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On Feb. 24, 2017 We had carpet installed. We were assured by the sales rep. Randy that this carpet would not shed. He even demonstrated how a less expensive carpet would shed, but a higher priced one would not. We went with the higher priced one. I have continuously vacuumed this carpet but it continues to fill the vacuum after only several passes. Needless to say our clothing is full of the fuzz. We feel that we have been deceived with the type of carpet we received and want to be charged for the lesser priced item.

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  • Va
      11th of Sep, 2008
    Carpet - Bad service
    Haltom City
    United States

    The company charged me, without my authorization, in full for services not performed and goods not received, falsely represented that they were insured and bonded, and have refused to refund my money! They're even trying to charge me a "restocking" fee of nearly nine hundred dollars, when I specifically told them that I did not want the carpet unless the installers were insured and bonded. I have been deceived, lied to, and stolen from by this organization. The general manager even went so far as to tell me that he would charge me "whatever he needed to", because he had my credit card.

    A man came out to measure my house for carpet. He assured me that the installers they used were professional, bonded, and insured who were not only installing my carpet, but moving extremely delicate items. I told him that this was the only real condition that I had for the install. When he informed me that I, "might want to move some of the delicate items" myself, I informed him that if the installers were not insured, bonded, and professional, I didn't want them in my house. He not only assured me that they were insured and bonded, he told me that they were guaranteed for two years. He took my credit card number, told me that half of the total would be charged in advance, and half when they installed the carpet.

    Only later on did I realize that he had charged me the whole price of the installation. At this point I reviewed the unsigned invoice, and noted that virtually everything the man had told me concerning the "insured", "bonded", "professional" installers was a complete lie. I also realized that they inserted, completely without informing the consumer, the right to charge a "restocking fee" of almost a thousand dollars. I contacted the store immediately, telling them that as far as I was concerned, not only had they baited and switched me, they also, without authorization, charged several thousand dollars to my credit card.

    The general manager, who told me he was the majority stockholder in the company, told me that they routinely charge the full amount of the purchase at the time of order, that I was making a mountain out of a molehill, that the better business bureau was not going to do anything about it, nor my credit card company, and that he would, charge, "whatever he needed to", because he had my credit card. I informed him that I was extremely unhappy with the bait and switch, was not informed of the restocking fee, and would take him to court if I had to. He said, "Either way, you're still paying the restocking fee". This is, as far as I am concerned, theft by deception, and if needs be I will treat it as such.

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  • Et
      28th of Mar, 2012

    Harrold, it’s disappointing that you’ve been experiencing issues with your product post-installation. We’d like to speak to you and learn more about your concerns, but we cannot look up your account with the information provided here. Please call us at 888-588-2315 x4195 or email us at [protected], and we’ll reach out to you to work towards a resolution. Thank you. Rebekah Clerk, National Customer Service Manager

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  • St
      2nd of Jun, 2012
    Carpet - Untrustworthy with Monies
    Steamwave carpet
    Castle Rock
    United States

    These guy are scammers I gave them over $4500 in three. Months to help me with my web site and online stuff they didn't do anything but bs me damn I feel dumb giving them my hard earned money I am a small business and they got me good I would never recemend these guys hopefully they get caught with there scams here soon.

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  • Up
      6th of Feb, 2013
    Carpet - Untrustworthy with Monies
    Express Home Services
    United States

    To Whom It May Concern:

    I had service completed at my home recently. While I like my new carpet, the customer service was extremely poor, untrustworthy and unprofessional.

    When the sales rep came over to my home to show me samples and I agreed to the color and quality, he told me that I needed to put $2, 000.00 down and pay the remainder upon completion of the job. I called my daughter, (she handles all my financial business) and she told me to go ahead and give him my debit card for the down payment but told me that we will pay the remainder with a cashiers check. My daughter also spoke to the sales rep and verified the down payment and letting him know that she was going to pay the remainder by check.

    Moving forward, my daughter noticed another debit in the amount of $2, 000.00, (totaling $4, 000.00) before the job was completed, that was taken out of my account after she had specifically told them not to use the debit card for any further deductions since she was going to pay the rest of with the check. When they completed the job, I mistakenly paid with a check from an account that I closed, as I consolidated my accounts, and I was notified from express flooring that the check I written was from a closed account. I was very apologetic and told them to contact my daughter and she will fulfill the payment.

    My daughter was never notified and then a few weeks after hearing from express flooring, they sent my information to a collections company that sends out preliminary lien notices. In the mean time, my daughter noticed, that yet once again without permission from myself or daughter, they accessed my debit account and took out 2 more payments to fulfill the balance and this happened after they debited my account.

    My daughter was understandably upset, as I am elderly, and the manger was being very condescending and refused to listen to her argue her case and wanting to understand why they had even taken this situation as far as they did especially since they took it upon themselves to debit my account without my/daughters permission (which I think is illegal) and commence to threatening me by attempting to place a lien on my property.

    It was never in question that I would not pay the balance, and I understand I made an honest mistake by giving them the wrong check and I had given them my daughters information but they never contacted her... however, it's the principal that they were instructed to not debit my account as we were going to pay the service off using a different method, but they untrustworthily done so without permission.

    Very dishonest, unprofessional service and i am going to seek what legal actions I can take against them for fraudulently taking my money out of my debit account!

    I feel very disrespected and feel violated by them accessing my debit account,

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  • Sk
      6th of Feb, 2013

    You agreed to buy carpet, had it installed, and paid for it with a cheque that bounced. How understanding would you be if they had kept your deposit but did not fulfill their end of the agreement?

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