Cell C / how do you get these networks to take you seriously?

Johannesburg, South Africa
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No Response - Not surprised

So to date I have not heard anything back from Cell C, my device was blacklisted by vodacom clearly in error. I advised Cell C that I will not provide any personal details to Vodacom for them to reverse their error. I have never been a client of vodacom. Cell C has made not attempt to assist to rectify this by getting into contact with Vodacom to reverse the blacklisting from the device. Cell C is refusing to return my device to me while the device is blacklisted. This is theft? I am paying Cell C on a monthly basis for the device that I do not have. Cell C should contact Vodacom check the number that the device was blacklisted under take note that the number is not on my name. I have never reported the device as lost or stolen. I was advised by Cell C the device was blacklisted due to bad debt with Vodacom? I don't know how this is possible since I have never been a client of vodacom. I am not signing or providing personal details to vodacom. Cell C is my service provide and should have this issue resolved. I have threatened to open a case of theft and report this incident to ICASA, clearly this is no threat to Cell C. I have asked Nelly from Cell C to escalate this issue to Management and request for them to get into contact with me, she has not bothered. I have advised that I dont see any reason to provide vodacom with my personal details when I am not a vodacom customer? I will not provide my details. I DID NOT REQUEST A BLACKLISTING and I EXPECT Cell C to sort this out. I want my device bac****!! It irritates me that I must run after Cell C begging them to assist me with getting this issue sorted out. I dont know how Cell C even allowed this to happen. I dont know why the repairs department did not advise on the blacklisting in June already when I sent the device in for repairs? The manager from the repairs department was suppose to call me back according to Lerato, this never happened so I take it that there is no manager in the repairs department? This is beyond FRUSTRATING. I have had enough. Please let me know how Mr. Jose dos Santos will feel having a case of theft opened against him as the CEO of Cell C. I would not know who else to open the case against, since he is the CEO of Cell C he should be held accountable for any wrong doing in the business. I want my device back and working by Friday, this time I am not going to just threaten and this is the third time that I am putting it in writing that I will open a case of theft against Cell C.

Aug 02, 2016

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