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Mobile, AL, United States Review updated:

According to Carnival Cruise lines there were standards in place pertaining to no-smoking rooms and areas, guest boom boxes and protection from the other guests.

Guests smoked in the rooms and Carnival Cruise lines would do nothing about it, our room and the corridor were always smelling of smoke. As we were leaving the ship I smelled an ozone machine in use. This machine is used to remove the smoke from the rooms that had been smoked in, they only repair what was wrong but do nothing to stop it. In the food service area people were allowed to smoke within a few feet of food being served on the outside deck. Smoking was not allowed at the rear of the ship or the port side yet people were free to smoke wherever and to bring aboard portable boom boxes and play them loudly though Carnival Cruise lines states no personal music or radio devices may be used without earphones.

I was involved in an incident on the last day where a younger man was cussing profusely in the hot tube below where we were sitting at the back of the ship. I asked him to watch his language and a barrage of filth then came from his mouth directed at me. I went to the attendant and complained about the verbal abuse from the passenger. He went to get security. I walked over and stood across from the man hoping he would continue his barrage of profanity and insults until security arrived; he did. After only a few minutes security did arrive and acknowledged I was being harassed; they told me to just forget it and move on after requesting my stateroom number and name. After being called an old man, a pencil dick, a-hole told to f-off continuously not to mention accused of being un-American by the man who claimed to be an attorney; I was not OK with just moving on. I went to file a formal complaint against the guest at the main desk. They called security and the security guard that was present and the assistant chief of security arrived. They took me across the lobby in the main atrium and ordered me to sit down on a low bench - three times before I complied. With both of them standing over me they then informed me the if I filed a complaint it and I would be turned over to the Mobile Alabama Police and I would be detained in Mobile until it was cleared up; they also stated the other party would file a complaint against me. The man accused me of being dangerous, profane, unstable and that he was afraid of me though he had a east European couple who standing with him and joined in with accusations and continued to do so in front of security. I was alone and 25 years their senior. My wife watched the whole thing from one deck up. I guess the smart thing would have been to move to another area but we had been moving most of the cruise or staying locked down in our smoky stateroom. We spent much of our time on deck trying to find an area where no one smoked or was loud and obnoxious. The rear of the ship was just outside one of the food areas and had been up to that point Ok with the exception of a boom box two days before.

That was that and the to say the least, and as always it’s about money. They will not enforce and standards or protect any guest from anything if it might create a negative impact on the basic cruise ship traveler. From what my wife and I saw it was a vulgar, obnoxious, thundering bass filled music floating bar designed to allow stressed out Americans the chance to blow off steam – no holds barred.

This is not a place for those over a certain age seeking rest and relaxation, it is not a place to bring children and it certainly is not a place for church groups or other civic minded groups to find solace on the open sea. As far as I could tell it was a red light district just short of prostitution.

If you are the type to live "Spring Break" well into your 40's this is the place for you but not for the general population looking for the "advertised" cruise boat experience.

I'm a married 50+ small business owner that was looking for a peaceful vacation, but what I received was exposure to almost every bad habit a human has from vulgarity to intimidation to obnoxiousness to assault on passengers. Perhaps some of the other cruise lines have regulations that are enforced and are willing to protect their passengers but Carnival is the bottom of the barrel cruise line.

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      Dec 11, 2010

    Appreciate why you are so disappointed.
    Carnival has a strong reputation for being a party ship.
    It also has a rep for people falling overboard or passing away while on the cruise & body being left at next port of call & deceased family having to experience the add'l trauma of dealing with foreign nation rules in order to have body returned to US for burial.

    Next time try Norwegian Cruise Line, they have parties, dances, bands, etc but the atmosphere is much more controlled & customer complaints while on the ship are given the priority one would hope for while on one of these floating hotel resorts.

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