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Complaints & Reviews

can't cash unemployment check at wal-mart

I don' t get the deal with Wal-Mart promising to cash check at Wal-Mart. I have attempted many of times to go to Wal-Mart to cash my state issued Unemployment check, and they can't. I call Certegy and they state that they can't cash it because of my check poses a 'risk'. A $380 check poses a 'risk'? How is that? I don't get how I can cash a $1300 financial aid (school) check but not a $380 unemployment check. Something needs to be donw about this issue! I can't afford to keep paying $10 somewhere else just to cash a $380's ridiculous!!

  • La
    lalala Jun 10, 2009

    Pay some bills and get a bank account like the rest of the world. Its no ones problem but yours if they don't take your check. Your going to Walmart. Get a grip. No one has to cash your check. If it doesn't work you can take it somewhere else, I'm sure. Maybe the bank the check was drawn off of...

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  • Ka
    katt arlene Nov 06, 2009

    I also tried to cash my unemployment check at walmart and the same thing happend to me I call the certegy company and they said that I could not cash my check because it was a pattern, of course it is a pattern, if you get a reguler pay check and cash it every friday that is a pattern right. what is the deal I really dont understand

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  • Co
    Coco Gratuity Mar 09, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This POS company did the same thing to me over a state issued check. They truly stuck then why on to tell me it may pose a risk. They should be pkt out of business

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Resolved charges on my account

This company used a fake check to withdrawl money out of my account. My oranginal check went though (#1113) so how can I been charged.And now my account is very overdrawn. I authorized the payment from cleeks, but not from certegy.I don't think this company should beable to do this.I just want my money back and my nsf covered also...

  • Ce
    Certegywastful May 23, 2010

    Screw Certegy. They did the same thing to me about 2 months ago. I do not use credit cards either. I had plenty of money in account and have overdraft protection. I called the 800 number and did talk to someone- a jerk- no less who could not tell me why my check was declined. I told him that I had written a check to Best Buy the previous day and it was declined. I did not freak because the checker had problems with typing in my DL #- she had to do it at three times...she could remember the digits from the moment she saw them until the moment typed. I figured that she typed in the wrong DL#. I used my secondary checking account and ecerything went through. I went to WalMart the next day...and was declined. They stated that I was declined the previous day. So I now knew what happened the previous day was not the cashier. I hounded the guy for reason. He stated he could not give me a reason. I asked them why they provide their phone number if they cannot give reasons. He stated that the reason was I had a check declined the previous day and I asked him again why the check the previous day was declined. He then stated the same. I told him that if his company could not provide a reason then, they were a waste of my time and my cell phone charges. He told me that I had to wait 7 business days to write a check. I contacted the bank- they told me to go to the store who stated that the DL # was probably typed in wrong. They are all idiots if you ask me.
    I still write checks but, I try to carry cash.I have not gone back to Best Buy- yes, I have. I returned the item I purchased. It turned out to be the wrong item. I do not plan on shopping there anymore.
    I love how these stores encourage purchasing on credit. Most people are in debt with credit cards and the stores are part of the problem...hanging their sweet carrots out for people who do not know how to say NO.

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Resolved overpayment refund run-around

I wrote a check that bounced twice. I called Certegy, who was handling the check. They told me the check would not go through my bank a third time, so I wrote a 2nd check to them. They received and deposited it, and then the original check went through my bank! I have contacted them many times over the last 10 days to get it refunded and get a different story from every person I talk to. I have filed a complaint with our state Attorney General's office. It doesn't seem like it should be this much of a problem for them to just put the money back into my account, but they say they have to send it by mail. The moral of the story is, don't let a check bounce, but if it does and it goes to Certegy, don't send them a new check. They'll just keep running it through your account until it goes through.

