number on it and they would tell me why it was declined. I called the number and gave all the information they asked for. I was put on hold for 18 minutes before they hung up on me. I called back and was told that there was nothing flagged on my account I could return to the store because it was a system error promised it would not happen again. I hesitantly drove back to Target for the movie and again wrote another check where for a second time I was humiliated in front of everyone when I was told my check was denied again. I angrily called back to Certegy and again was told there isn't anything negative about my account in there system. I was then told to return back to Target and write another check, and if that one doesn't go through calmly go to a quiet place and call them from Target.

    Needless to say I am scared to death to write another check in a public place and I will not shop at Target until there checking company changes.

    By the way I had plent of money to cover my $23.38 check!

  • Ce
      7th of Jun, 2009
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    I went to Home Depot of Gallup NM and bought a storm d, , , , , oor and wet vac writing a check for $302.77 asking if an out-of-state (Arizona) check was okay. They replied that was fine and accepted the check.

    One week later back home I went to the Home Depot in Showlow AZ to purchase wood material to build a stoop for the new storm door. I wrote a check for $49.34 which was declined after the check-out girl spent 5 minutes on the phone in which she said she was being verbally abused by the person from Cetergy on the other end. I paid with a credit card and immediately called the phone number on the Cetergy card while still in the store. The person from Cetergy asked me for routing numbers and bank accounts on my check and after 10 minutes apologized and said a mistake was made. I told them what I thought of their service after she told me it was all for my own good, to keep from having Identity theft.

    The following week I went to Lowes and bought some merchadise again for under $100, just to see if my check was okay now. My check was declined only because now I am on a black-list from Cetergy for telling them what I thought. Yes, we are in a Free Country with Freedom of Speech as long as we only direct it at the government and not private industries such as Cetergy.

  • Cg
      23rd of Jun, 2009
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    Purchased several items from Pep Boys in Corpus Christi, total amount was $64.88. The check was denied by Certegy 4 times when entered into their "machine". Check was finally authorized by a manager by calling Certegy direct. Complain to Certegy without success, was told by their letter that the check was "outside of approval guidelines". Certegy will not inform us of what that means and refuses to give any further information. We do not write hot checks and my husband teaches at a well know university, our house is paid for.

    The response from Certegy was disgusting and lacked any type of customer service, their indifference was outrageous.

    We are contemplating a law suit

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