Cell C / unethical behaviour

In August 2015 I upgraded my contract that would have expired in 2 months time and received a new handset. The very next day I returned the phone because of battery issues. I was told to wait seven days. I was not able to do so and asked the contract to be cancelled. I was told that I must e-mail customer care and request cancellation. That same day I mailed customer care whom then responded that I can only cancel the contract 30 days prior to contract expiry date.
30 Days later I mailed again and now they started passing the buck. Customer service refer me to the shop and the shop refer me to the customer care. 4 months down the line I get told that the contract cannot be cancelled. When I started making an issue I ended up speaking to a Funilwe whom then with her managers permission indicated that the contract is now cancelled and the last payment will be deducted on Feb 2015. Now when I phone for confirmation no one can assist me and apparently the contract is not cancelled. I have been paying a contract now for the past 5 months of which I have not receive a upgraded handset and all contact is being rejected. I also do not seem to get this process escalated.

Mar 01, 2016

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