Resolved unfair actions

I went to Wal-mart to cash a payroll check and a 401k check. I have cashed many checks there without a problem. I was banking through Wells Fargo and would have brought them there, but I closed my account with them due to their actions they are taken and being sued for. I was denied to cash my check and not given any reason. Just told I can get a copy of my credit report and call Certegy. Even the manager said just get a copy of your credit report. What does my credit report have to do with anything, I didnt apply for anything or authorize Certegy to run my credit file information. I just wanted to cash two checks. I called Certegy, and did get through to somebody, who would not tell me anything and kept saying I am confused what is it you want. I explained for a 3rd time what I was calling about and she said sorry and hung up on me. What kind of answer is that?!? I had a check at Wal-mart bounce about a year ago, took it to court because it was a Wells Fargo error. There was money in the account and Wells Fargo shows it to this day as paid, but they never actually sent the funds. It was settled in my favor that I was not at fault and that I am cleared from the whole writing bad checks record as well. I dont know if this is what it is over, but it is not fair to take actions and make a ruling that goes over what the judge has already ruled upon. I would definately like to see a suit be brought against them. I had to go to a regular grocery store, and they were more than willing to cash and it was even cheaper through them than Wal-mart, I just planned on buying some items at Wal-mart. Instead I am done using them, even if paying in cash until they fix their problem they are causing with Certegy. Easter weekend and the store is packed and having a manager say get your credit report in front of all those people while I am in a professional uniform was just embarrassing. I have my credit report and I know that it is not on there. My family and fiance wont be using them anymore either until they get rid of Certegy nobody deserves such treatment.

  • Pr
    professerbr00t4l May 04, 2009

    The Fair credit reporting act has nothing to deal with your credit report. They dont run your credit or anything. Its a consumer report on your checking history through Certegy. I can tell you right now WALMART IS NOT A BANK. They dont have to cash your checks. Your checks are subject to an approval process and if they decide to take the risk of your check. Then you should be greatful.

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  • As
    astarchild Jul 21, 2009


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Following is the email I sent to Target which explains the situation. I am posting my experience EVERYwhere so I can't retype this for each and every page. If you have a similar situation PLEASE report it to whichever store you were in. It takes a certain # of complaints for them to launch an investigation!

"I hope there is no character limit to these emails because I have a lot to say. I know you

probably get hundred of these every day, but I can't stress enough how much I LOVE your

company and how upset I would be to get a form reply. Even if you just take half a second, please

write to me like I am a person and not "email #[protected]". You will have my ever-lasting

devotion if you do! Tonight I went to my new neighborhood Target to make some ordinary

purchases (tonight's dinner, a dress for the horse-races this weekend... nothing suspicious or out

of the ordinary). The total came to $158.68 which was fine with me as I currently have well over

$2000 in my account. I am waiting for my new check card to be sent to me in the mail and in the

meantime have been having to write checks for my purchases. As I wrote the check to the cashier

I even joked "wow, I haven't written one of these in so long I wonder if I still know how". When she

put my check into the scanner, it came back denied. I thought there was a mistake since I had just

checked my bank balance before leaving the house. I wondered if the newer check scanners

required you to be at a certain balance to write a check so I called my husband from the store and

had him a deposit enough money to bring our balance to the nearest thousand-mark. The cashier

re-ran the check and it was still denied. I was upset as now I looked like someone trying to pass a

bad check in front of the entire line of people. The cashier could see I was upset and gave me the

number of certegy so I called them. I spoke with associate Derion who told me that he could see

that I had no negativity associated with my account but that because of their guidelines on

fraudulent activity, my check fell into a gray area of possible fraud. I am paraphrasing because he

recited a long script that I cannot remember word for word. I told him that I appreciated the fraud

protection but that I had my valid drivers license with my picture proving I am who I say I am and

was more then willing to give my blessing for them to call Bank of America to verify that I had

sufficient funds to write the check. He said none of that mattered. I asked him what I was

supposed to do and he told me to use alternate payment. I explained that I was waiting on a new

check card which is the only reason I was writing a check to begin with and he said that was

probably why I was flagged. He said I should create positive check-writing history by making

smaller purchases before trying to make such a large purchase. (I feel sorry for Derion if he

considers $158 a large purchase- before this fiasco I would drop three times that at Target without

batting an eyelash). I asked him if I should just cancel my sale and then make several smaller

sales to Target so my checks were for smaller amounts and he became very angry and brusque

with me so I asked for his manager since I refuse to be spoken to rudely when I have done nothing

