CeLLC / handset issued under my name which I never ordered.

18 March 2016 - Received a call from a CellC consultant regarding an upgrade on a contract I have with them. The last upgrade was done in February 2014 and a Samsung Galaxy S4 was received. The consultant told me she is phoning about an upgrade for a new handset on a 2nd contract I have with Cell C. According to her the contract with the Samsung Galaxy S4 was already upgraded telephonically with a CellC call centre in KZN. I reside in Gauteng. According to the records under my name and ID number the new handset, a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge (Gold in colour) was despatched to Kopane Hospital, 2 Casino Road Vereeniging. I don't have any family or acquintance living in Vereeniging. This handset was already despatched on 3 October 2015 and was signed for under my name at 10:25 am on 6 October 2015. They even gave me the cell number of the person who signed for it. Obviously my Identity has been compromised and used to receive an illegal upgrade. The cellphone was despatched with a sim card as well, which means this individual has a duplicate sim? Now Cell C want me to send them a copy of my ID again plus a copy of my Bank Statement ... BIG JOKE! THROUGH CELL - C MY IDENTITY WAS ALREADY COMPROMISED ONCE!.

Mar 18, 2016

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