Cell Cover deducting from bank account

E Nov 29, 2017

In October 2017 i was called by Sales Agent Josephine Moodley who has given me 2 additional contracts that I qualified for.

I accepted these contracts and was told that I will be paying normal premiums, to my knowledge, what I have been told by her, other customers agents as well as Lungile Ntuli, the first debit will start end of November for the contract amounts.

Now they debit me way more and tell me that its pro-rata rates.

she did not inform me about this and i asked her all these important / relevant questions and she blatantly said nothing of this sort

  • Cell C Customer Care's Response · Nov 29, 2017

    Dear Ms Elisha

    Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention.

    Our team would like to investigate and we will provide feedback shortly.


  • Updated by ELISHA01 · Nov 29, 2017

    good day,

    any idea when i will receive feedback as you guys normally make me wait for weeks with no feedback.

    I do not want to dispute the amounts as I am with cell C 4 years now and never once did a debit not go off my account.
    i need feedback urgently.

  • Updated by ELISHA01 · Dec 01, 2017

    i need an update today - or else i am going to dispute the amounts seriously now - i cannot wait any longer

  • Updated by ELISHA01 · Dec 04, 2017

    lungile please call me - i am waiting

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