wrong. At this time quite a line has formed behind me and with the cashier holding my check and

me looking distraught on the phone it looks to them as if I am some deadbeat writing bad checks

or worse- a fraud! I am beyond humiliated. I can handle mad. Or sad or even embarrassed. But no

honest, kind person should have to feel humiliation while simply trying to write a check for dinner

and a dress. I felt myself beginning to cry so I apologized profusely to the cashier and left the

store, still on hold for Derion's manager. Halfway home he finally came on and I calmly explained

the entire situation to him only to have him read the same script that Derion had. When I probed

deeper as to why I was flagged he told me that their system creates "profiles" of fraudulent activity

and that my check- although he admitted there was no negativity associated with it- fit that

"profile". I told him I was fairly disgusted that because I was wrongly "profiled" to be a fraud that I

had to endure public humiliation. I began to cry and ended the phone call. I was so upset returning

home that my husband thought I had been in an accident. He urged me to write to you even though

I just wanted to cry and forget what had happened. I am a mother of two. I am honest, have good

credit, and am a LONG time Target shopper. I would gladly let you scan my bank card to bring up

my purchases the way they do at customer service sometimes when I forgot my receipt for a

return. You would see that I literally spend thousands of dollars at your stores each year. (I know

everyone probably says that- but ask my sometimes grouchy husband- he loathes to hear that I am

off to Target'). I am a regular person and very much a picture of your customers at large. And I

have been wrongly embarrassed, humiliated and shamed by a company that you choose to do

business with. A simple google search shows that I am one of hundreds, if not thousands that

have had this very same experience (not just at target, but wherever this nefarious company is

contracted). I don't ask you to fire them or find a new check-clearing company as I know that

refitting the stores with new equipment and the legalities of whatever contract you have with them

would prevent that even if my one email were enough to change your mind (which I don't pretend it

to be). But I do ask you to TALK to them. Ask them- no, you are probably one of their biggest

clients so- DEMAND that they find a back up plan for people like me. If I were really a fraud or

writing a bad check, I would not have taken the time to call and put myself on recording with them.

My license and SS# and bank info should have cleared this check. The fact that you (and yes,

unfortunately I now lump you with them as you chose them to do your check-clearing) sent a young

mother home in tears when she did nothing more than attempt to spend her money in YOUR store

is unconscionable. I write this hoping that I will be that 1000 email regarding this that triggers you

to actually DO something about this Certegy company and the horrible way they treat your

customers. "

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Resolved false claim that my check was dishonored

During processing of my check to Cracker Barrel, Cracker Barrel's local bank processed the first two...

Resolved denied checks for no reason

Upon going to Dunham's Sporting goods last night to make purchases for my son to begin the H.S. baseball season, I wrote a check for 105 and change. Check was denied...I was fired up instantly with embarrassment with other customers waiting in line behind me. Not to mention we frequent there often. Knowing I had 10X the amount in the bank than I had written the check for and have never bounced a check - I told the store I guess they will lose my business. So then I travel to Factory Brand Shoes to make my purchase there instead and low in behold they use certegy also and again my check for 73 and change is denied. Both stores give me a code 2 and tell me to call an 800 number. Factory Brand Shoes was kind enough to let me use their phone right then and there to try to find out what was going on. after 20 mins on hold and listening to automated crap I hung up and had to leave my purchase. 40 mile trip wasted. Came home called the 800 number back and waited and waited finally got someone on the phone and they tell me they have no negative info on my acct - well no ###! Told me it would be ok to write checks now and recommended that I fill out a gold member form - they tell me it is not going to cost me any fees and will prevent this from happening in the future...So today I left before the banks open, on my short lunch period with checkbook in hand go back to Factory Brand Shoes to get my purchase they so kindly held overnight for me...and they ask if I got the mess from the night before cleared up - I said yes they told me I was good to go! So I proceed to write a new check out and I'll be damned if CERTEGY didn't deny it again! I don't have credit cards and I don't play the lottery - I figure if I can't pay cash then I don't really need it - now I have a checking account to pay the bills and unexpected expenses and such when a bank is not open or I don't have immediate access to one - CERTEGY has no clue what they are doing - I think their computers just reject every check out there - When I asked who is going to reimburse me for the 3 trips I had to make to make one purchase the response I got was you could fill out a gold member form to prevent this from happening in the future...totally avoided the fact of all the wasted gas for 3 trips totaling 120 miles with no explanation and no negative activity once so ever...BAD BAD BAD Company - no apologies for the embarrassment for 2 days in a row either...I am ok with having checks certified by someone but come on this company just has no clue...

