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My sim swap request was declined due to them saying that I have provided incorrect answers.In reality no one keeos times, dates and amounts of recharges made simply because you are not waiting for your phone to get lost.Besides the fact that I cannot use both my internet and cellphone banking Iam not accessible for work, my child`s school and even for my business that is mainly an online business.I contacted cell c right trying to verify this information up to no avail.I have ported to cell c from mtn and now starting to regret my decision.

The have sent me to a cell store which im not even be able to access for the whole week as I am working on site.

This rather stressful and annoying.My life is on stand still.

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    Customer Service has done everything in their power to resolve the complaint. All attempts to contact the customer have failed. Therefore, the complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and its services are concerned.

  • Cell C Customer Care's Response · Oct 10, 2017

    Dear Ms. Dume

    Thank you for making contact with Cell C.

    A security check is a mandatory part of the SIM swap process and it is important that you as the customer pass it. The security check is done to protect you as the customer as well as Cell C. This is also done to eliminate fraud.

    Was the SIM card RICA registered under your name? If so, please send us the RICA serial number of the new SIM card + your Cell C and contact number to [protected]


  • Cell C Customer Care's Response · Oct 14, 2019

    Good Day Sphindile

    Thank you for contacting Cell C.

    As per RICA legislation we can only assist you with a SIM swap if the number is in your name and was being actively used by you. You also need to pass the mandatory security check before we can action the SIM swap for you. There is a lot of fraud when it comes to SIM swaps and that is why we take the necessary steps to protect you as the customer as well as Cell C.


Oct 10, 2017
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  • Ma
      Nov 22, 2017

    Hi, My name is Emmanuel and I totally agree with the above complaint as i'm currently sitting with the same issue.
    Cannot do a sim swap coz of those security questions that they say I've failed, i mean who has time to take note of all those things on a day to day basis. There has to be another better alternative to some of those "security questions"..

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  •   Nov 22, 2017

    @Mannex Dear Mr Mannex

    Thank you for bringing the matter to our attention.

    As you are aware by now, we cannot bypass a security check. It is fundamental in the completion of this process.

    Please get a new SIM card that is not registered. Forward the RICA serial number, Cell C number + contact number to [protected]

    If the SIM card was not initially registered by you, then we are not able to assist with a SIM swop.


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  • Sp
      Oct 14, 2019


    Im so devastated, i cant acess my banking app, whatsapp and anything for that matter.It is bad enough that i was mugged now this.I called Cell C to do a sim swap and they told me i had failed it twice, then i went to the store and they told me my number is not registered, mind you i had bought it from one of their promoting agents.Now i called for the last time and the consultant told me that he cant do a sim swap because my number does not have any saved records therefore no answers to be verified.

    I am so dissapointed at the service these guys offer, it is like we as customers do not matter.

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