Resolved multiple declined checks

I had been declined in October for writing a check for "fitting a computer module for possible fraud" and having nothing negative associated with my account, or check writing history.

Then why decline me if I have no negative history.

Their answer was to fill out an application to achieve "elevated VIP" check writing status with their firm, that still has no guarantee that I will not be humiliated again by having my check declined.

Out shopping yesterday for maternity clothes, I was declined again, for the same reason. My husband tried to purchase with a check right after me for the maternity clothes, and he too was declined.

I was given the same answer, nothing negative reflected on my account, in fact, they stated I had an extensive history with their clients. After having my bank contact them, I too was told they elevated me to VIP status, but that again, does not mean that I will not be declined again.

These people need to be shown that they cannot get away with humiliating us, with no good reason, by declining our checks. I will cease my business with their clients, until they too get the message that I/ We will not stand for being treated this way.

Resolved check not authorized

I ordered merchandise by mail from NorthStyle and paid by check. Today I received in the mail the order form back, my check was stapled to it wihtout comment from NorthStyle. Enclosed was double side printed slip (3 1/4in x 3in) from Certegy:

Page 1
Dear Customer:
We are sorry that your check could not be authorized based, in whole or in part, on information provided by Certegy Check Services, Inc. ("Certegy"), and/or Certegy's need for additional information. We value your business and apologize for the inconvenience.

To protect your privacy, we receive no personal information when Certegy does not authorize acceptance of a check. A code number is provided in order to convey the reason Certegy did not authorize your check. These codes and their meanings are as follows:

CODE 1 - In most instances this is based upon negative information on file, usually prior unpaid checks.
CODE2 - Although no unpaid check information is on file, Certegy did not have sufficient information available to approve the transaction, or this transaction exceeded a pre-established limit.
CODE3 - The format of the identification presented did not conform to government established guidelines for a valid ID.
(Over Please)

Page 2

Certegy Check Services, Inc ("Certegy") provides check authorization and warranty services to merchants and business nationwide. You have the right under the Fair Credit Reporting Act to know the information contained in your file at Certegy. You also have a right to a free copy of your check transactions file from Certegy if you request it within sixty (60) days after you receive this notice. In addition, that any information contained in the file from Certegy is inaccurate or incomplete, you have a right to dispute it with Certegy.

(bold face) You may call Certegy toll free at [protected], or write to Certegy Check Services, P.O.Box 30046, Tampa, FL [protected].

If you contact Certegy, please provide the following information so they can respond promptly to your request:

*Your Full Name and Current Address
*Driver's License (or State ID) Number and State
*Telephone Number
*Check Number
*Check Amount
*Checking Account Number
*Name of Financial Institution
*Date When Check Declined

For employee training and evaluation purposes, your telephone call may be monitored

:certegy (about 16pt)


I used a pre-printed personal check, amount $348.70. It contains all the requested information, except the drivers license number. Sent on 1/30/09.
The date when it was declined was nowhere marked, but the envelope from NorthStyle was metered on Feb 5 2009. My check was NOT endorsed by NorthStyle.
I write approximately 200 checks per year, same bank for 20+ years, this was the FIRST NOT ACCEPTED. NorthStyles order blank provided for check payment.

Wrote all this down for some legal person to take up the case.

I will not waste the time with certegy and NorthStyle and watch out in the future.

  • Ja
    jao1945 Jul 17, 2019

    I just had a check for $87.45 declined for same reason .. code 2. This is ridiculous ... I had almost $2k in my acct and this is the 3rd check I wrote at Lowes this month for deck supplies since my deck is being redone. Absolutely ridiculous. I still have no idea WHY my check was declined when I have more than enough funds. What guidelines are they referring to????? Again, absolutely ridiculous, and while this isn't necessarily Lowes' fault, they do business with Certegy and that's a no-go in my book now. That on top of Lowes removing the ability for veterans to use their 10% discount online ... now, if you want the benefit of the discount you can't use it to conveniently buy online, you have to hassle your day going to the store. F them is about where I am with this.

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Resolved rip off

These jerks sent me a letter about my check to a gas station that bounced because of a late deposit and gave me 30 days (In the letter) to dispute their claim.

Now, less than 10 days later and after they redeposited the check which cleared they pushed through an ACH draft for the money.

What happened to my 30 days????

I will say that if the companies that use this bunch of crooks for their collection ever got their names published I would make sure to take my business elsewhere. As it is I just fond out that WalMart uses them. I usually purchase more than $1000 a month at WalMart, but no more. There are 3 hardware stores in my town and 4 other grocery stores that would actually appreciate my business.

Resolved check denial

My husband wrote a check to Target for $33. At that time his checking account had approx $20000. in it...

Resolved payroll check cashing

I cash my payroll check at Wal-Mart every two weeks. I went to cash my recent check and the customer service...

Resolved denial of check

I was purchasing medication for my mother at our local Walgreens. They declined my check for 86.00. Upon contacting Certegy I was informed that there was nothing wrong with my check but rather I didnt meet thier profile and they could not reverse thier computers decision. I have contacted walgreens management and will never do business with them again. Please let people know that Certegy is a terrible business investment.

  • Ca
    Candy Oct 10, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I went to the AT&T store with my son to purchase a cell phone and he was approved though AT&T for a phone plan. We went to write the check and was denied. I talked with people from this company and the first person disconnected me after telling me that we have an insuffient check writing profile. When I got to talk to the second person after calling back they told me that the store had recently had some fradulent activity and that there was nothing wrong with my account and it was a problem with the store. I was also told that even though we had the money the manager couldn't override the denial but we could return to the store tomorrow to see if the check would be approved. I finally got tired of hearing about different ways to solve this problem of being denied is by filing out some paperwork that they are going to be sending and sending it back to them that we'll never be denied like this again.

    To say the least this company does not impress me and even less after reading what others have said about them. There has to be something that can be done about such a company I can picture this company making alot of people feel bad and like crap because of being denied whether they have money or not.

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  • Ka
    Kay Oct 24, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I was turned down at a Kwik Stop gas/sundry story when buying a roll of .42 cent stamps. I wrote a $42.00 check and it was declined.
    I purchased a roll of stamps using the same account 3 months prior.
    The account I was using had almost $4000 in it and the money market account for the same entity had about $6000. I bank
    across the street and signatures on 6 checking accounts.

    After receiving your application and Googling you I don't think I trust you.

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  • An
    Angry Value Center Customer Feb 13, 2009

    I live in Warren, Michigan and I was on my way to work when I stopped at Value Center Market to purchase a few groceries. I got to the store before they opened, waited outside for 20 minutes, went in and picked up a few things. As I got in line to pay for my groceries ($35.52), the cashier told me my check was declined. The manager moved me to the Customer Service desk, ran my check through a second time, getting the same answer. He gave me a card and told me to call Certegy. I called them and spoke with Darion, who informed me that since I don't write checks very often (I usually use my debit card, but I didn't have it with me at that time), my check was declined. He also said that Certegy runs all checks through a "computerized system" that uses certain "patterns" to either approve/decline checks. Even though they had no negative information on me, my check "fits one of the patterns as possibly a fraudulent/bad check." I was so embarassed and was completely inconvenienced. I ended up with no lunch and was late to work. I feel if you have a good credit history and no history of writing bad checks, a company like Certegy should not decline you. I also feel that Value Center Market should be aware that Certegy is directly responsible for them losing a long time customer. I can't shop at a place where I'm never sure when/if a "good" check I write won't be honored, even though my credit is good. It's not fair to me, and I won't be shopping at Value Center Market in Warren, MI anymore!

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  • Na
    Nannette Glaspie Jun 09, 2009

    I don't like this company at all. I need more information about the CEO, President, etc. at Certegy.

    I paid a insufficent check the 2nd week that the check was returned . Check fax reported to Certegy that balance was paid in full on December 30, 2008. I called Checkfax every month and they told me the same thing. I requested that checkfax resend the information to Certegy to clear my name, and letter from Checkfax explaining they have cleared the check. Check fax resubmitted in April 28, 2009 for the second time. I contacted Certegy they haven't received anything. This has now been going on for 6 months straight! I need to contact the someone other than a manager. Does anyone have additional information or contact other than the general numbers.

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  • Fr
    freedom121212 Aug 01, 2009

    I live in Bowling Green, Ky and went to by my children shoes at finish line. I have bought all thier shoes from this store for th last 4 years and usually use my debt card. This one time I could't find my card so I wrote a check. To my astonishment it was turned down for a Code 2/ which states on the paper I was given: although no unpaid chesck information is on file, certegy did not have sufficent information to approve this trasaction. I was so embarrassed, their was a line of people behind me when this employee announced that they couldnt take my check. I had plenty of money in my account to cover this check and I would like to know why I have to fill out a 4-5 page questionare from this company so they can approve for a company to take my check. I am glad to know that in the difficult time that our economy is in that certain companies can afford to have a company like Certegy representing them on who they should take a check from. Maybe these companies need to invest in another check service.

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Resolved declined personal check

My check was declined. I had more than enough funds available to cover the check. No one at the store could...

Resolved overcharged

I attempted to write a check at my local grocers. I have been shopping in this Fallbrook, CA Albertsons for 15 years. I was given the phone number for Certigy Services as they were the new company being used by Albertsons for check guarantee. After contacting them they informed me I had a return check from Shaws Grocers in the amount of $60.00. California does not have Shaws Grocery Stores. They are located in Maine or Massachusettes.

After agreeing that the checking account the check was written on was not mine and the name on the check was not my name, they instructed me to fax them an Affidavit of Fraud, which I did on the very same day. 6 phone calls and 4.5 hours later (over a period of 4 weeks) and I am still in their NSF check file. I work in the legal profession and asked them if they were a Corporation and they told me NO. They are of course. I will be filing a lawsuit against them for Bad Faith Collection practices.

Resolved denied check

My check for $249.63 was denied today for a purchase I was making at Sears by Certegy. Sears gave me the...

Resolved checks denied

My husband owns his own company (gross pay more than the 6 digit range). I have tried to write a check on 2...

denied check

My wife and I went to MC Sports to buy some Christmas presents. The checking account we used is one funded by our Christmas club so it is not a frequent use account. We bought $196 and went to pay with a check. They called the geniuses at Certegy who promptly denied my wife's purchase siting reason 2. We then used my drivers license number for the exact same transaction and it was approved. I called them to understand this and got the runaround on the risk profile etc all of which made no sense given the only change to get the transaction approved was a male versus a female license number.

I don't know why people continue to be embarrassed by this organization but it seems to me that they have little understanding how this works and even less ability to discern high from low risk.

check declined

Here it is the biggest shopping day of the Friday and I have a cart full of Christmas goodies for all my little loved ones and Certegy Check Services decides that they are going to decline my check at K-mart. I was filled with so many emotions, ranging from complete disbelief to rage. There was absolutely nothing wrong with my check, but because of profiling, it was declined. I have NEVER been so humiliated and embarrassed in my life. If stores like K-mart and who only knows who else continue to use a crap company like Certegy to process their checks, they will be sure to lose customers. I certainly hope that no one else was as disappointed as I was today. If dealing with all the chaos that goes on in the stores on this particular day was not enough, having my check declined certainly finished me off.

  • Ev
    Evelyn Cash Fortescue Apr 24, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This is the second time my check has been declined by Certegy because of my 'profile'. They state that they only have a 13 month history on me and that is not sufficient to build a valid profile. Further they stated that until they are able to build a valid profile they will continue to decline my checks. I have had the same bank account for 15 years, and have been with the same employer for over 10 years. I have had no problems until last month when the cable company started using this service. I generally write three checks a month - one for my house, one for utilities and one for cable. Everything else I do is either by debit card or electronic payment. These three add a service charge for an electronic payment, so I write them a check.
    I may not be the brightest crayon in the box, but if I don't have sufficient activity to build a proper profile, and they will continue to decline my checks until I build a proper profile - how is that profile going to be compiled?!?

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  • Km
    Kman Jul 04, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My check was declined even though I have never had a bounced check and I had enough money in the account. I used the check card and it worked. The customer service was an automated system that gave no reason for refusing my check.

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  • Ta
    Tara Jul 07, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am on a business trip and noticed that I left my personal debit card at home. I was thrilled when I saw that Hyatt cashed checks. Certegy declined my check and the Hyatt attendant informed me that I received a code 2. He was ignorant to what a code 2 meant so I had him call Certegy back so I could investigate what a code 2 meant. I didn't understand since I had money to cover the check amount and had never had any check writing issues in the past. Certegy confirmed the facts - 1) I had money in my account and 2) I had not had check writing problems in the past. The Certegy representative, Evandney, indicated that it appeared to be unusual which is a bunch of bull$#!%.

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  • Ab
    ABC Jul 10, 2008

    I have had a similar incident with Certegy. They declined a check I wrote, I have no history with bad checking writing and the funds were in my account. They indicated because of the amount and the "no history" of check writing.

    They suggested I either start off by writing checks with an amount under $100.00 Or complete a form that they will send me via mail to increase my check writing amount.

    What BS!!!

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  • Pa
    Patti Aug 05, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Made a purchase at Best Buy, wrote a check and it was declined. I am a repeat customer, known in the department for purchasing the same items for my business and usually use a debit card. Didn't have it on me that day. Never had a bank problem, no return checks, no overdrafts, so I was quite upset when my check was declined. The higher ups at Best Buy were clueless. They said they valued my business but...I told them I would go across the street Circuit city, which is exactly what I did and my check was accepted there without issues. I called the number given to me for Certegy and like others, followed the voice commands and ended up with no new info. I would like to know if there is a list of businesses that use Certegy so that I can steer clear to avoid holding up lines and being made to feel like a felon writing a bad check.

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  • Gw
    Gwen Aug 15, 2008
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    Verified customer

    Certegy is really crazy! They decline checks for NO REASON!!!

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  • Ma
    marco Nov 28, 2008
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    Verified customer

    Happened to me while shopping.
    I couldnt get my glasses that I need to drive. They'll never change and it wont get better.

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  • Ws
    W Simmons Jan 27, 2010

    Certegy declined one of my personal checks for no apparent reason. A phone call to their customer service is simply a recorder message that says there are no other options. No reason for the declination.. No other options available.

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  • Th
    Thomas Monaco Aug 21, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Checks from both our joint account and my wifes account were rejected by Certegy. The code for the rejection read Although no unpaid check information is on file, Certegy did not have sufficient information available to approve the transaction, or this transaction exceeded a pre-established limit. Both accounts had sufficient funds and it caused us to waste an hour having to go to the bank to obtain cash to pay for the body repair of her car.

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  • Lu
    luisperez9310 Oct 24, 2010

    I went to Tire Kingdom on 10/23/10 for car repairs. I went to pick up my car and pay with a check and my check was declined. When I called Centergy to find out why the representative checked and said there was no problem with the account. She said it just was not approved. She then said "is there anything else you need?" and hung up. There are more than enough funds in the account to cover the check. I am handicapped and missed a doctor's appointment that will cost me $40 dollars because I did not have my car to go. This is a vary poor way of doing business and, in the future, I will make sure that anyone I do business with does not use this company for check verification.

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I would like to complaint about Certegy, this evening my husband and me we went to ''bed bath &beyond'' to buy a product.
I was really surprised when my debit card couldn'd be used, after a lot of essays.
At the end i used my check, and the system asked for checking.
So i learned that certegy refused my check, i have credit on my bank but my check was refused.
My husband asked them how they process, they only do statistics.
A lot of parameters, like the number of the check, the name of the company, the hour that you bought your product, ... and they do statistic to refuse of accept your check.

It's a really nonsense!